Which Perfume Could Be Your Next Signature Scent?

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Picking a perfume can be overwhelming. Answer these questions to find out which kind of perfume we recommend you try next!

Which describes the type of scent you prefer the most?

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How would you like to feel when you smell your perfume?

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Which type of environment makes you feel most at home?

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Which adjective best describes a part of your personality?

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When would you most likely wear perfume?

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What’s one pet peeve you have regarding fragrances?

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Which Perfume Could Be Your Next Signature Scent?
Warm Florals

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Warm floral perfumes contain notes with roses, which can create fragrances that exude a timeless aroma. Warm floral notes can vary in intensity from light to rich, but they generally provide a sophisticated and distinguishable freshness. Examples of warm floral perfumes include “Red Roses” by Jo Malone, “Roses De Chloe” by Chloe, and “Mademoiselle” by CoCo Chanel. For example, the fragrance known as “Gia” by Tocca consists of a combination of warm florals, such as Turkish rose, with other notes such as amber, tangerine, and vanilla, resulting in a sultry, yet fresh aroma.
Light Florals

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Light floral perfumes contain notes with white flowers. These include flowers like jasmine and gardenias, which add an aura of femininity. In addition, some floral scents have notes of amber in them, which can provide a uniquely sensual aroma. Examples include “Chloe” by Chloe, “Bloom” by Gucci, “Daisy” by Marc Jacobs, and “Stella” by Tocca.

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Amber or vanilla notes in perfumes can offer a more cozy and romantic vibe to your overall presence. Fragrances with these sensual notes add a mysterious vibe to them that makes them all the more iconic. These perfumes can be considered more for the evening; however, complimented with other notes such as floral, these perfumes can provide a sensual scent that is appropriate for daytime wear, too! Examples include “Flowerbomb” by Viktor & Rolf and “CHANCE” by CoCo Chanel.
Fresh or citrus

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Fresh or citrus perfumes can offer a crisp and clean scent. It can also include tropical fruity notes, such as coconuts and limes. Additionally, more crisp, fruity notes can be found in these fragrances, such as pear and blood orange. Examples include “Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet” by Dior, “Love Story” by Chloe, ” Pure Grace” by Philosophy, “Colette” by Tocca, “Soleil Blanc” by Tom Ford, and “Voce Viva” by Valentino.

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