Which TV Show Is Most Relatable To Your Friend Group?

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In the mood to watch or to re-watch a show that feels warm and familiar? Take this quiz and find out which friends group you likely identify with, and enjoy!

Where do you hang out with your friend group the most?

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When you have a problem that you’d like to talk about with your friends, how do you usually express it?

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What is the topic you talk about most with your friend group?

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Which atmosphere best describes the vibe of your overall friend group?

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What is an event that you all would most likely do together?

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Which type of humor best describes the most prominent in your friend group?

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Which TV Show Is Most Relatable To Your Friend Group?

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Friends is a classic go-to that can always leave your heart feeling warmer. The characters become people with whom you start to feel like friends as their everyday lives are revealed throughout the show. Even if you haven’t seen it before, you can randomly pick an episode and go from there!
The Big Bang Theory

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The Big Bang Theory is one of those shows where you can relish and relax to nerdy humor. For those looking for a funny plotline that is only appreciated if you are almost entirely attentive, then this is the one for you!
Will & Grace

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Will & Grace is an excellent show for sassy, fun, and witty banter. The friendship dynamic between Will and Grace is cunning, and the situations they get into are beyond hilarious, relatable, or both.
Sex & The City

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Sex & The City is notoriously known for its upbeat, city life and excitement through the lenses of a flirty and fabulous group of girlfriends. There is always an identifiable character within the friend group who relates to someone in your group, too! The show is usually lighthearted and witty while retaining your interest with an intriguing plotline.

Let us know who you are to see your results!

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