What Is a Praise Kink and Why Is It Popular

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Preferences during sexual interaction can make or break the experience. As you explore your sexuality and what makes you tick, you may find that you have different wants and needs during sex than you may have realized before. Some forms of sexual pleasure are more popular in society than others, and right now, the praise kink is one of them.

There are many popular topics that go viral on social media, such as trendy dances, delicious recipes, and parenting tips and tricks. When it comes to viral topics on the internet and personal conversations, sexual pleasure isn’t considered taboo. Many individuals choose to share their sexual experiences and preferences with friends- or even strangers- on the internet. This is why the praise kink has become so popular.

When it comes to discussing praise kink and other sexual kinks, you can find some valuable stories and information on an abundance of different platforms. Some online information even consists of a sex therapist sharing some insight on praise kinks and other forms of sexual pleasure.

So, what exactly is a praise kink? Why is this kink overtaking the internet in popularity, as well as being widely introduced to individuals and their partners? What is it rooted in and when should you consider implementing it in your sex life? We’ll take a look at all of the praise kinks basics.

What Is A Praise Kink?

When it comes to love languages, many of us are familiar with words of affirmation. Words of affirmation can help us feel encouraged, appreciated, and supported in our friendships and intimate relationships. One could say that a praise kink takes words of affirmation a step further, by bringing this love language a sexual component. Appreciating encouraging words takes on a whole new meaning when a praise kink is involved. Verbal affirmations, verbal approval, compliments, recognition, and praise will bring a strong feeling of sexual excitement to an individual that has a praise kink.

There are many different phrases that can be used to satisfy a praise kink, and what verbal approval brings upon sexual pleasure can vary greatly by individual. Some individuals may enjoy hearing phrases such as “good girl/good boy” or “I love how you _” and these forms of praise can be considered sexual reactions that can feed a praise kink and satisfy this sexual urge. While phrases are often used to satisfy a praise kink, other behaviors can also do this job.

While verbal approval is the first thing that comes to mind for many individuals when discussing a praise kink, there are many other forms of praise that can satisfy this sexual desire. Praise can come from groans, moans, or other actions that make an individual feel responsible for satisfying their partner with their sexual actions. The main desire behind a praise kink is the feeling of affirmation about your sexual activity, and while kind words can bring upon this feeling, so can many different sexual reactions and behaviors.

Praise kinks can vary greatly in their form, and they can also be tied to specific sexual dynamics within any relationship. If there is a power dynamic within your relationship, a praise kink could be extended to obedience or specific actions, such as spanking, hair tugging, position holding, and more. A praise kink isn’t sex with a bit of praise, but rather praise with a bit of sex. With a praise kink, praising is the main sexual activity that brings on arousal and satisfaction. Sex follows after the praise kink has been fed into and ignited. Anytime the person providing the praise signals that they are pleased, the partner with the praise kink is affirmed and sexually satisfied.

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You can think of a praise kink as being the opposite of a degradation kink, or a sexual desire for dirty talk that goes to a degrading level, and may even be thought of as a form of sexual humiliation. A praise kink can occur in someone that is either submissive or dominant and isn’t tied to only a specific sexual demographic or partner within a relationship. A praise kink can often, but not always, be for both the praiser and the one who is being praised.

Praise Kink Roots

There are many reasons that we have sexual fantasies, desires, and needs that may differ from others. Some of these actions that cause sexual arousal may be rooted in nature, meaning they are innate to certain humans, while others may be from nurture, meaning they have been learned behaviors and preferences. Many individuals may believe that some sexual kinks are discovered and learned about through different sexual experiences or even porn consumption, there is a high possibility that these kinks can also root in psychological or biological factors.

Praise and affirmation play can give an individual the feeling of being wanted or needed during a sexual act, rather than feeling like an object of use. A praise kink can reach even further into satisfying our natural emotional needs inside and outside of the bedroom. For some individuals, being praised during sexual acts and receiving verbal recognition can help satisfy the emotional cravings and needs that they are missing outside of the bedroom. These praising phrases and actions can help to fill a missing human need and keep us going in an emotionally healthy way.

While praising may seem like it boosts self-esteem, it can do much more than that. Some may find praising more meaningful than others do- especially those who have been lacking praise from their partner previously during sexual acts. Individuals who are insecure or unsure of how sexually skilled they are may need the affirmation that praising brings them to feel they are successfully satisfying their partner. In addition, personal and emotional needs may play a big role in the root of the paise kink, and personality types may even have an impact as well.

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Many people need approval and validation in many areas of their life due to the nature of their personality, and this can reflect in the bedroom as a praise kink. Sexual praise and approval can make them feel more attractive, submissive, appreciated, and even loveable. So while a praise kink may be rooted in nurture as many individuals don’t realize they have this until they learn about it, it’s also commonly rooted in nature as personality types and emotional needs can be a driving force behind a praise kink.

Why Is The Praise Kink So Popular?

What’s trending online is often trending in our own lives. Social media and other online platforms drive the type of information that we’re learning and thinking about on a regular basis, so it’s no surprise that once the praise kink started trending on popular platforms such as TikTok, it started to become more popular in our everyday lives. This open discussion of the praise kink online may allow people to feel more understood and less alone in their sexual desires and preferences, such as praise kinks and other sexual kinks. Individuals who may have felt that their desire for sexual praise was taboo or unusual, may now realize that more people enjoy sexual praise than previously thought.

