The DIY Self-Care Trend That You Shouldn’t Overlook!

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Have you been missing out on a DIY self-care routine? Take this quiz, and we’ll reveal which trend you should consider trying!

Which scenario brings you the most comfort?

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Which best describes how you practice self-care?


How much time can you devote to something new for self-care?

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When you treat yourself to something, which option most accurately describes what you buy to spoil yourself?

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Which category have you focused on the most for self-care?

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What is one of your most personal concerns regarding beauty and wellness?

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The DIY Self-Care Trend That You Shouldn’t Overlook!
Face Cupping


Facial cupping stimulates your skin and your muscles. Facial cupping increases the blood flow to your face which, ultimately, leaves your skin more rejuvenated!
Body scrubs

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Creating a sugar scrub or body scrub at home could be a great alternative to buying one that has unnecessary chemicals in it. You can also get creative with the scents and ingredients you choose to put into your scrubs!
DIY Crafting Photo String

clothesline with 4 blank polaroids hanging

Using a polaroid camera, or going through old photos, and making a wall of photos, or even a string of photos to hang across a wall can create a warm vibe that leaves your space feeling more like home. It’s also a great self-care activity if you don’t really like to partake in beauty rituals or would rather try something outside of the box!

essential oils with candles

Aromatherapy can be a great additive for baths, meditation, and everyday use. Different essential oils can help stimulate or relax the mind and can just be enjoyable in general. You can learn more about essential oils online!

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