How to Cum Faster 10 Tips and Techniques

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Well, this is a tough one, considering the female orgasm can be an entirely complicated system on its own. No matter the situation, if you’re looking for a quickie or are just overall sick of taking your time to reach full climax, you’ve come to the right place. Yes, patience is definitely a virtue when it comes to the proper sexual pleasure, but, we get it. Not everyone has 30 minutes to enjoy oral sex from their partner or themselves. And trust us, there’s absolutely no shame in that. Even though, come on, he should definitely want to perform oral sex and build that sexual tension. 

Alas, time doesn’t always allow for our most intense sexual desires to come to light. In the past, orgasming faster seemed like something so out of reach, but with the science and technology in the 21st-century, orgasming faster is all about the technique. Along with technique, it’s all about knowing your body. If you’re looking to orgasm faster, while also helping your partner get to their height of sexual pleasure, then this is the article for you. Take a breath, don’t stress, and learn how to improve that quickie sexual experience. 

An Orgasm is Sexual Medicine

The female orgasm is something special in itself. For centuries and centuries, it’s something that has formed a name for itself and, unfortunately, has often been faked. No one likes a fake orgasm, the guys will be heartbroken if they knew you faked it, and well, come on, who’s that good for anyways? Sexual tension and sexual desire are two things that are completely natural, and everyone in the situation should feel total sexual pleasure at the end.

For the record, having an orgasm literally serves as sexual medicine. There are an unbelievable amount of benefits that happen for the body just because of one orgasm, no matter multiple orgasms. Since we know all about sexual medicine these days, it’s important to know that the female orgasm not only works wonders for our physical health, but also for our mental health! According to Vogue magazine, “Orgasms increase of dopamine, oxytocin, norepinephrine, and testosterone levels can do wonders for our mental and emotional well-being”. What a special act that we get to even do with the people most special to us, or not, hey, come on, there's no shame in a good fling! 

Alright, so this might be making you want to take a little break and go into the bedroom, huh? It all sounds great, doesn’t it, but it’s not always that easy. Cuming during intercourse, in general, usually tends to be more difficult for women without clitoris stimulation. Psychology Today tells us that “For those able to cum during intercourse, it took six to twenty minutes, an average of 14 minutes”. That’s quite a long time to ask our male counterparts to keep their erection going. While according to the National Library of Medicine, “It takes an average of 5 to 7 minutes for a man to reach orgasm and ejaculate”. That’s quite the difference!

Although it sometimes can be difficult for women to reach their ultimate pleasure point, it’s vital to your sex life. Having an orgasm every day “Makes you better at your job and more likely to get that promotion. Both genders are more productive and engaged if they’d had sex the night before”. What a way of life, am I right? Well, let’s turn it into your life; let’s chat about how to cum fast and not only fast, but good! 

Understanding the Female Orgasm

First things first, in order to reach orgasm, you must understand the female orgasm. The female anatomy is an extremely complicated system. Unlike our male counterparts who can get off with a few pumps, we need muuuuch more than that. So, what exactly is the female orgasm? 

There’s no question about what the male orgasm is and what it's scientifically meant for. It’s literally meant for making babies. A few pumps and boom, you’ve just pleasurably ejaculated semen into the vagina or condom, come safe sex practices, guys! And either way, it did feel good. On the other hand, females don’t need to orgasm to create the scientific purpose of sexual intercourse (having a baby). So, why do females orgasm? To be honest, there’s not much science to actually back that up. But why research that anyway? They definitely deserve one from time to time!

Sure, there have been a variety of different studies, but conclusions are often controversial. Therefore, for females, it’s really just a lucky thing that we get to experience. We can experience it during a hot and steamy masturbation session, or we can experience it with our partners. Either way, it’s something special that not only bonds us with our sexual partners, but also with our own bodies. 

