Dating Coach Blaine Anderson’s Dating Dos and Don’ts

Blaine Anderson is a dating coach for smart men. His coaching career dates back to his time as an undergraduate at the University of Arizona where he was already showing promise as a dating advice expert. Thanks to his coaching program, Transform Your Dating Life in 30 Days, Anderson has helped over 1,000 men learn to authentically market themselves, and start attracting the women of their dreams. Anderson's teachings are rooted in both psychology and his years of experience helping clients from around the globe attract exactly the partner they desire. 

Anderson can be found online at his website, or on Instagram at @DatingByBlaine.

What Is the Most Common Mistake Someone Makes on a First Date?

The most common mistake people make on first dates is to work too hard to impress. First dates are about trying to gain an understanding to determine if you are even remotely compatible with the person. Stop worrying so much about what they think of you, and start thinking more about what you think of them.

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What Is the Best Way to Make a Good First Impression on a Date?

Be an enthusiastic and engaged listener. The more you are genuinely interested in what your date is talking about, the better the conversation will go from their perspective, and the stronger the connection you will form together. With that in mind, a first date shouldn't feel like an interview, so don't just rapid-fire questions at your date — ask relevant questions and be prepared to share about yourself too!

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Which Behavior Is an Absolute No-No on a First Date?

I often see men in particular make three specific conversational no-nos on first dates.

First, your salary and finances are not relevant conversation topics on a first date. The woman you're out with can infer everything she wants to know from your behavior and lifestyle. Directly discussing your financial situation this early turns everyone off, (with the exception of the gold diggers and you’ll want to avoid them anyway).

Second, the same way you do not want to hear about the other men she is dating, she does not want to hear about the other women you're dating. This should go without saying, but you would be shocked as to how often I hear my single girlfriends complain about this!

Third, unless politics play a vital role in your life, you might want to steer away from any political discussions on the first date. You run the risk of saying something that the person across the table from you may misconstrue, which, in turn, could run things off the rails before they have an opportunity to get going.

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If You’ve Committed a First-Date “Don’t” What Are Some of the “Do’s” That Can Get Things Back on Track?

I'd avoid calling more attention to the faux pas; your best bet is to apologize and move on!

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What Are Some Good Ways to Think About First-Date Dos and Don’ts While Avoiding Anxiety and Stress?

Specifically, on the topic of anxiety and stress, remember that your date is a stranger who you may (or may not), ever see again. It’s a safe bet that she also feels anxious about your date too. There is no need to feel pressure to perform. Simply show up, put your best foot forward, and enjoy the evening!


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