How to Manifest Someone With These Easy Steps

If you feel like you usually back things with science, then surprisingly, manifesting might be perfect. The basic idea of manifestation is taking an idea and turning it into reality. Whether you or the universe does that process is still up in the air. Many aspects of manifesting are understood quite well, and others still prove to be quite the mystery.

Unfortunately, there is no proven science-based evidence surrounding the phenomena of Manifesting, although some books swear by it. Usually, these books are based on pseudoscience, which is more about working off a claim than cold hard facts, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. The entire idea of Manifesting strongly believes in what you want, speaking about it daily, following through with affirmations, and most of all, trusting the universe.

It’s important to note that vibrations and universal feelings are vital in manifesting. You must be within the same vibrational alignment if you’re looking to manifest a specific person. Otherwise, it might not work out the way you’d like. If that’s the case, your positive emotions toward the universe will still work in some way or another.

Like with most things in life, “Trust that everything happens for a reason, even if we are not wise enough to see it.” This quote is constantly felt throughout our lives, especially regarding vibrational elements and the universe. Accepting and trusting yourself and the overall universal powers will help you manifest a life for yourself. It may not be what you want, but at the end of the day, it may just be what you need. Everything happens for a reason

Manifest Anything With the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is quite the theory. It’s been published in books and many pieces of writing throughout generations and will most likely be passed along to future generations. The idea of the Law of Attraction is more to the essence of just thinking. The main way to manifest something is to think about it constantly. It is often very misunderstood and essentially not true.

When you begin your manifestation journey, you’ll quickly learn that it takes much more willpower than just thinking. Manifesting is a journey that can quickly become intense and sometimes leave you vulnerable; “Action is the energy behind your intention; it is the gas that fuels the law of attraction.” Although one of the main key ideas of manifesting is tuning into your thoughts, they won’t connect with the universe unless you work at it.

The article may sound a bit stressful, but don’t turn around yet! Just hold out a bit longer, and you’ll see that your dream can come true with just a few easy steps. It may be more than simply thinking or holding on to intentions, but it’s not impossible. The steps to manifesting are easier than you might think. It may take work, but everything good essentially takes work.

One of the best aspects of manifesting love is that you’re opening your heart and your mind. It opens your entire world, and your vibrations are being sent out into the universe. Therefore, if you’re manifesting for one person, you must hope their vibrations are hooking up with yours. If you’re manifesting love in general, then you have much more openness to someone connecting with your vibrations.

Step 1: Imagine It With Positive Emotion

Visualizing has to be one of the most beneficial and monumental parts of the entire manifestation process. Through these imaginations and visualizations, it’s important to not only conduct it through positive emotions, but by the end, one should feel more positive emotions. Use visualization to imagine what you desire your future to be.

Please work with your thoughts and visions to bring them into your physical reality. It is one of the most vital steps in your manifesting journey. This step is a blueprint for the overarching plan you have for your future. It is why positivity is such an important aspect.

To bring your vision into full clarification, you must know what you want. Start by closing your eyes and taking a deep breath. Once you’re relaxed and focused on your breathing, it’s time to set your vision into reality. Picture the future you want and expect. Continue to do this visualization exercise daily. manifesting man

Step 2: Envision a Specific Person

In many cases, we want to envision one specific person. Although that can be more difficult than just manifesting a feeling that the universe has control over, it’s not altogether impossible. It works best in situations where vibrations have already been sparked. Or if you are already in a loving relationship and want to strengthen it. But in the case where there haven’t been any current or past vibrations, it can be a challenge. Still not impossible.

Step 3: Look Inside

Going off of Step 2, looking inside is something that you should never skip. When you’re envisioning a specific person, you’re in reality digging deep into yourself and defining the way you want your life to be.

Now, the difference between envisioning and looking inside is sufficient for your manifestations’ overall success. Looking within and facing yourself has become increasingly more difficult over the past few decades.

Social media has some perks, think, such as bringing people together. It is great and in no way is this article suggested to get rid of Social Media completely, but dwindle it down a bit. Social media and other online and technological distractions have been taking away from how we get to know and love ourselves. Social Media has taught us to focus more on comparisons and less on who we are inside. It brings us to Step 3. Focusing on yourself and weaning off of endless social media scrolling. After arriving in a place where you can solely focus on your mind and body, it’s time to look inside.

In a time of constant change and even more constant desire to be perfect, finding and taking time for self-care has become increasingly more difficult. Reminding yourself that self-care is important and there is absolutely nothing wrong or lazy about treating yourself; “Self-care is about recharging so that we have the energy to do those tasks efficiently.” Meditation and connecting with oneself, no doubt, fall under self-care.

To successfully get into the habit of meditating and finding your passions or making connections with the universe, it’s important to start slow. In the beginning, you might want to take as little as 10 to 15 minutes and look deep inside. Try to figure out exactly what you want. Put that information out into the universe. Over time, it will get easier, and things will start happening.

Once it does start happening, you’ll start learning more about yourself. It will help you to unlock and discover exactly what it is you want. In this case, we focus on connecting and manifesting especially to someone special. Well, that can be super easy to manifest once you understand what you want! So dive deep within your mind and visualize; don’t be afraid to discover new aspects of yourself.woman holding her heart 

Step 4: Write It Out in a Manifestation Journal

Using a manifestation journal is one of those things that is pretty much dependent on the eye of the beholder. It is mainly because some people don’t like keeping a journal! And that’s 100% ok. If you’re more worried and focused on what to do with your journal than what it’s full of, don’t worry; that’s all covered here. With that in mind, keeping a journal can be more fun because you know you can eventually get rid of it, and there’s no pressure at all to keep it.