Let’s get into what actually happens to the body during an orgasm. Medical news today provides females with a pretty straightforward explanation of the female orgasm; “As orgasm approaches, the muscles may twitch or spasm. Many women experience rhythmic muscle spasms in the vagina during orgasm”. So why do twitching muscles feel so relieving throughout the entire body? Mostly because it genuinely provokes relaxation throughout the mind and body. It also connects straight to the brain and releases chemicals that react in the same way certain opioids might. Sex therapist Marie Claire tells us; “Oxytocin enables relaxation and thus climaxing can make it easy for you to wind down after a busy day.”

Overall, the female orgasm is complicated. Here are 10 expert tips and techniques to cuming quick and satisfied:

1. Clitoral Stimulation 

The best and quickest way to cum at the end of a long day is undoubtedly through clitoral stimulation. Whether it’s during penetrating sex, on your own, or oral sex from a partner, a clitoral orgasm is really the closest females can get to a male orgasm. Although the clitoral orgasm feels great, it’s not quite as good as a vaginal orgasm. Yeah, they are different; “An orgasm achieved through stimulation of your vagina is often described as “deeper” and more intense. The G-spot can help you explore this type of orgasm”. Reaching a vaginal orgasm can normally take much more time and stimulation than a clitoral orgasm.

So if we’re discussing quick ways to cum, it’s probably best to relieve yourself and your tension with clitoral stimulation. Save the vaginal orgasm for a vacation or a time when you have all the time in the world to really explore your body. 

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2. Lube, Lube, Lube

Lube can be a make or break when it comes (pun intended) to reaching orgasm. Not only does it make things comfier for everyone, but it also speeds things up. Getting the vagina wet enough for comfortable penetration can take a lot of foreplay time and, sometimes, well, time just isn’t of the essence. Which, well, cue the lube! Lube can make that time faster and won’t necessarily take away from the overall experience; “By adding lube early, you’re encouraging your body to ease into the moment”. All in all, causing for more sexual pleasure and easier sexual stimulation.

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3. Know Your Body

Honestly just knowing your body can seriously enhance the female orgasm. It can also help you to get there faster. Whether you practice with masturbation or with a partner, understanding which areas of the vagina really make you tick can make an orgasm that much more enjoyable; "By exploring our body we discover what turns us on, what feels sensational, and then tell our love partner what feels good and where, clearly and specifically." Learning the best technique for you on your own will help you to confidently communicate with your partner during sexual intercourse. Which can definitely speed up the process. You can also just do it yourself during sex! During penetration, don’t be afraid to engage in your own clitoral stimulation. This can not only feel so good for you, but it will also definitely turn on your partner.

4. Foreplay is Still Important

Even if you’re lubed up and ready to go, don’t skip foreplay. It can be something as simple as dirty talk to build sexual tension or kisses throughout the body to build a little sexual desire. "Caress your partner's face, run your fingers through their hair, and gently tickle the insides of the arms, the stomach, and the thighs."  Either way, it's necessary even if it’s just a quick boost of foreplay. It’s necessary to connect with your partner and with yourself. It doesn’t have to last long, but it will most likely help you to cum faster. 

Alright, so we all know that foreplay for a guy kind of just revolves around getting their penis erect. Along with that sexual tension and desire typically quickly follow. Females aren't that different! The clitoris actually also becomes erect, yeah, can you believe that? A fun fact that shouldn't ever be forgotten. An erect clitoris can make reaching orgasm that much quicker and more enjoyable; “Blood flows into the clitoris, and in order for a woman to have an orgasm, there must be lubrication in the vagina, but also the clitoris must get erect”. Don’t let anyone ever neglect this part of the sexual experience; even if it seems like it might add more time, in the long run, it’ll actually save you time.

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5. Don't Be Afraid to Break Out the Sex Toy

Vibrators are the biggest kept secret for a good sex life; "Vibration is positively correlated with increased sexual drive and overall sexual function." Honestly, they can help women orgasm much quicker. There’s also nothing quite like a vibrator clitoral stimulation and some penetration. Try different sex positions to really get things hot and heavy. Try a different technique if one isn’t really getting you there. When a vibrator comes into play, there’s an endless amount of opportunities to orgasm. Especially with some teasing and dirty talk, whoa, bring on the waterworks! Guys, hold back your ejaculation and watch your lady squirm during intercourse.


