Which Man Cave Theme Matches Your Personality?

Man cave neon sign on brick wall background.

Want to create a space at home for you to relax but wonder what classifies as your interior design style? Take this quiz to find out what your man cave aesthetic is!

What is your favorite landscape?

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Which accessory do you admire the most?

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Which type of texture appeals most to you?

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What would be your ideal light fixture type?

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Which choice best represents your ideal aesthetic?

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What drink do you like best?

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Which Man Cave Theme Matches Your Personality?
Modern Farmhouse Design

Cozy farmhouse living room interior,

A modern farmhouse design is a style that is less informal than a traditional interior design aesthetic but has a unique flair, usually with accents including blues, blacks, whites, and plaids. A sense of comfort is provided by the rustic look while retaining an overall refined finish. Depending upon your preferences, you can add accents to create a warmer vibe, such as plants!
Mid-century Modern

light grey sitting room interior with window with drapes, leather sofa with pillows, coffee table on carpet and cupboard with decor

A Mid-century Modern style is an eclectic take on a contemporary, chic look, with 1950’s flair. There is a Madmen-inspired aesthetic integrated into this type of style. The mid-century modern style consists of low-profile leather couches, retro patterns, and textured throw pillows. You can spruce up this style even more with a bar cart or an old record player!
Modern Luxury

Home mockup, modern interior background

A modern luxury style focuses on a pure, clean, and sleek design. A modern and sleek design has an industrial flair, consisting of innovative technology and smooth lines. Polished counter surfaces, such as marble, and minimalist designs are usually incorporated into the style, resulting in an elegant aesthetic. Furniture can appear lush and oversized, with slender legs on the couches and chairs. You can add accent pillows, candles, and light silk rugs for a warmer, more luxurious look. Pops of texture and color, with unique vases, coffee table books, and copper accents, can create room for personality.

Living room interior in loft, industrial style,

An Eclectic style offers unique accessories, and pieces are usually from various places, adding a cool variety to the room. Although it’s similar to a bohemian interior design style, the eclectic style is a bit tamer and typically sticks to a particular color scheme. A combination of low-profile furniture and overhead lighting can provide a warm and inviting vibe!

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