19 Reasons Why Chubby Girls Make the Best Lovers

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When it comes to choosing our lovers, society, Hollywood, and the media have a lot to say about it. How they should look, what they should wear, and even how much they should weigh. We're used to seeing tall, thin, beautiful women splashed over billboards, magazine covers, and the screen. But it wasn't always this way. There was a time when chubby girls were society's beauty ideal. Fat women were adored and loved for their full figures and strong bodies. Look no further than Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty and the ultimate chubby girl, for the evidence. As you gaze at sculptures and paintings of the goddess, you'll find that she's plump with thick thighs, a big butt, and tummy rolls. To the ancient Greeks, she was even known as "Aphrodite Kallipugos" or "Aphrodite of the beautiful buttocks." The bigger the buttocks, the better. Society, at the time, portrayed the "ideal" woman as curvy and voluptuous throughout the 17th and 18th centuries. Fat women were beautiful then and are beautiful now. So what is it about curvy, larger women that make them such attractive paramours? Here are 19 reasons chubby girls make the best lovers!

1. Sex Appeal

Let's start with the most obvious reason: curvy women are sexy. Scientific research shows that men are attracted to chubby women. It goes back to humanity's early history, where men chose mates based on their ability to bear and nourish children. A plump woman with wide hips, big breasts, and a large butt triggers an instinctual attraction and desire to procreate. Seeing a chubby girl can feel like a reward in a guy's brain, much like a drug. He's instinctually addicted to her. Extra fat boosts endorphins, which leads to a heightened sexual drive. More sexual desire means more fun in the sack.

2. She's Confident

Chubby girls have learned that what they think of themselves is the only thing that matters. They've earned this confidence in the trenches of the beauty war. When society tells them that they don't fit the beauty standards, they stand up and yell louder that they don't want to fit something that doesn't affirm their worth beyond their body type. She embraces her body and has found immense power in embracing her sexuality. She's okay with not all men thinking she's attractive because she doesn't find all men hot either. Chubby girls find liberation in walking away from a date or partner who reveals their shallowness and limited world views. They develop their sense of style that defies the expectation to wear something slimming or flattering. A chubby girl experiences extraordinary freedom in wearing a swimsuit in public. For the first time, she realizes that she genuinely doesn't care what others think and that their judgments can no longer hurt her.

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3. She Listens to Her Body

A chubby girl honors her hunger for food, knowledge, and love. She knows what she needs, and she doesn't judge it. She knows what a "yes" and a "no" feel like, and she listens. Chubby girls aren't desperate. A chubby girl knows how and when to indulge, and she'll teach you, too. She knows that she's worth what she desires. When she finds herself stuck, she takes time to meditate on what she wants and why she wants it. She allows herself to be still and listen to the sensations and signals her body sends her, and then she acts on what she feels.

4. Her Shape Enhances Sex Positions

Curves are fluid and move with chubby girls as they move. Sex positions such as cowgirl and doggie-style are especially arousing as sexy body parts shake and ripple. Sex positions that bring the pelvises together feel better with women with more developed lower bodies, as they add more cushion to the main event. Don't be afraid to make adjustments and enhancements to your positions. Decide together to try new things and be patient as you learn what feels incredible for yourselves and each other.

5. She's Less Judgemental

Chubby girls who are confident and sex-positive are less judgemental and more accepting. It is especially true with a bigger partner or one with body issues they're working to fix. A chubby girl won't judge you for enjoying food because she also wants it and encourages you to embrace all aspects of yourself. Don't mistake this for enabling: Chubby girls will let you know if you're holding them back and encourage you to rise to meet them where they're at and become a better version of yourself.

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6. She's Funny

And not in the stereotypical, caricature type of way that movies and TV shows present. A chubby girl has learned to find humor and joy in all aspects of life. She's known to laugh at herself. In many cases, chubby girls used their humor as a shield, but now it's a mirror reflecting the goodness and joy they feel in just being unapologetically themselves. A chubby girl doesn't let her size stop her from laughing or enjoying her life to the fullest. Chubby girls know what's essential in life, and it has nothing to do with the numbers on the scale or the tag in her jeans. They're quick to laugh and appreciate a sense of humor in their partners. Chubby girls love to laugh, which increases the happiness and fun in their relationships. Laughter is one of the significant ways we bond as humans, which increases feelings of joy, peacefulness, and security. It is an excellent foundation on which to build a fantastic love life. Remember: laughter is an aphrodisiac.

7. She's Soft

Soft bodies are perfect for cuddling and snuggling, and chubby girls are extra soft. The extra contact creates a much more intimate and connected experience. Caress her skin and grab her thighs. Use the padding on her hips to gain traction during sex. Her soft curves are rife with pleasurable, sensual opportunity, and she can't wait for you to experience it. A chubby girl is affectionate and sweet in those quiet moments when it's just the two of you, and the rest of the world fades away.

8. She's Strong

She may be affectionate and sweet, but she isn't weak. A chubby girl is physically, mentally, and emotionally strong. She's heard that her body and beauty aren't the "norm" and has dealt with her fair share of ignorance. A chubby girl learned how to hold her own between the mean girls in high school and the clothing designers who have tried to make her feel like she doesn't belong. She has no time for disrespect; she's too busy changing the world by shattering false descriptions of how chubby girls should behave.

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9. She's Deep

A deep person is someone who thinks differently than others. They take a closer look at things that others might consider inconsequential. Chubby girls are deep thinkers because they value something beyond the surface level. They see the whole iceberg, not just the tip. They see and appreciate you for all of you, not just your physical appearance. A chubby girl is into you for your hopes, goals, dreams, and ambitions and expects you to be too.

