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Lucky Sex Scratch Cards
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Conventional wisdom tells us that sex is best kept in the bedroom. But these days, couples are dusting off their dice and getting ready to roll with various couples games to encourage even more intimacy.

There’s a reason why every lasting relationship that most people know of has at least one “sex toy” or way to play together in bed, and it’s not because sex-toy stores are so much more convenient than, say, Whole Foods. Instead, the reason is that playing games in the bedroom—as every well-oiled couple worth their salt knows—keeps relationships exciting and engaging.

Or, maybe you aren’t in a relationship, but you have a bachelorette party coming up, and you don’t know what to bring, like naughty games or party favors? You’re thinking about those gag gifts along the lines of inflatable objects, but you want something a little more sexy that your friends will love. You’re also looking for a gift that isn’t a hassle because your friends are traveling from far away to attend this party. Enter Lucky Sex Scratch Tickets, the ultimate in couples and naughty games, making it the perfect gift for the bride-to-be!

When it comes to relationships, there can be a fine line between love and hate. Playing games is a lot of fun, but some games are designed to strengthen relationships. Not like Monopoly, designed to tear apart family and friends through cold-hearted, economic warfare. 

Games are a powerful way to bond. Beyond the obvious benefits of shared enjoyment, games also have the invisible use of promoting communication, problem-solving, and (in some games) empathy. And because they involve such a wide range of strategies — from quick thinking to long planning, from collaboration to competition — games can encourage different communication skills.

To get better at games, it helps to get to know your partner. Then, try to play games that work well with both of your strategies or just personal methods that work well with each other. And try not to mind playing the same games over and over.

Do Game Nights Work to Strengthen Relationships?

Games like lucky sex scratch tickets are engaging and unique for a reason — they’re fun for everyone, even if you aren’t in a serious romantic relationship. Setting up a game night routine with a game like lucky sex scratch tickets doesn’t need to feel time-consuming at first, and in the long run, it’s rewarding.

Playing naughty games together doesn’t require a massive investment in time or money; most games can cost less than $20. But, of course, if you prefer to splurge, there are plenty of board games for couples that cost hundreds of dollars. And, playing couples games together can also help strengthen your relationship in other ways. For example, games can reinforce positive behaviors, like sharing, that are important for love relationships.

And the proof is in the data that playing different couples games and naughty games like lucky sex scratch tickets will make a difference in relationships because you experience heightened oxytocin levels together. That’s the love hormone, people (wink). 

According to Medical News Today, “studies of humans have confirmed that forming attachments involves oxytocin. In addition, they have shown that the hormone can increase trust and has a calming effect on stress, anxiety, and fear. There is also evidence to support the notion that raising people’s oxytocin levels can help them recognize emotions in others more readily, and that it increases trust in already established relationships.”

Games are a way of having fun together. For most people, fun is about doing something that makes you feel alive, something that makes you laugh or cry or shout with delight. Games are a way of playing, but they’re also a way of communicating and forming relationships.

At their best, games give players the experience of living inside a story. As players, we jump through hoops, fight dragons, discover treasures. And as we play, we are constructing together an imaginary world with its history, its own rules, its sense of good and evil.

In the best games, people play together, not just against each other.

So, if you question whether investing in a couples game like lucky sex scratch tickets is a suitable investment, then this is your sign! It’s worth the time and money. 

How Can I Pick Naughty Games That Are Right for My Relationship?

Naughty games create opportunities for two people to talk about things they usually wouldn’t and show an interest in each other’s lives.

Couples games like lucky sex scratch tickets are fun, but they also have other valuable qualities. They allow you to get a different take on things and help to keep your brain sharp. Lucky sex scratch tickets enable you to do and try new things.

A couple’s games are fun, social, and a great way to unwind. But, couples games are more than just fun for you and your partner. So, playing couples games together, like lucky sex scratch tickets, can strengthen your relationship.

A couple’s games are about working together. They make explicit the informal agreements between people about who does what and when. Certain couples games like lucky sex scratch tickets work like rituals, helping to make shared lives and goals in the bedroom more tangible. For example, they allow you to say to your partner, “I want you to play this with me,” rather than just saying, “I want you to come to help me.”

Most of all, games bring people together.

Which couples games are best? The best naughty games are the ones that people want to play. So if you and your partner haven’t played a couples game together before, take the time to pick out something you’re interested in.

Sometimes the easiest way to find the best naughty games is to rely on the different games you already know and love. Or if you play a lot of games, try a new couples game. For example, lucky sex scratch tickets are like scratch lotto tickets but have a fun, couples games kind of twist (we hope you’re flexible!). 

