Standing Missionary Sex Position Explained

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The missionary sex position gets a bad reputation for being boring or “vanilla”. However, missionary is still one of the most preferred sex positions for both men and women. This is because missionary sex position can be super hot if both partners are doing it right. By doing it right, we mean getting into it and adding in extra stimulation as well as trying its many different variations, like standing missionary. Standing missionary sex position takes regular missionary up a notch, providing a slightly different angle of penetration. It may also be easier for the male partner, who will be the one standing, hence the name standing missionary sex position. So, if you and your partner love missionary and are interested in changing it up just a bit, read on to learn more about the standing missionary sex position.

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What Is the Standing Missionary Sex Position?

The standing missionary sex position requires the receiving partner to lie on their back on the bed with their butt on the edge of the bed, while the penetrating partner stands in front of them and penetrates them. Though standing missionary can be incorporated into some same-sex couples, for the purpose of this article we will be describing this sexual position as done between a male partner and female partner. Standing missionary is an easy variation of standard missionary that most couples will have no difficulty doing. To get into the standing missionary position, the female partner will lie on her back on the bed with her butt as close to the edge as she can get it. If she wants, she can place a pillow underneath her head to be more comfortable. The male partner will be standing in front of her in between her legs. He can grab a hold of each of her legs and hold them up waist-high. From here, he will slowly penetrate his partner until he finds a comfortable thrusting pace for both. Depending on the height difference between the male partner and the bed, there may have to be some adjustments made to make standing missionary possible. If the male partner is too tall or the bed too low, you can place pillows underneath the female partner’s hips to make up for the height difference. Another option would be for the male partner to kneel on his knees if the bed or surface that the female partner is lying on is extremely lower to the ground. If the bed is too high, the male partner can stand on a stool to adjust for the height. He will need to be careful to not fall off of the stool, however.

Why He’ll Like It

Male partners will like standing missionary because it gives his arms a break from having to hold his weight during standard missionary. He may also find that in standing sex, he has more power and flexibility to thrust. He’ll also get a better view of his partner’s body while standing in front of her. Men are visual and love to look at their partner’s body, especially while doing the dirty deed. He’ll get a chance to see her breasts jiggle in the most enticing way. If he wants to have his hands free to roam her body, he can ask her to wrap her legs around him. This will allow him to use his hands to caress her stomach, breasts, or play with her clitoris.

Why She’ll Like It

Female partners will enjoy standing missionary for the ease and comfort of the position. The most important job she has is to lie back and enjoy. However, if she wants to get more into it, her hands are free to play with her breasts or clitoris and give her partner a show. She will have a much easier time reaching her clitoris in standing missionary than she would in standard missionary because her partner will not be on top of her. As most women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm, this will be a most welcome opportunity to give her lady parts the treatment it needs. Alternatively, she could use a vibrator or sex toy while doing standing missionary. A vibrator or massager can add the extra sensation she needs to get off easier in this position.

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Who Is the Standing Missionary Sex Position Perfect For?

The standing missionary sex position is perfect for couples who are looking for something new to try but are not ready for anything too adventurous. Standard missionary is the go-to beginner move for most couples because it is easy and comfortable for most people. Couples who are new to sex can use standing missionary as an easy segway into experimenting with new and more advanced sex positions. Standing missionary makes for an easy transition from standard missionary should you want to change things up during your nightly romp. It is also a great sex position for couples who may be experiencing physical challenges. Heavier men may feel more comfortable doing standing missionary over standard missionary because they do not have to impose any of their weight on their partner. This could also be true for male partners who have an arm injury. Because standing missionary does not require him to bear his weight at all, he can perform the sex position using just his hips to thrust. Similarly, female partners who are experiencing some kind of physical injury may find standing missionary easier and less physically demanding than other sex positions. This is because standing missionary does not require her to bear her partner’s weight or to contort her legs or torso into any difficult positioning.

Tips and Tricks To Make Standing Missionary Even Better

Experiment With Leg Placement

Though the most basic way of performing standing missionary involves the male partner holding his partner’s legs at waist height on either side of him, there’s no reason those legs must stay there. By changing up the positioning of the female partner’s legs, you can change up the angle of entry as well as the depth. If you want to make penetration tighter and closer, the female partner can wrap her legs around her partner’s waist. This will allow her to pull him in for closer and tighter penetration. She may also get more clitoral stimulation this way since she will have a greater chance of her clitoris grinding against her partner’s hips. For a slightly different angle of penetration, the male partner can experiment with holding both legs off to one side of his waist. This will cause the female partner’s hips to shift slightly, changing up the angle. It will also allow for tighter penetration as any time you put the female partner’s legs closer together the point of entry becomes smaller. The same effect will occur if you place the female partner’s legs on either side of the male partner’s shoulders. The point of entry will be smaller, and deep penetration will be more possible due to the different angle he’ll be entering her from.

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Make It All About Her

There is nothing hotter than orgasming while your partner is inside of you, but unfortunately for most women, penetration alone doesn’t cut it. Clitoral stimulation is important for women to be able to climax during sex. Standing missionary provides an advantageous position for stimulating the female partner’s clitoris during penetration. If you want to really focus on her pleasure alone, try this: While you are in standing missionary position, enter your partner nice and slowly. Keep your penis inside of her, but don’t thrust just yet. Use your fingers or her preferred sex toy and stimulate her clitoris until she orgasms. This will give her the unique opportunity to orgasm while also feeling you inside of her. She’s going to love it, trust us. You will also get enjoyment out of feeling her vagina contracting around your member as she is experiencing pure ecstasy. It’s a win-win for both of you.

