MBTI Dating: Swipe for Personality, Not Just Looks

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Key Points

  • The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality test outlines important aspects of one’s character and gives insight into which personalities they are most compatible with.

  • Dating apps that utilize MBTI personality types give users more compatible matches and lead to more meaningful dates.

  • With the most hits of any app in the same realm, Boo is the best MBTI dating app that connects souls for dates and friendship. 

Dating apps are largely set up for users to mindlessly swipe through images based on looks and catchy bios rather than actual compatibility. Most users would agree: Dating profiles and looks alone are hardly sufficient evidence to determine if someone is partner material.

To add more details for users, dating apps are now using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test to match users with proven compatibility. The MBTI data takes the guesswork out of the digital dating game. Check out the details below to learn more about the test, how results play into relationships, and which is the best MBTI dating app!

What Is the MBTI test?

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test is a personality test designed to analyze a person’s personality type, strengths, preferences, and decision-making. The test indicates an individual’s personality and classifies them by introversion or extroversion, sensing or intuition, thinking or feeling, and judging or perceiving.  

After taking the exam, users are assigned a four-letter personality type and given an in-depth analysis of different aspects of their life including personality, career, relationships, and personal growth. There are in depth-analysis reports regarding career, personal growth, communication skills, and so much more. Many people find this interpretation of themselves to be frighteningly accurate.  

This personality system offers a deep analysis of personality type and interactions with the world. This provides an interesting read at minimum, or thorough explanations of one's self once explored further. There are endless resources to learn about each personality type online!

MBTI in Relationships

There are 16 total personality types, and each one acts differently in both platonic and romantic relationships. The MBTI types determine how someone approaches, navigates, and maintains relationships.  

Psychiatrist Carl Jung discovered a pattern within these 16 personality types that determine communication preferences and compatibility. This test is widely trusted and utilized throughout the world.

The underlying compatibility of a relationship is determined by complementary personality types. Of course, many other factors play into the success of a relationship, but starting with somebody who complements you is better than starting from scratch! MBTI personality type gauges relationship compatibility from the beginning and this classification is now offered on many dating apps.

Once personality type is determined, dating apps provide charts displaying the most and least compatible personality types. There are also in-depth descriptions covering commonalities and clashes with each type.

Compatibility does not mean two of the same personality, but rather personalities that complement one another. Overly structured people often balance out somebody that is disorganized, so don't be surprised if you're paired with someone who seems different than you at first glance.

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MBTI Dating Apps

After discovering your personality type and determining the types you're most compatible with, certain dating apps allow you to choose your dates based on this information.

Searching for potential dates by MBTI matching increases the chances of finding someone that is looking for a meaningful and emotional connection. Users searching for something casual and meaningless won't go through the trouble of analyzing their personality type and pairing with compatible people. This helps to narrow down your search to somebody that is not only looking for the same things but also similarly sees the world.

Many dating apps are offering MBTI features now. Some apps are centered around personality types. Other apps offer an option to feature it on your profile and improve compatibility matching.  

How Each Personality Flirts

Believe the hype: Your personality type plays a role in how you flirt. Though you may match with someone who flirts the way you do, it's helpful to learn the various styles to ensure you know when you're being flirted with!

Each personality is labeled with a four-letter abbreviation to indicate introversion (I) or extroversion (E), sensing (S) or intuition (N), thinking (T) or feeling (F), and judging (J) or perceiving (P).  


ENFPs are often one of the most flirtatious personality types due to their warm and compassionate energy. Their insightful questions make them natural conversationalists, able to spark an interesting interaction with anyone. This sociability combined with their natural playfulness results in ENFPs constantly coming off as flirting — even when they don’t mean to!


INFPs are rather shy and come off aloof even if they intend to flirt. If they are blushing or tripping over their words it is safe to assume they are interested. Once they are comfortable, their playfulness shows and the flirting is more obvious.


ENFJs are another natural flirt that comes off as flirty unintentionally. They give lots of attention to someone they are interested in and strive to make them happy. Their charm and charisma catch the attention of those they want.


INFJs, like other introverts, aren’t so great at flirting. They skip the small talk and start asking more meaningful questions from the get-go. They are also known to listen to every word that rolls off your tongue.  


ENTPs flirt with a unique way of teasing. They know exactly how to push someone’s buttons and play with them confidently. Rest assured their gentle bullying means that they are seriously crushing on you.  

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INTPs would prefer to skip the flirting and head straight to a relationship. They are also likely to be oblivious to others flirting with them! They give a clear-cut sign when they are interested in taking a special interest in getting to know someone.  


ENTJs flirt if they want but tend to be selective in their initiation. If they do indeed flirt, they are likely very interested. ENTJs won’t waste their time flirting with someone if they don’t want to move further.


INTJs, like their extroverted twins, won’t waste their time flirting with somebody they are not interested in. They are not great at flirting even when they are interested but will inquire to get to know someone better if they’re interested.  


ESFJs are physically affectionate and love to flirt. Their empathy and sociability make them easily liked. To show they’re interested, they strive to spend a lot of time with someone and initiate physical affection. Don’t be shy to make the first move with them as this seriously impresses an ESFJ.


ISFJs like staring at someone cute from across the room. Not in a creepy way, they just pay close attention to someone they are interested in. They have a nonverbal and potentially unintentional way of showing interest or flirting by making someone feel warm and comfortable in their presence.  


ESTJs are anything but subtle when they flirt! They confidently let it be known when they are flirting. ESTJs are fierce by nature which shines through their flirting. They are highly likely to make the first move!