So, now onto the actual journal itself. A manifestation journal is quite a special product. It’s also considerably great to have on your shelves even if you hardly write in it. These journals can be specifically used for keeping track of, monitoring, and taking control of different thought processes that may happen during meditation. They are a great way of better understanding and recalling different aspects of life you’re working on.

There are insane perks that will come to you through the different writing in your journal; “A manifestation journal helps you gain self-awareness, clarity about your life direction, and the insights you need to start moving toward your goals effectively.” That in itself might be enough to convince you to invest.

So back to the topic at hand; how does writing it out help me manifest someone? Well, let’s take a look, shall we? First off, it’s important to note that a manifestation is like a goal, and it’s proven that people who write down goals are more likely to achieve them. Ok, just some clarification, manifestations are not goals. They’re more of future visions. But in essence, it’s helpful to achieve them by writing them down.

So it’s obvious that writing down your manifestations can be essential to achieving them, but it also helps you remember. A time of manifestation can be a time of laser focus, and sometimes we can forget what we visualized. It’s important to jot it down right away when snapping back into reality.

When it comes to writing things down in a manifestation journal, it’s totally up to you. This journal is a place for you to watch your journey with whatever you’re planning to manifest. Here are some things that you write in your journal:

An Affirmation: Maybe you were listening to a guided meditation, and you heard an affirmation that you loved or that you felt a connection to; write it down.

Draw a picture: If you can’t quite put what you’re feeling or envisioning into words, try drawing a picture. Pictures can, as with anything else, speak a thousand words when it comes to manifesting. Pictures will help you better understand what you saw, heard, or felt.

Write Your Story: Write a story of your future. Write it down if you are envisioning and trying to manifest a certain future. Write your full-blown story. It’s OK if it doesn’t work out exactly the way you want, but it will help you to work towards something more distinct if you write it reading 

Step 5: A Positive Affirmation

So, there’s a basic understanding of how the whole manifesting thing works. So, let’s dive into different ways to talk to yourself and bring yourself to envision what you want. Once you’re at the point of understanding who you see yourself manifesting, it’s time to listen and relax.

Listening to positive affirmations is a great way to get yourself into meditation mode and build your self-esteem. It can easily be done by listening to different self-affirmation podcasts, Youtube videos, Audiobooks, or reading them out loud.

Keeping track of positive affirmations that hit home can benefit your future manifestations. If you found an affirmation that you fell in love with, don’t forget it. Say it daily. Say it in the morning; say it before bed. Affirmations have so many effects on our lives, but they can help keep our minds from straying toward negative thoughts that might prevent us from success.happy blocks 

Step 6: Imagine That Your Ideal Partner Is a Part of Your Life

When we manifest, we bring out our inner childhood imaginations, which is awesome! If you can quickly bring that imagination back out, you are much further ahead than most starting the same journey.

Use your imagination to believe that your ideal partner is a part of your life, whether that means that you’re drawing them in your journal or just making up a story with them. Manifesting is vital to get a sure-fire grasp on the ideal partner. Only then can you truly understand manifest someone.

Step 7: Limiting Beliefs Will Hinder the Process

It’s also extremely important to get rid of negative thoughts. Negative thoughts and beliefs will only hinder the process. They will significantly slow down and almost rewind any progress that’s been made. Refer back to Step 5 and read about affirmations. The moments that negative thoughts begin to take over are the moments that affirmations are essential to your success.

Have a list of affirmations saved on your phone to take out at any moment to avoid negative thoughts. You could also have different coping strategies, like your favorite guided meditation, ready to go. Read more on breathing exercises that will help you to centralize your mind and body from negativity.woman embracing sun with arms wide open 

Step 8: Gratitude Is a Good Thing

Don’t forget to thank the universe. The universe is one big system that loves gratitude. As much as we don’t understand, one thing that almost every culture in the world knows is thank-you’s get you places. Manners are the first things you’re taught as a child, and that doesn’t go away in adulthood, especially not during meditations. Never forget to be grateful for all the universe has blessed you with.

Step 9: Don’t Give Up

Manifesting and life take time. Don’t give up just because it hasn’t happened yet. The universe works on its clock. There’s no right time or place for bringing the vibrations and manifestations into action. So please give it a rest and then come back to it. Don’t give up, and don’t lose sight of your main manifestation goals.

Step 10: YOU Are Your #1 Support System

You, yourself, and YOU are your only support system when looking within yourself. If you have other people who are just as interested in your inner being as you are, that’s great! But when it comes down to it, they will never be inside your head (unless technology and psychology take off in the next few years, of course). Either way, your thoughts belong to you. No one can steal them, no one can take them away from you, and best of all, no one else can control them.


Manifesting anything in life is a journey, but manifesting someone takes on a whole new role. Anyone can successfully send vibrations out into the universe through meditation and a strong belief system. These vibrations may not attract who or what you expect, but something will come your way eventually. Follow the easy steps in this article, and don’t give up. Oh, and one last thing, enjoy your journey.

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