Which Emojis Accurately Represent Your Love Life?

Which Emojis Accurately Represent Your Love Life?

Want to know which emojis represent your love life based upon your texting style? Take this quiz and find out!

How long have you been texting with this person?

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What topic is central in most of your texting conversations?

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What would you use to describe your communication with someone who piques your interest?

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How long does it usually take you to reply to a text?

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What is your preferred method of communication?

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Which emoji is highest in your most recent emojis right now?

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Which Emojis Accurately Represent Your Love Life?
Sexual Flirtatious

Emojis for Sexual Flirtatious

The peach, the water droplets emoji, and the notoriously overused eggplant emoji, usually fall into the sexual flirtatious category. This group of emojis is generally associated with words expressing the same degree of sexual interest and, sometimes, are used to replace words altogether. If you’ve established a rapport of respect with this person, and they don’t seem to be offended by it, then this might be your signature emoji set. Discretion is essential here because this category can come off as inappropriate and offensive if the feelings aren’t mutual. No matter what, always be respectful!
Fun Flirtatious

Emojis for Fun Flirtatious

The fun flirtatious category provides a friendly vibe, where emojis can reaffirm and offer clarity in light of well-intentioned humor. This one is the neutralizer, but also one to use if you are playfully flirting. Coupled with a sarcastic remark or an inside joke, it could be a fun and unique addition, giving your interactions a flare of your personality. However, if you’re going for more of a flirtatious vibe that is sensual, a winky face, without the tongue sticking, out might be more appropriate.

Emojis for Sentimental

The sentimental category of emojis is most appropriate to use in conversations where you both are aware of a mutual attraction and interest in one another. It’s best to avoid using this emoji alone as a reply because it will likely not get a response back and could create an awkward scenario where you wonder if you should send a follow-up text or not. However, context is almost always key! Use your best judgment!
Innocently Flirtatious

Emojis for Fun Flirtatious

The innocently flirtatious category of emojis is PERFECT for when you’re just getting to know a person because they are direct and easily identifiable. As a result, you can retain your texting game while also ensuring the other person isn’t confused or thrown off by what you’re saying. Likewise, the blushing smiley face is flirtatious enough to show interest but not as bland or formal as a traditional smiley face emoji. And even if you know the person, if you’re a straight-shooter, these are likely the ones that make the most sense and express your intentions accurately.

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