Lucky Sex Scratch Tickets: How They Work

Games are supposed to be fun. And, when we play a good game, we expect to win. So, we imagine having a lovely time, using the skills we learned in other games and being praised for our cleverness and skill.

One of the fun aspects of games is winning, but you can have fun without a traditional prize. Sometimes, though, fun is because it has a naughty prize (wink wink). 

When you play lucky sex scratch tickets, you commit to a game that takes very little time to receive a very high reward. Very much like the typical lottery ticket we all know and love, the lucky sex scratch tickets are a sheet that can easily be scratched off to reveal different images or words. But, unlike something you might purchase from the grocery store, your rewards do not (usually) have a monetary value.

It is essential to play lucky sex scratch tickets with someone you are romantically involved with because the rewards on each card are usually favors in the bedroom! So, get ready to get naughty with your partner.

Spice up your sex life and bring in a bonfire flame that may currently feel more like a bit of candlelight. Then, brighten that fire and let it flow into your bedroom with the help of lucky sex scratch tickets.

Do you have a partner who is apprehensive about playing games in the bedroom? Or someone who likes to stay within their bubble of comfort? That is wonderful. Lucky sex scratch tickets are the perfect game to help introduce them to games in the bedroom.

Because lucky sex scratch tickets are, essentially, lottery tickets, they are comfortable for most people to engage with their partners. And, because the prize is something exciting in the bedroom, it’s not too hard to entice your lover to join you in the scratch-off game.

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How To Spice Up Your Relationship

The physics of love is more complicated than physics. But games can help.

If your relationship is in trouble, it’s one way in which this evolution is taking hold. Instead of feeling excited all the time, you are feeling stressed and worried.

The good news: you don’t have to go through this alone. If you are in a relationship, don’t try to fix everything on your own. Instead, see what you can do, but get help from your partner, too.

To fix a relationship, however, you have to look at both partners. If you can’t resolve your issues, you’ll always blame your partner. And trying to do things on your own will only make your partner feel blamed and defensive. It would be best if you had both people, and both people need to be involved.

One thing all couples have in common is the desire to communicate. Games are one way of allowing conversations to happen that wouldn’t happen otherwise.

Many people think that couples who play games together are a couple in name only. But playing can deepen your connection, whether you’re playing board games, as in “Monopoly,” or games like lucky sex scratch tickets.

Games can also challenge your assumptions about your mate. For example, “Monopoly” challenges the assumption that partners should support one another in building their empires. Another example is how lucky sex scratch tickets help to ignite a flame in your bedroom so you can feel in touch with your partner in every space of your relationship.

Get To Know Your Partner Better

This intense, sometimes scary, thrill of falling in love is an illusion. It fades away, but a deeper, more fulfilling relationship replaces it. What keeps the romance alive is what couples do together.

Playing games together also gives you a chance to get to know one another better. Games are an excellent way to get to know someone, far beyond what you can glean from casual conversation. If you play games with someone else, you have to pay attention to them. Their reactions can tell you a lot about them as a person. For instance, perhaps you didn’t know your lover felt so strongly about a railroad, or they were so good at having a poker face. 

The way to get people to play more games together? Make it easy for them. And give them a good reason to. And everyone can agree that igniting the sexual flame in your relationship is one of the best reasons to play a game, especially if that flame has been dim for a while.

Playing games together can be a sneaky way to strengthen your relationships. When a couple sits down to play a game, the tendency is to stay together for a while. This togetherness brings couples closer, in the same way that exercise (or other physical activities) does.

Games also tend to be light-hearted. You bring all of yourself to the table, but you don’t have to try too hard. As a result, people tend to relax with each other, and that relaxation can reduce the risk of conflict.

But games aren’t just fun; you can also use them to take your relationship deeper. Games can expose flaws, weaknesses, or secrets in your relationship. For example, maybe your lover doesn’t know you like her name. Maybe your lover likes you but doesn’t like the way you act around certain people.

Games can also highlight positive qualities. For example, you might notice that your lover scores high on the patience test but not on the logic test. Understanding these different, variable insights that you gather while playing a game together might help you recognize your lover’s strengths.

Games can also help strengthen your relationship outside of gaming time. For example, you might play lucky sex scratch tickets or other couples games and find that your conversations are more enjoyable between you and your partner when you play games more regularly.

But games don’t have to be complicated. You can play a game that costs nothing, like lucky sex scratch tickets, and the rules are so simple that everyone knows them already. We’re not saying your relationship needs a game to spice things up, but we are saying it definitely won’t hurt. And you might learn a thing or two about what each other like in the bedroom (who knew your lover was into edible underwear until you dared them to wear them?). Let’s get scratchin’ more than just that ticket. 

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