Why Being a Gamer Girl Is Hot

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If you’ve ever wondered why being a gamer girl is hot, we’ve got the answer for you, and it’s not what you might think!

Are you a girl who likes to play computer or video games? Do you enjoy a night spent exploring the world of the latest MMORPG like Final Fantasy or World of Warcraft? Are you into a fun night of games with friends—like a night spent owning your friends at Mario Kart? Whatever your gaming preferences (and regardless of how often or how intensely you like to play), you might’ve heard before that you’re “rare” or a “unicorn.” Maybe there have been men who were shocked to find out you played games as if women couldn’t possibly love to spend their time playing in a fantasy world. Or maybe you’ve met a guy who was over the moon excited to find a girl who enjoyed playing games as much as you do. Whatever the case, if you enjoy playing games as a girl, you should be proud to think of yourself as a gamer girl!

Unfortunately, it’s no secret that there’s a lot of sexism in the gaming community, and sometimes it can feel as if there are a lot of rules to follow as a gamer girl—rules that men don’t seem to have to follow. If the overly-sexualized female game characters weren’t enough, girl gamers are constantly told how special they are. Gaming is a typical male activity (much like working on cars, for example), so it’s not unusual for women to feel ashamed of being a gamer, too. However, we’re here to tell you that you shouldn’t be ashamed! The truth is that being a gamer girl is a lot less rare than it may seem: statistically, approximately 45% of all gamers are female. Technically, there is a slight statistical gap between male and female gamers. But is it significant? Not at all!

Okay, so maybe you’re not a rare unicorn if you’re a girl gamer. But it’s no secret that being a gamer girl is hot, and we want you to be proud of it. So why are gamer girls so hot? Keep reading to find out!

What Does It Mean To Be a Gamer Girl?

Although being a gamer girl is a lot less rare than popular culture would have you believe, statistically speaking, there are still more men than women in that game. It intrinsically makes gamer girls “more valuable.” Why is this the case? Common interests are generally pretty crucial to having a successful relationship so that you won’t fight over similar things or so that you can share similar experiences. Although no two people in any given relationship will share all of the same interests, there must be some overlap, especially with the important ones like religion or politics. Logically, then, you can imagine that someone who likes to game would love to date another gamer. It alone makes being a gamer girl attractive to guys (or girls) who want to game.

Given the interesting overlap, it’s common sense that there aren’t enough girl gamers for every guy gamer out there, given the slight statistical gap. Not everyone will date solely within the gaming world, but it’s a good example that demonstrates how a gamer girl might be seen as more valuable or rare (even though she isn’t that rare). In marketing terms: high demand plus limited supply means higher value (even if it’s just perceived).

Being a gamer girl in and of itself is a pretty neat thing, but there’s something else about them that’s more fact than fiction: a recent study has shown that a gamer girl has more sex than the average female non-gamer! So buckle up, boys!

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How To Date as a Girl Gamer

Let’s be honest: dating can be complicated at the best of times. Even with online dating, finding another person you connect with on a deep emotional level is incredibly challenging. Does being a gamer girl change how you date or look for a partner? It doesn’t have to! The key to meeting anyone new is to be outgoing. Meeting new people means being vulnerable with another person so that you can get to know each other better and hopefully form a solid and meaningful bond.

As a gamer girl, you can leverage your appreciation of games when dating. For example, if you like to play board games or card games, why not use this to your advantage? Games like this card game help you get to know someone you’re dating. And if both of you are into video games, you can have a date night playing games together (don’t forget the snacks). Two-player games are the best for this so that you can have some friendly competition without bringing anyone else into the mix (virtually or not).

What To Look For in a Partner

As a gamer girl, you already know you are a unique and remarkable person, so it’s imperative to find someone who appreciates all of you, especially the wild and fun parts! Because you enjoy and value your gaming time, you want to look for someone who’s going to be understanding of personal time and space. Playing games together can be a lot of fun. You’ll want to make progress on your individual games, too, and he needs to understand that. Plus, he should be trusting enough to know if you don’t text him back right away if you’re in the middle of an important game.

As a gamer girl, do you need to date someone who’s also a gamer? Not necessarily, but it couldn’t hurt (remember that whole thing about shared interests?). Besides the overlap in interests, dating another gamer can be fun and unifying!

As a gamer girl, the best way to tell if a potential new partner is right for you is if they respect your interests and your game time (regardless of whether they game, too). It is crucial to any good relationship—after all, you want someone who will allow you to live your life and do what you like to do and vice versa.

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4 Reasons Why Being a Gamer Girl Is Hot

Although gaming isn’t overwhelmingly male-dominated statistically speaking, it continues to be a very gendered activity in the sense that it’s a male-dominated hobby. And as with other male-dominated hobbies—whether working on cars, watching sports games, or fishing—doing something that has the appearance of being less common for women inherently seems a little sexier.

The truth is, it can be a huge turn-off for men (or women) when another person doesn’t appreciate (or worse—belittles) an activity that’s important to them. Regardless of whether the interest is shared, it’s essential to support one’s partner and interests! By extension, a gamer guy will find a gamer girl hot because she’ll not only understand the guy’s interest, but she’ll share it and even encourage it. The last thing a gamer guy wants is to date someone who’s just going to try and tell him to “stop playing games all the time” because that’s just belittling and dismissive.

But being a gamer girl is more than just understanding the importance of having your own space and time. Gamer girls are hot because they’re confident, independent, creative, badass, strong, and they aren’t afraid to let their fun and goofy sideshow!

