How to Effortlessly Plan the Most Romantic Date Night

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Spending time together is the best way to keep a relationship strong and healthy. Romantic date nights are one of the most fun and rewarding ways to spend time together. They’re a great way to bond and to enjoy some pampering together. In the wild and crazy times in which we live, it can feel impossible to plan a romantic date. Don’t give up! It’s entirely possible to plan a fun romantic evening together, and it’s easier than you might think. Read on to learn more about how to plan a fun and romantic date with your love.

Planning a Romantic Date Night

It might seem overwhelming to plan out a romantic date night. There are so many things to consider! What should you do? What are your ideal dinner ideas? Should you eat first, or plan a late dinner after some activities? How fancy should you dress? Do you have rigid plans, or are you winging it a little bit?

Movie Night

A classic romantic date idea is to have a movie night. To make your movie night more special, look for a theater with upgraded amenities. Some theaters offer reclining seats and even meal services, so you don’t have to worry about dinner ideas. In many towns, old community theaters have been converted to movie houses that screen older films. If you’re more of a homebody, or if your local theater isn’t super romantic, you can set up a movie night at home.

It might not sound like it at first, but a romantic movie night at home has many benefits: you can drink wine, cuddle on the couch, make out, or…well, you know where this is going. You can even set the mood by lighting candles and adding blankets and pillows to your sofa or seating. To make it extra romantic, consider buying special treats like chocolate-covered strawberries or getting your partner their favorite snack food. Finally, select a movie that sets the right tone for your date. Last Tango in Paris is romantic: SAW is not.

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Make Your Dining Room into a Destination

Surveys have found that about 87% of the people believe that cooking together strengthens their relationship. Why not take this fact and turn it into a fun and romantic date? Take a few dinner ideas and find recipes for them. You can make a full menu, including the main course and of course a dessert. You can get out the fancy dishes, light some tapered candles on the table, and put on some nice music. Depending on the vibe you and your date are going for, you can either dress up or dress down. Heck, you could even eat naked if you and your partner are comfortable with each other — try that at a fancy restaurant and you'll probably be asked to leave.

So how is cooking at home romantic when many of us cook at home every night? It’s all about context. Date night is special. You’ll likely want to prepare ahead by tidying up the kitchen and dining area. Adjusting your lighting and burning some aromatic candles can help set a romantic mood that a regular dinner doesn’t have. Taking the time to serve the food artistically, cooking together, and making a special meal also add to the romance. One of our favorite dinner ideas is lasagna: it takes good teamwork to cook it together, most people don’t eat it regularly, and it is delicious. Plus, it can easily flex for vegetarian or vegan diets! Whatever you cook together, eat it in a relaxed way: hold each other's hands, lock those eyes, and maybe use your fingers to give a slight graze over their thighs. The food isn’t all that’s going to be hot on this date!


Do you remember the days of childhood when you'd build forts out of blankets? You can relive this experience with your other half for a fun take on a romantic date. You can set up a fun inside fort for yourselves and even make toasted marshmallows for s'mores! Spend this time getting to know each other better and sharing fun memories. Get playful! You can goof around, tell each other scary stories, or even just spoon and cuddle inside the tent. This might not be traditional romance, but it’s a great way to build a connection with your partner.

Country Drives

Commuting can be awful, but a long country drive can be nice, especially during the right season. Heading into the country in the car, playing some romantic music on the radio, holding hands in the car…isn't this just the right idea for a romantic getaway from our hectic everyday life? To make a full evening out of it, pack some of your favorite snacks, watch the sunset, and relax and enjoy the company. If you can find a suitable parking spot, you can even make out or get physical under the starlight for a classic American date.

Yoga Together

Yoga is an excellent way to relax, unwind, and get in touch with your body. As you might expect, this has mental and physical benefits, including benefits to your sex life. While Yoga might seem intimidating if you’re new, it’s pretty approachable and easy to do. To make it extra romantic, try the practice of Shakti Yoga, which creates a deep connection between you and your partner. Play soft sensual music in the background, get out some scented lotion, and let the intimacy begin!

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Star Gazing

Stargazing dates are beautiful and romantic — just you and your other half looking up at the sky talking about your future together. Doesn't that sound amazing? You can do this in your backyard or common area, or you can drive to a park to get a clearer view of the stars. Out of dinner ideas? Pack a picnic lunch including wine or brandy and some cheese to enjoy a classic romantic snack under the infinite starlight. Stargazing is a great way to connect and strengthen your bond while enjoying some of nature’s splendor!

Go for a Walk

A walk might not sound like a romantic date, but if you approach it just right, it can make for a highly memorable outing. Just you and your love, hand in hand, strolling along. To add ambiance to this date, walk somewhere fun: hiking trails, downtown shopping districts, parks, and beaches are all great places to enjoy a romantic walk with your love.


A bonfire is a perfect place to relax and enjoy one another. The best part is that it suits all the weather: on a cold wintery night, you can huddle around the fire with a cup of hot chocolate and some blankets. If it’s high summer, you can make a bonfire at the beach or in your yard and indulge in a few drinks and some food.

Bathe Together

Bathing together increases closeness between you and your partner. Don't just hop into the shower and lather up; make it a sensual experience. Before entering the shower, rub lotion on each other and indulge in a sensual massage. A warm shower can set the mood and give you another opportunity to touch one another all over. If you have a big enough tub, a couple’s bath can be a fun and intimate date. Use some sensual bath bombs and bath salts to freshen the air and add to the mood.

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Spa Dates

Spa dates can take your relationship to the next level comfort-wise. There's nothing like the relaxing environment of the spa, with some mellow aromatherapy and some soft music playing in the background. You can get a couple’s pedicure or even take a mud bath together.

Even better, book a couples massage. The masseuse may even be able to focus on sexual pressure points to charge up your partner for an extraordinary sexual experience later that night.

Sing Karaoke

People say that the only thing better than singing is singing more. If you both are music lovers, karaoke night could be a fun and romantic date idea. Relationships are about connecting and breaking barriers and singing together is a great way to push your comfort zone and bond. You could visit a karaoke bar and have a singing competition or sing together at home. Still not convinced? Imagine you and your other half just singing to one another, gradually turning softer when a piece of romantic music plays, holding hands and looking into one another’s eyes. Now that’s romantic!


No matter how long you and your other half have known each other, spending romantic quality time together is essential. Time is the key ingredient: we can never get back the time we spend, so spending it together is a very meaningful thing to do. And while we live in a complicated world, hopefully we’ve shown here that romance doesn’t have to be complicated. Take some of these pointers and have a romantic evening with your partner – you’ll be glad you did.

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