15 Flirty Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend Through Text

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Have you ever attempted to get some flirty truth with your boyfriend but failed to do it due to being tongue-tied? Or possibly you're searching for ways to get to know your boyfriend better? Check out these innovative ways to get the ball rolling with the love of your life. These flirty questions will open up entryways in your relationship. Asking these fun questions can assist you in picking up a more profound understanding of him as an individual and strengthen your bond. Here are some fun, flirty questions to ask your guy without getting overly risqué. For now, it's all about natural, carefree flirting. Knowing him better will allow you a modern appreciation for his qualities and an overall better understanding of his point of view. The only drawback is you'll wonder why you didn't get to ask these good flirty questions sooner! Are you prepared to begin? Snatch a piece of paper or type down your favorite questions. Or print this whole article and keep it handy for keeping things exciting with your fellow, as you can ask a new question each day.

15 Interesting Questions

1. Do you like when women make the primary move? 

Our first question is an excellent, guiltless flirty question to ask the guy you like. Indeed, it compliments if you're not fascinated by taking things forward. Men are not diverse. Be that as it may, they rarely get involved in this confidence-boosting, complimenting feeling of being wanted by somebody of the inverse sex. Concurring to a modern overview by dating site OkCupid, ladies who make the primary move increase their chances of dating more appealing men. Researchers have found that women are more than twice as likely to get responses when they reach out to a man first.

2. What color do you think suits me more?

Can't a man dress a woman? You might want to reconsider that theory. Since men are visual creatures, many are fantastic at designing and putting together color schemes. Look at Tom Ford or Gianni Versace, for example. He may not be a big-time designer but allow your guy to suggest what does and doesn't look visually appealing. Sending him different pictures of you modeling clothing in the mall can quickly turn into a flirty escapade, especially when you wear various colors. By asking him what color he considers to suit you best, this flirty question opens up the chance for you to wear it in person when the two of you meet up. Who knows, it could either be his favorite color or become it.

3. What are your thoughts on love at first sight?

Does he think it's genuine or just BS? Does he believe soulmates are a myth? This one can open the door to seeing his views about how he may feel about you, bringing about romantic gestures you enjoy. Fundamentally, this doesn't have to be a profound dialog, but it can be an exciting ice breaker and a pretty flirty way to tap into your guy's reaction.

4. When are you going to ask me out?

Generally, this is one of the top three questions to ask a guy. It's a good idea to be straightforward about your expectations in the relationship. Your boo should always want to take you out and show you off. Let him know that you want to have a good time with him and give him the space in intimacy to be his true self. You can even share details about dressing up in that sexy dress he likes or mention buying a new outfit that he'd love to see you in. It's a compelling way to plan the evening out and guarantee a happy ending subconsciously.

5. If you got a chance to go with me anywhere, where would we go?

This flirty question can combine two of our favorite things: adoration and enterprise! Find out what kind of pioneer your guy may be and what kind of excursions and goals intrigue him through text. This is typically an excellent opportunity to have a conversation that includes a few things the two of you might do together in the future. Moreover, attempt to share your ideas about bae-cations and romantic getaways that could send his brain into visualizing you on the beach in that bathing suit. Now that's a trip he wouldn't want to pass up nor forget. girl laying in bed smiling at phone

6. What celeb reminds you of me?

This is a fun question that gets his gears cranking in terms of making you glow. Typically people view being compared to a celebrity as a compliment. It can guide the conversation away from the personal questions and go more into giving a mutual comparison for both parties, leading to a huge smile and maybe casual, playful banter.

7. What is my most appealing physical attribute?

Chances are, your boyfriend that you're being a tease with is aiming to specify a part of your body that he finds incredibly exquisite. This is often a sneaky, flirty and subtle way to discover one thing, or many things, that he likes about you through text. Not only does it set the tone for the next time the two of you are close to one another, but it allows you to send back a flirty text to your guy as well.

8. What's your greatest turn-on?

This can be a flirtatious question that certainly does not have to be physical. And more than a few of the other questions on the list, this one jumps a bit more boldly. What does your fellow explore for in a girlfriend? How would he portray his idealized woman? Aka, you! Discovering a few things they like can truly make the relationship more exciting, outside and inside of the bedroom. He may strongly appreciate the fact that you not only asked, but also remembered his answer to this question. He might want to ask you the same flirty question back, which you can either make him work for or simply spill the beans. Whichever ball-game you want to play!

9. What is most surprising about you?

Allow your mate a chance to uncover something shocking and startling about himself. It's cool to see what your boyfriend feels comfortable telling you through text. Additionally, you're bound to memorize an intriguing small chunk about him. Whether he'll be a flirt and keep you guessing or not, surely these small details will only make you like him more! Sometimes you'll discover these things on a whim in the most random way, and you'll either realize why he told you or why he didn't.

10. What were you like in your high school days?

It's continuously fun to see back at those younger old school days, and it's just a window peak into the past. With this great question, it's captivating to listen to how much he may have changed since then. It's fundamental to share some things about your past. Don't forget to keep him on his toes by asking this interesting question. Cute questions about crushes he may have had or how his prom night went can also give insight into the type of girl he was into at that time. It provides an opportunity to tease him with funny questions and instances that may have happened, and he may see your genuine interest in getting to know him as an individual.

11 . What's the foremost humiliating thing that has ever happened to you?

