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Real Female Nudity, The Virtual Naked Woman Thing, a Topless Gender Equality Thing, and the Occasional Naked Man It may seem like a no-brainer to some people, but there may be some excellent points that make you want to stick around. You can be the judge of whether we cleared every last one here. So,

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Sex Is Sex- Isn’t it? Merriam Webster defines intercourse as “the sexual, physical contact between people or groups of people in which at minimum one person’s genitalia is involved.” It further explains this exchange or communion of communicating feelings to one another. However, today’s sex-phobic translation is penis-in-vagina (PIV; yeah, that’s hot, right? No.), altogether

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The benefits of cuddling are outrageously great, so it’s no wonder that couples and friends alike engage in the act for a super boost of feel-good hormones! Cuddling has been studied for years as researchers and scientists attempt to discover why the physical intimacy of the act boosts morale, relieves stress, and works better as

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Introduction Sex is an—as in one, not the only thing—-important factor in a relationship with a romantic partner. Focusing on your partner’s pleasure and learning how to pleasure a woman is an effective way to sexually arouse both parties and deepen the intimacy, bond, and relationship between two partners. When a woman is sexually satisfied, it

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