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Paul Marsh has made it a point to write about dating, relationships, sexuality, and sex since 2019. His perspective stems from his previous intimate relationships and the wisdom they instilled in him - as well as his many platonic relationships with women he admires. His main goal is to help anyone and everyone improve the overall quality of their love life with his articles.


  • Became a sought after weekly columnist for The Good Men Project after the submission of only two relationship articles
  • Has interviewed & surveyed over 100 women to deeply understand what it is & isn't they're looking for in a prospective paramour
  • Wrote several breakthrough articles about dating & relationships for Medium, the world's largest platform for independent, self-motivated writers


Prior to writing for Cupids Light, Paul wrote (& still writes) extensively for The Good Men Project (GMP), authoring various articles touching on several subjects related to what it means to be a good man. His main editor, along with the CEO of GMP, quickly took an interest in his wordsmithing, making him the fastest promoted weekly columnist for the California-based company. Additionally, his writing on Medium has amassed thousands of views in the span of a few short months, further highlighting the interest in his one-of-a-kind perspective.


Paul Marsh graduated from the University of Arkansas with a B.A. in Criminal Justice and a minor in Philosophy.

Expertise: B.A. Criminal Justice

Education: University of Arkansas

Location: Chicago, IL

Title: Writer

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