This may be a flirty question for a man who requests that he get a little helpless, but that's a vital part of getting to know somebody. Is he able to open up to you about something this personal? Not everybody offers effortlessly, but it's instructive to see how willing he is to share a story when he wasn't at his best. Some guys love teasing because it gives both parties a chance to joke around and carry on the banter. You can discover whether he's more on the goofy side or if he takes certain things a little more seriously. The last thing you want is a guy who always wears the mask of being perfect. It doesn't last and never ends well!

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12. What is the foremost sentimental thing you've ever done for a lady?

Find the sentimental side of your boyfriend (or potential boyfriend) with this flirty address. Not only do you get a look at his past connections (family or friends), but you also get to see what he considers sentimental. You might also assist him by hurling in a few clues around the things that you view as being sentimental.

13. What's the racy-est dream you've ever had?

One of the top sexy questions, but this one might not be simple to inquire about when your relationship first takes off from the road. As you get to know your sweetheart better, this is usually an entertaining and flirty way to challenge him and get his heart pumping. Of course, be sure that you're willing and ready to reply if he asks you these same dirty questions.

14. What is your daydream?

With this one, your fellow might try to figure out which path you're going with the flirty conversation. It's fun to see what he surmises, and on the off chance that he chooses right, it's fair that maybe you two can arrange to do those things together. If he's super flirty with you and mentions that he daydreams about you all the time, ask him to give you a few reasons why. Remember, men like being put to the test. It's in their nature to chase the prize, which in this case, is you.

15. What's the craziest place you'd want to get intimate?

If you want to dive a little deeper into the crevices of his mind that other people don't see, this one will knock it out of the football stadium. No pun intended. With this text, the possibilities are endless. If you dare to spice things up and take a break from the deep questions, this will take it to the next level. You may unlock something he's never done and wants to try or new and exciting ways to spin things at higher speeds. Although, if it's not your thing, there's nothing wrong with that either.

Now, how will you go about asking these flirty questions with a guy?

The guy you're with can be blown away by your level of interest in his considerations and viewpoint. With these flirty questions for him, you'll pick up an improved understanding of how his brain works, whereas seeing the way he looks at the world. Of course, in case he brushes off your questions and keeps dragging the discussion into the more secure region (for him), that's an unequivocal ruddy hail. But I'm the chance that he's amusing, open and he answers the questions to the best of his capacity, there's no telling what you'll learn about each other – particularly if he asks you to reply to them, as well. That's the kicker of asking for him to ask you questions of his own. Moreover, this list will display to you a few thoughts for dates, endowments, or any basic gestures. Make sure to keep this list on hand in case you wish for a way to extend your connection.

How to Choose the Most Flirty Questions to Ask?

Here is how to choose the top flirty questions to ask your boyfriend or potential partner. Narrowing a few down can make it easier for you to slip it in through text.

Find your stage

Discover the questions for your starting point. Is he your soulmate? Or, possibly it's just your first, second, or third date. Maybe it's your long-term boyfriend, and you need to have a little fun! Make sure you begin within the right segment. You'll be able to refer back to the less strongly asked questions if need be. Make sure your boyfriend's overall mood and energy, or potential, is in good standing. Indeed, you'll have different questions to inquire about, but all those questions won't work the way as expected if the relationship is on a rocky road or if it hasn't quite started yet. Some of these questions may make him uncomfortable, but getting too comfortable in a relationship can lead to thinking that you know the person all too well, which is never the case. Every human on earth changes physically, mentally, emotionally, and psychologically each day, month, and year. Whether you want to stick around and embrace that change is neither here nor there. Many folks from earlier generations can attest to that.

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Don't ask too many questions!

Most times, men shy away from what may feel like an intrusion of their individual lives. Take your time with getting to know him! Make it effortless and go with the flow of things or the current conversation. This shouldn't feel like an interrogation. Stay on topic; don't ask questions that derail entirely what you both have going at the time. Nobody likes being thrown off their train of thought, so considering his words and ideas is a must. It allows him to trust you to carry and keep a flowing conversation in a forward motion. Although this list contains several great ideas to light the fire, keep this ingrained in your head: take it slow. Read through the list, and choose any questions you think would be fun or construct off past conversations, as this can help you create other ideas to go more in-depth and continue to discover things about your guy.

Please don't take it seriously!

Keep in mind that these are just flirty questions. Maybe you're driving to your eatery, taking a walk, or chilling at home on your loveseat. Keep the pressure low to keep these text exercises fun. Staying light-hearted doesn't let any negative aspects into the mix! These flirty questions are implied to construct closeness, uncover riddles, and bond the two of you closer together. Something else to keep in mind is not to feel like you have to unload all of the answers either. These questions disclose extraordinary loopholes for the, ideally, numerous discussions in your future for the both of you.

After it's all said and done

You'll see there are unending varieties of flirty questions to ask your fellow. When you're texting your crush or genuine love, the key is to keep the escalation low and impose fun, carefree conversations. Examining the questions is an excellent and non-intrusive way to memorize more approximately a fellow from their childhood days to the show. But make sure that you both feel comfortable with the flirty questions you inquire about with your guy. Get creative, be perky, or get to the heart of the matter – the choice is yours! Whether you want to step out of the box or stay around the perimeters of it. The fundamental concept is to be specific and legitimately interested in your person. Flirting is about appearing intrigued – so make sure your attitude is all about expanding association. These questions are sure to set off a few sparkles and maybe even spark a few new fires (in an exciting way). May you both appreciate learning more about each other!

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