ISTJs are the most resistant to flirting of all personality types. They may be a hard shell to crack, but they are clear with their intentions to cut out any guessing games. Once they are past the stage of flirting, they bring flowers on dates and prioritize real romance.  


ESFPs are arguably the biggest flirts of all personality types. Their spontaneity and boldness make it seem like they are flirting every time they open their mouths! However, if they are truly interested they make it clear by putting their love interest at the center of attention.


ISFPs are the most flirtatious of the introverted types. Once their introverted curtains are drawn they show how playful and flirty they are. They flirt by looking at someone as if they are a piece of art. 


ESTPs love to flirt in a chaotic yet charming way which is indicative of the rest of their personality. The only challenge is keeping track of them due to their adventurous nature.


ISTPs seem to not understand flirting as they typically interact with friends and love interests in the same way. Flirting is unnatural to them, so they may even make fun of someone in an attempt to flirt. They are so chill they don’t seem to care whether or not they know how to flirt!

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Finding the Best MBTI Dating App

There are plenty of dating apps on the market utilizing MBTI technology to match users with proven compatibility. The six apps listed below are the most popular and successful. Each one brings different features to the table, but the best MBTI dating app also incorporates other features to find compatible friends and communities!

So Syncd

So Syncd is the first dating website and app that pairs dates based on MBTI personality types. This app was created by introverted sisters who found the dating scene draining and wanted to improve their chances of clicking with someone they matched with.

When you sign up for So Syncd the first thing you do is take the personality test (or enter it if you already know) and start matching with people that compliment you.

Users choose which personality type they prefer to be matched with or the app takes control and rates compatibility for you. They even provide first-date suggestions based on each personality type!

It’s impossible to tell from a classic dating profile what someone’s personality is like. Someone can be attracted to a book-loving homebody or a total party animal but determining personality from photos on a classic dating app is a cruel guessing game. So Syncd cuts out the guessing game to provide more meaningful dates from the jump!

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Birdy “provide[s] you with a place where you can find the best matches and seamless compatibility.”  The experience starts with an MBTI quiz and a discovery of each personality type. This discovery helps you learn how you view the world, make decisions, and therefore communicate with others.  

The app determines your top three compatibility types to create effortless communication and a natural beginning to a relationship. The goal of this app is to help users fall in love in a meaningful way and reduce divorce rates.

Users say that Birdy offers amazing features, interfaces, and matches. Give it a try and find your best compatible dates!

Ur My Type

Ur My Type was created to make people’s lives better through meaningful dating. Their site boasts over 50 million messages and 500 thousand matches.

This MBTI-centered app works similarly to the others but also has a feature to test compatibility with friends. This is a great practice to see how personality types apply to platonic and romantic relationships.

Ur My Type is available worldwide and matches users with compatible people all over the world. This was especially popular during COVID when social distancing was required when mingling with a potential date!


Boo is the best MBTI dating app and is meant to connect like-minded souls in dating and friendship. This Reddit-style platform is centered around MBTI personality types so it's no wonder it’s a consistent favorite!

This site and app have features other than dating. The platform provides insightful information about personality types and the opportunity to mingle with compatible friends. There's even an option to debate the potential personality types of iconic celebrities and characters on forums.  

Boo has the most users of any MBTI-centered dating app and therefore gives the highest chance of finding potential matches near you. There is also a great community of people to befriend and message!

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Hinge is one of the top dating apps in the world with over 20 million users. Although this app is not MBTI-centered, there is an option to add a personality type to your profile.  

Discover your own MBTI type and analyze which types you are most compatible with. Keep this in mind while swiping through the app, and even use it as a conversation starter!  The app may not use the magic of MBTI automatically, but it has the option to utilize it.


Bumble is a dating app where women always send the first message. It is one of the top dating apps with over 45 million users. Although it is not MBTI centered, it does give the option to add a personality type to your profile.

With tons of users all over the world, there is a huge pool of potential matches. It takes longer to weed through and find those with compatible personality types, but this is a great option if the MBTI type isn’t contained in your main criteria.  

Does Dating by MBTI Work?

Yes, a couple with high MBTI compatibility has a higher chance of having more in common and seeing eye-to-eye and therefore having a more successful relationship.

Of course, a lack of personality type compatibility should not interfere with dating or cause a breakup. However, starting with a basis of similar values and views is truly a good recipe for a successful relationship.  

Couples that are labeled as incompatible in personality type are more likely to have to make sacrifices, work hard at understanding one another, and generally compromise. Starting with a basis of personality compatibility makes for a smoother relationship with a greater chance of fulfillment.  

Mutual understanding is a core value of any relationship and comes more naturally to individuals with compatible personality types.

There are endless resources available that explain each personality type, their strengths and weaknesses, their communication preferences, and how they act in a relationship. These resources potentially serve as how-to books for understanding parts of each other that are hard to articulate otherwise.

Even skeptics of the MBTI reliability for dating apps agree that having a mutual interest in personality types is already a good start for compatibility with a partner! This demonstrates both parties are interested in psychology, relationships, and personal development.

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Give It a Try

MBTI dating is a successful system of pairing strangers that have far more in common than just physical attraction. Users claim that since switching to MBTI dating apps, they are finding matches that better share their values, goals, and vibes.  

The MBTI personality type system is a long-trusted psychology practice around the world and is finally being applied to online dating apps. Previously, these apps were hard to navigate and often left users feeling frustrated with lousy matches. Applying a real system of personality matching is revolutionary to online (or old-fashioned) dating!

Diving into self-discovery has endless benefits, but utilizing dating apps with a compatibility tool built in is a good start to understanding how this system works. Find balance with those you date through MBTI compatibility!

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