10. She's Empathetic

Being a chubby girl can be difficult in this image-obsessed world, but it can also be liberating. The stories mainstream media tell about being a fat woman form what thin people expect. They signal that being fat is a fundamental flaw remedied only by weight loss with deeply judgemental narratives. They never focus on the gifts of being fat. People tell a chubby girl all her life that her body is the worst-case scenario. There is liberation in knowing that she's surviving and thriving in society's darkest nightmare. The truth is, embracing her body fat has led her to personal growth, empathy, boundaries, and resilience. So many chubby girls have seen what it's like to be on the downside of power and the limits enforced by others' ignorance. Empathy reflects in their careers or involvement in justice movements for many. So many fat women are thoughtful, kind, and dedicated. Not despite her fatness, but because of it.

11. She Has A Personality

Whether she has a good or bad personality is subjective. Chubby girls develop their character by their definition, just as they define their beauty and sex appeal. What a chubby girl thinks about herself is what matters. She has interests, goals, and achievements. Social constructs and impossible beauty standards have taught chubby girls to be more than their appearance. Chubby girls pursue personal growth instead of arbitrary sizes or numbers on the scale.

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12. She Likes When You Explore Her Body

Chubby girls have more surface areas to explore, typically major erogenous zones. When you touch these areas with intention, it arouses the sexual energy in both partners, which leads to more connection and more satisfying fulfillment. Exploring a chubby girl's body builds anticipation as her lover's hands wander her skin. If he avoids areas, it tells her that he's uncomfortable and is afraid she is, too. Agree to be comfortable with all parts of each other's body and focus on the connection and love you feel.

13. She's Not Desperate

Nothing douses the flame of attraction more than the stench of desperation. It's one thing to be desperately in love with someone and a whole other thing to be so desperate for the love you'll get into bed with anyone that smiles at you. Chubby girls aren't desperate. They have many options and opportunities to have a very fulfilling and sexy love life that they choose, not because it was the only prospect that came their way. A chubby girl knows what she wants and won't settle for less. She isn't a fetish. If the only reason you want to sleep with her is because of how much she weighs or what size she wears, it's not going to work out. Thank you, next!

14. She's Genuine

Chubby girls don't pretend to be something they're not. They don't need you to say, "You're not fat; you're beautiful." She doesn't require you to tell her that. She knows her body, mind, and soul are beautiful and incredible. Tell her all the things you love about her, or better yet, show her. All women, not just chubby girls, deserve to be told what they are instead of what they aren't. Please pay attention to her and don't make some misguided attempt to convince her of something she already knows.

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15. She's Adventurous

And not just in the bedroom! Chubby girls tend to open themselves up to more experiences. In many cases, she may have spent much of her life trying to make herself small and take up less space physically and metaphorically. She's over that! She wasn't made to be small because she was made to stand out!

16. She Has Boundaries

She creates boundaries that define who she is. These boundaries in a relationship show where she ends and her partner begins. She takes ownership over her feelings and actions and refuses to accept responsibility for her partner's feelings and actions. Chubby girls understand that healthy boundaries are necessary for a healthy relationship. They know that boundaries are about having a relationship with themselves; and will allow them to stay true to themselves by honoring their needs, goals, values, and feelings. Healthy boundaries help partners communicate and work together more effectively. Individual boundaries must be established and respected because this creates a good foundation for strong emotional intimacy between partners. Some people ignorantly think they can easily manipulate her because she should feel grateful for her relationship. After all, she's fat. But, remember, a chubby girl isn't desperate, and she creates boundaries to remind others and her partners of this.

17. She's Flexible

She goes with the flow and adjusts. She adapts to situations with ease and control. She honors the ebb and flow of her life by embracing the ups and downs that come her way because she knows they teach lifelong lessons. Chubby girls aren't afraid to start over when they realize their current course isn't taking them to their vision and the best version of themselves. They understand the need to make adjustments to make things work or feel better in the bedroom, which doesn't embarrass chubby girls; they correct and keep moving. Chubby girls can also be physically flexible, especially in the hips. Her guy should use this to his advantage and prepare to get creative with positions.

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18. She Loves Herself

A chubby girl recognizes the need to dedicate time for herself. She's committed to self-care as a daily practice, not a crisis management strategy. Even though she does it for herself, not her partner, he enjoys the benefits because loving someone who loves themselves is the most incredible feeling. A chubby girl focuses on all-encompassing wellness and believes that good sexual relationships contribute to good mental health.

19. She Focuses On Wellness, Not Thinness

Focusing on wellness is essential for living a quality life. When chubby girls work out, they get their blood flowing and oxygen moving throughout their bodies. It makes a chubby girl feel more energized, alert, and focused. She's not engaging in strength training or running to lose weight to reach an ideal forced upon her and every woman by society. She focuses on maintaining the wellness of her mind, body, and soul.


Chubby girls make the best lovers because they've defined what sexiness and love mean to them based on their desires and values. They won't settle for a partner who tries to control them or take advantage of their love. Fat women have goals and standards and require you to earn the right to exist with them in their space. When a woman knows what she's worth and what she wants out of relationships and life, she's at her most beautiful. Because they have to contend with so many uninformed people and standards, chubby girls have made their blueprint for happiness and confidence. And confidence is the sexiest attribute in any woman! Though this list is not comprehensive or all-encompassing of every fat woman's experience or feelings, its purpose is to let them know that they can feel this way about themselves. And, maybe, instead of asking why chubby girls make the best lovers, you should ask how you can be the best lover to her. Women want a partner and lover who's compassionate, confident, trustworthy, and emotionally available. Look for those qualities in yourself and find ways to become the man and lover she deserves and has the right to expect. It doesn't matter what size she is or isn't, she's worthy of love and adoration, and you better make sure you're worthy of her!

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