6. Find A Technique

This somewhat goes along with knowing your body, but finding a technique specific to you should have it own category. Every vagina is different and sexual partners can sometimes be a little lost on what exactly your vagina loves. So, give your all during masturbation. Find out what you really love. There are so many different techniques that can be used to stimulate the clitoris. It’s important to totally know yours if you want to reach a climax that much quicker. Use the following techniques to figure out which one you love the most.

Use Your Fingers

Explore your vagina (use a mirror) and move your fingers in circular motions playing with different pressures. Learn which pressure you like best and never be afraid to voice that to your partner. 

Imitate Oral Sex

Our bodies definitely know and react well to oral sex. Not only is it super sensual having your partner's mouth on your most vulnerable and sensitive body parts, but it also feels good. Imitate it with your fingers by tapping or flicking the clitoris. Try to picture an intimate moment in your mind, or listen to a sex podcast, they’re great! 

Use Your Knuckles

Your knuckles give a totally different vibe to your area down there. They are bony and can provide a bit more intense pressure than your fingers can. So don’t be afraid to use and even incorporate the palm of your hand. 

Vibrate to Your Heart's Content

Probably the quickest and easiest way to reach orgasm during masturbation is to use your vibrator. Just like everything else, there is a technique to using a vibrator. Find out which part of your clit reacts the best. Is it the middle? The left side? The right side? Whichever one reacts for you during masturbation, will probably react the same during sexual intercourse.

7. Find Nerves Throughout Your Entire Body

The body is filled with an endless amount of nerves and they definitely can help one to orgasm quicker. If you know your nipples are part of sexual arousal, touch them, squeeze them, and buy some nipple clamps. Explore your entire body and learn which parts are the most sensitive and which parts give you a little extra sexual desire and sensations. The anus is also another one filled with nerve endings. Think about trying a butt plug, really in this case, don’t know it till you try it.

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8. We’ve Got Videos at Our Fingertips

Watching porn used to be a little bit shameful and often thought of as taboo. Not anymore! There are sooo many porn options out there. Seriously, BRING THEM INTO THE BEDROOM. Whether you listen to audio and picture it in your head or you go straight out and watch Pornhubs favorites. It doesn’t matter! Porn images, videos, and audio are arousing as hell!

9. Communicate!

If you’re not masturbating and you’re counting on someone else to give you that pleasurable O so great moment, well communication is key. This goes right along with knowing your body and learning your technique. Hopefully, at this point, you’ve done precisely that and you’re ready to teach someone else. It’s hot for both partners to have sex to know what you want and exactly how you like it. It’s also great because you know how to reach orgasm. That’s special. 

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10. Breathe

Sometimes it’s hard for our bodies to relax and can really provoke some performance anxiety. Try finding different breathing techniques that help you to relax. Tell your partner you need a minute to collect yourself. It’s totally okay to take a breather and prepare your body. It’s much more difficult and takes much longer for the body to reach orgasm during stressful or anxiety-filled moments; “Stress even makes it harder to orgasm and can prevent a person from climaxing at all.” Therefore, make sure you have some techniques to calm yourself and your body down up your sleeve. 


All in all, cuming faster isn’t always the most straightforward task to complete. Whether you’re in bed with yourself, with a guy, or with another girl, it’s not the easiest thing to reach your full orgasm potential. Sometimes it really does just take a bit of time and that’s totally okay. But there are definitely ways to make yourself cum faster and more confidently. 

These vary, and the #1, most important aspect is understanding the female orgasm. There’s no possible way to make it happen quickly without actually understanding what is happening throughout the body. It’s an amazing experience that shouldn’t only be shared with others but should also be experienced with yourself. It’s intimate, it’s incredible, and with the right technique, it can be reached quite easily. Whether your technique requires a certain amount of pressure, a certain feeling in a particular place, a vibrator, or a butt plug, it’s all about you! So learn your best technique, communicate with your partner, and overall, just love the special temple that your body really is. 

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