Which TikTok Prank Should You Try Next?


Take this quiz and find out which TikTok prank you should consider trying!

Which option best describes your sense of humor?

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Who would you most likely be pranking?

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How much time are you planning on putting towards a TikTok prank?

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How easy do you think it’ll be to make sure you can film the prank?

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How active are you on TikTok?

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How much do you suspect that this person will anticipate you pranking them?

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Which TikTok Prank Should You Try Next?
Pasta Back Crack

Raw Pasta Mezzi Rigatoni in Wooden Bowl

The pasta back crack prank where you put uncooked pasta in your mouth and then ask someone to crack your back. While they are attempting to crack your back, you then bite down on the pasta to make a surprising noise. Wait and see the reaction of the person once they hear the unexpected noise!
The Online Shopping Addiction

Packages for shipping

The online shopping addiction prank requires a bit of planning. Start intentionally saving boxes for packages that you have received in the mail, and then use tape to box them again. To make the prank go on longer, and to add an extra layer of authenticity to it, you can add newspaper or old magazines, in order to add weight to the packages. Set them up either outside or inside of your home, when you know the person will be coming home, and document their reaction!
The Filmed Reaction

Two people recording themselves with phone

The filming reaction prank is when you document the reaction of the person you are pranking, while they think you are actually recording a video for TikTok. Whether it’s an embarrassing dance or something, turn your camera lens to face the person who is watching your dance. This one is particularly crafty if you are someone who they know is active on TikTok, and therefore would be hyper-aware if you were to try and prank them in a way that was more obvious. One way to make it seem less likely that you’re up to something, is to get a friend in on the joke with you, and have them be in the ‘recording’ as well. The more outrageous the attempt you make, the more likely they will have a priceless expression on their face!
A Not-So-Sweet Surprise

Woman holding tasty chocolate cupcake

The not-so-sweet surprise prank is one where you bake something sweet, preferably something you’ve baked before for the person, or, if you haven’t baked them this dessert before, bake it for the first time the correct way, prior to pranking them, and then they won’t see this coming as much! With this prank, when the recipe calls for sugar, swap it out for something such as salt, or add something spicy to the icing, and get their reaction on film! Tip: If you want to take things further, make one without the added surprise, and have them witness you eating part of yours as you offer them one.

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