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We’re all searching for that fairytale romance. We want all the good parts that come with love, without dealing with the messy parts. The idea of the perfect marriage exists in all our minds and starts forming from a young age. We have our own perception of what the perfect marriage is and spend a

Woman Smiling with Phone in Her Hands, Husband in the Background with Skeptical Look

Marriage is a binding contract that secures you and your wife together forever. You enter into it thinking that you’ll live happily ever after. You know you’ll have your ups and downs—all couples do—but you think you’ll weather them together, coming out stronger and wiser. However, that’s not always the case. Sometimes the marital bond

Man Screaming at Woman, Woman Closing her Ears with FIngers and Tongue Sticking Out

Are you tired of arguing with a defensive partner that disallows fruitful and open communication? It’s time to see why they react so defensively and how to properly communicate with your defensive partner to improve communication and the relationship. Introduction Are you having difficulty communicating with your partner due to their defensive behaviors? Having a

Banana With Kisses Covered in Lipstick Kisses

Let’s talk about oral sex. In many cultures, oral sex is seen as taboo. Even in Western culture, oral sex was deemed inappropriate in the not-too-distant past. Using one’s mouth to please their partner sexually was “gross” or “immoral”. Fortunately, times have changed (“fortunately” can’t be stressed enough). Surveys show that most adult Americans have

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