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You Aren’t Afraid To Be Yourself.

Although being a gamer girl in and of itself is already a pretty unique trait, that fact alone is not the only reason you’re a little sexier than the average lady. A gamer girl is hot because she isn’t afraid to be herself. Gamer girls aren’t as afraid to try new things and break the stereotype. After all, gamer girls have probably spent their lives being a bit “different” from the stereotypical girly girls who seem to care more about wearing fancy clothing, being on social media, or going out to parties. Not that any of those things are bad, nor is there anything wrong with having stereotypical interests. The point is, the cool thing about stereotypes is that we can break them, but it can be scary to do so for fear of social pressure. Gamer girls tend to be a little more open to breaking out of the mold and not being afraid to be true to themselves.

An unfortunate truth about gaming is that it is often blamed for many societal issues—gun violence being one of the most notable ones. Plus, it’s no secret that video game addiction links to many mental health concerns, including depression and anger management issues (though, notably, the statistics look a lot different for moderate game playing). That said, the negative press and attention that gaming continues to receive in our society can scare some girls away. So, a girl who’s open-minded and brave enough to break the mold and play games is a pretty cool thing.

At the same time, the stereotypical gamer girl is not necessarily super sexy or hot; often, the stereotype is of a shy, awkward, overweight, or strange girl. So when a gamer girl doesn’t necessarily fit within that stereotypical image but instead has a strong sense of self and is proud of her different qualities, this makes her hot. Think about a more “normal” girl who you wouldn’t assume plays video games. Wouldn’t it be pretty hot if she did? Of course, everyone’s taste varies, but hands down, a girl gamer is not afraid to be herself, and that’s a very attractive quality.

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You Know How To Have Fun

A gamer girl knows how to have fun—after all, she spends a lot of time playing games! Even if the games she likes to play are intense (or not, that’s okay too), they’re probably a source of fun and relaxation for her. As a gamer girl, you’re not afraid to lean into that side of yourself. You aren’t afraid to laugh hard and loud, make crude jokes, and make fun of someone else while playing. Even outside the gaming community, being fun is generally regarded as a good quality because it shows that you can relax, unwind, and be yourself. This quality often goes hand in hand with an ability to tease, making playing games together a lot of fun.

Knowing how to have fun doesn’t necessarily mean playing low-key or low-stakes games. A gamer girl might love to play super intense or competitive games. The thing is, being competitive means that you’re not afraid to let go and chase after what you want. Plus, competition can be really hot, especially when two people play against each other!

Maybe one of the most significant factors that make a gamer girl hot is that she knows how to be chill. Some girls have attachment issues regarding texting, calling, or “owning” their partner’s time. A gamer girl probably understands that it’s hard to text during a game, even if it lasts for hours on end! They also tend to be more understanding of giving their partner time to play and enjoy their games and free time. After all, she’s probably spent hundreds if not thousands of hours playing games by herself, so she understands the importance of game time.

You Are a Creative Person

As a gamer girl, not only do you know how to have fun, but you know how to make it, too. On average, gamers are more creative, and most people find that creativity is sexy. In fact, according to psychologist Geoffrey Miller, creative displays indicate mental fitness, so it’s not just a random trait but one that can mean a healthy partner. Maybe you’re also an artist, writer, designer, or creator as a gamer girl. You appreciate good quality content and are probably a fan when the art in a game is outstanding! Creativity is a desired trait for many people, so you automatically have a leg up on other women as a gamer girl.

Not only is the appearance of creativity sexy, but being creative means that you’re able to put something out into the world, and what’s cooler than that? As a creative, you’re not afraid to be yourself; you appreciate your uniqueness and aren’t afraid to speak your truth!

woman playing a videogame on the computer

You Are a Badass, Strong, and Independent Woman

As a gamer girl, you know a thing or two about being a badass. You consider yourself a strong and independent woman and won’t settle for a man who doesn’t value that in you. Over the years of playing games, you’ve probably played tons of female game characters that are incredibly badass and can make it on their own in the big, bad world. Although these characters are often over-sexualized, you own the female empowerment aspect.

Even without the game experience, being a gamer girl, or being someone interested in a male-dominated field, automatically makes you more likely to be perceived as a tougher, more independent woman, and that’s a quality that a lot of men find hot in a woman. For example, think of a woman who rides a motorcycle—men find that pretty damn hot, right? Even other women can recognize that someone doesn’t mess around and isn’t afraid to break the status quo. In summary: badass. And being a gamer girl is like being the equivalent of being a female motorcycle rider in the game world. And if you do both? Then you’re just an extra badass.

Furthermore, a strong, independent gamer girl might be seen as unusual and mysterious (even though they’re way more common than most people think). That air of mysteriousness automatically adds a layer of complexity and sexiness.

Conclusion: Being a Gamer Girl is Hot

Although there are many gamer girls out there (we’ll repeat it: almost as many as male gamers), they typically don’t receive as much attention as their male counterparts. It is a shame because gamer girls are not only hot AF but also badass women who deserve to be recognized and respected for their gaming abilities!

Women often have to work twice as hard as men to get the same level of recognition, and the gaming world is no different. We wanted to recognize that gamer girls are hot not just because they are stereotypically beautiful (even when they are) but because they aren’t afraid to be themselves. If you’re a gamer girl, you should be proud of who you are because you’re someone who isn’t afraid to laugh hard and have fun, you’re creative, and you have a strong sense of identity. So for all the gamer girls out there: continue doing you! We see you, and we see your hotness, and we applaud it.

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