For some individuals, the praise kink is a result of lacking verbal affirmations or recognition in their lives, and the rising popularity of the sex kink may be one way to repair that. In today’s day and age, society is based around social media, which has caused people to define their worth and value through external validation. Social media likes and followers, comments, and other forms of external praise. When it comes to praise kinks, feeding these desires with various sexual reactions can become another beneficial way for individuals to feel worthy and valued.

For people who have felt used or objectified during sex before, this feeling of validation and value through a praise kink can be increased compared to others. A praise kink can be an empowering way to change the course of this relationship that an individual has with sex, and it can help them to feel validated both in and out of the bedroom. The popularity of the praise kink can help this new sexual discovery reach new people, especially those who may need something like this to help repair parts of their relationship with sex and mental health.


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With such rising popularity around this kink, you may be wondering how it can add some spice to intimate moments between you and your partner, as well as your overall sex life. Adding new sexual activities can have an abundance of benefits when it comes to pleasure, and implementing them correctly can make or break how these work in the bedroom, which brings us to our next topic.

How to Get The Most Out Of The Praise Kink

Initially trying a new sexual activity can bring you and your partner into uncharted territory and may seem daunting at first for some couples. With the right steps and approaches, these kinks can take your intimacy to the next level. Trying praise kinks out in a way that is the most effective can make sex go from comfortable to an enhanced sexual relationship. To do so, we’ll take a look at how to get the most out of the praise kink.

As with most things that have to do with kinks and sex, communication is the foundation of pleasure. Openly discussing what you and your partner like and dislike can help you both set realistic expectations and needs inside of the bedroom. It’s important to remember that while a praise kink may seem like a positive thing for you, your partner might not necessarily enjoy it- and that’s okay! We’ll take a look at some other sexual kinks to explore in just a bit.

If your partner isn’t a fan of sexual praise, it might be a good idea to consider and discuss why. Sometimes pushing through the discomfort can help them reach a place of pleasure once they realize it’s okay to like new things. Other times, low self-esteem may be at play, which may need to be addressed outside of the bedroom and even by a professional in some cases.

For various individuals, adjusting sexual praise and affirmation play may be the key to making the praise kink work for both of your benefits. It’s a good idea to stick to praise kink phrases, actions, and nicknames that you know your partner likes. At the same time, you don’t want things to get repetitive and boring, as using the same praise kink reactions may do after some time. To avoid this, consider brainstorming some praise kink phrases ahead of time to put to use. Thinking of these on the fly during a sexual encounter can be difficult, so coming up with some ideas in your back pocket can help take using the praise kink to the next level.


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Praise Kink Risks

Thankfully the risks of the praise kink are relatively low, though they can still be apparent. Knowing the risks of this kink can help you ensure that it’s working to your benefit, rather than against you.

Sexual praise has a place within sexual encounters, meaning it can’t reach past that and replace verbal affection in everyday life. While using compliments in the bedroom may become normal, using them outside of the bedroom in a non-sexual way is essential. Sexual praise shouldn’t replace verbal affection between you and your partner that occurs outside of the bedroom. Instead, it can be thought of as a complement to those verbal affirmations that aren’t sexually charged.

In addition, a praise kink can be a problematic emotional band-aid for those with extremely low self-esteem. If your self-esteem hinges on what one person thinks of you, trouble in your relationship can trigger a downward spiral. If you struggle with self-esteem, therapy may be a better solution than implementing a praise kink. This allows you to work on the self-esteem that comes from within and create stable, long-lasting, and improved mental health.

Finally, a praise kink must come from a genuine place. If your partner doesn’t believe the compliments you’re giving them are how you truly feel, this can harm your relationship and their self-worth. While the praise kink can consist of some intense verbal affirmations, be sure to stick to only saying things that you truly feel. This will allow the praise kink to grow your relationship with one another and your sexual interactions, rather than harm them.


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Other Types Of Sexual Kinks

Along with the praise kink, there are many other types of sexual kinks that you can explore. These can be used if the praise kink just isn’t for you, or if you’re looking for something new to spice up your sex life. One of the most common ones is BDSM, which consists of dominance and submission. In BDSM, the dominant partner takes pleasure by having control, and the submissive partner allows themselves to be dominated.

In addition to BDSM, role play is another commonly known kink that can be used in a variety of ways. Roleplay consists of taking on characters outside of their everyday life as part of sexual interaction. These characters can be as simplistic as putting on a nurse’s outfit to creating an entire scene and storyline. While dressing up is common, role play can be done simply through dirty talk and imaginative thinking.

Rhianna brought this kink to the foreground many years ago with her lyrics saying chains and whips excite her, which touches on an impact kink using sexual play tools. These play tools can include whips, paddles, and truly any other objects to impact your partner during sex. They bring about a painful form of pleasure that many enjoy alongside the sexual pleasures of intercourse.

The final kink we’ll discuss today is voyeurism, which consists of deriving sexual pleasure from consensually watching others have sex. An exhibitionist is an individual who enjoys being watched while having sex, and a voyeur enjoys watching others have sex, which makes these two kinks a common occurrence at sex parties or other kink events. The key to having safe and respectable fulfillment of the voyeurism kink is ensuring everything is consensual between both parties, both the voyeur and the exhibitionist. A lack of consent often initiates a criminal act, which is a big no-no in sexual play.

So, if you aren’t feeling the praise kink but want to explore other kinks, or have had your fun with the praise kink and want to try something new, consider giving these other kinks a try. Doing so can spice up your sex life and help you find new forms of sexual pleasure.


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