Experiment With BDSM

BDSM is a popular kink among both men and women. In fact, one survey found that at least 47% of men and 60% of women say they have fantasized about some aspect of BDSM. BDSM involves power play where partners take on the role of dominant or submissive. Typically, female partners like to be in the submissive role, but couples can switch roles depending on their preferences. In the standing missionary position, the female partner plays the submissive role because of her lack of control in this position. Couples can take advantage of her submissive role by adding in more of a BDSM element to standing missionary. You can do this by incorporating some sex props, like wrist restraints and blindfolds. Because the female partner does not need her hands while performing standing missionary, they can easily be restrained with handcuffs or tied to the bed frame. This will allow the female partner to give up even more of her sense of control, which is the point of playing the submissive in BDSM. Adding in a blindfold to the mix will make the experience feel even more authentic and sexy. Taking away the sense of sight leaves the submissive partner feeling vulnerable and may also enhance other senses, like touch. It’s an easy way to turn standing missionary into something more erotic and adventurous.

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Start Off With Oral

Though oral is easily performed while on the bed, it may be even easier to perform pre-standing missionary position. According to surveys, about 95% of women enjoy oral sex. Going down on your female partner is not only sexy, but it will also make it more likely for her to orgasm. With her butt already on the edge of the bed, you are in a prime position to kneel and place your face right between her legs. Once she’s had as much as she can handle, you can quickly stand up and assume the standing missionary position. It’s such an easy way to spice up a regular bedroom session.

Positions Similar to Standing Missionary

Butterfly sex position
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The Butterfly

Why this sex position is called the butterfly might have something to do with how your bodies will resemble a butterfly with its wings closed when you are doing it correctly. Beyond that, we’re not sure why this sex position is named after the colorful insect. What we do know is that the butterfly sex position is a super simple and easy transition from standing missionary. The only difference between standing missionary and the butterfly is the female partner’s leg placement. Instead of her partner holding her thighs at his side, she will lift her legs up higher until each leg is resting on each of his shoulders. From here, he can penetrate her more deeply than in standing missionary position. Deeper penetration is a bonus for both partners, though the male partner should be careful not to thrust too deeply as that can be uncomfortable for some women. In the butterfly position, the male partner will have his hands free to roam his partner’s body. He can use them to caress her legs, stomach, or breasts. However, doing so will mean he will have to lean forward, which may put more strain on his partner’s hamstring muscles. He may have to pull back if leaning forward becomes too uncomfortable for her. In that case, he can instead use his hands to grab onto her hips or thighs. In doing so he will have a better ability to thrust more vigorously if he and his partner are into rougher sex. If standing gets to become too tiring for the male partner, he can opt to move to the bed where he can perform the butterfly kneeling instead of standing.

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Launch Pad

Though the launch pad is typically performed with the male partner taking a kneeling position, it can easily be performed while in standing missionary position. To do it, get into standing missionary position, except have the female partner place both feet on either side of the male partner’s chest. Her hips should be raised slightly as her partner then thrusts in and out of her in this position. He can help hold her hips up with his hands or grab onto her thighs for more leverage while thrusting. The launch pad may be an especially great position for female partners who have partners with larger penises. By placing her feet on her partner’s chest, she’ll have more control over the depth of penetration. If he gets too deep, she can easily push against him with her legs to stop him. This will let him know that he needs to slow down and perform more shallow thrusts. Additionally, the female partner can use her feet to control the width of entry. If she wants to make penetration feel tighter, she should keep her feet closer together. Placing them farther apart from each other on her partner’s chest will make the point of entry wider, which might be necessary if her partner’s penis is particularly big.


The criss-cross position is also originally meant for penetration in a kneeling position but is easily performed while in standing missionary. To do it, the female partner will place her left ankle over her partner’s right shoulder then cross her right leg over her left leg so that her right ankle rests on his left shoulder. Crossing her legs in this way will make penetration feel super tight. This positioning of the legs is ideal for male partners who have smaller penises as it will make him feel bigger while inside his partner. Both partners will benefit from the added friction the criss-cross position allows. To change the depth of penetration, put pillows underneath the female partner’s hips to raise her up higher. This will also take some of the tension off of her lower back in this position. The male partner can do this himself if he wants to by using his hands to prop her hips up while he is thrusting. He can raise or lower her hips to change the level of penetration and find a position they are both comfortable with.

Easy Love

Standing missionary position is an easy sex position for couples of all shapes and sizes. It is a perfect example of how sex can be simple yet incredibly sexy. Contortionist sex positions may be enjoyable for those with incredible flexibility, but for most people, they are more trouble than they’re worth. If you and your partner are in the mood for easy love, then standing missionary is just that. Don’t be afraid to try some of the variations or similar sex positions. Sometimes it takes a little bit of work to get the positioning just right for ultimate pleasure. Though standard missionary style may get a bad reputation for being boring, standing missionary allows for more variation and more stimulation. It’s a classic move that any couple should incorporate into their sex life. If you and your partner are looking for something easy to try tonight, the standing missionary position may be your new go-to move in the bedroom.

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