Closed Missionary Sex Position Explained

man woman and closed missionary sex

Who said missionary-style sex is boring? According to surveys, missionary-style sex is one of the most popular sex positions for men and women. For some reason, missionary gets a bad reputation for being too vanilla compared to other sex positions. But who says you need to be upside down while contorted into an impossible position to orgasm? Sometimes, sex is best when it’s simple, easy, and slow. The closed missionary position is all these things and more. Couples looking to up their missionary game will find the closed missionary position to be more intensely pleasurable than standard missionary. Female partners will especially find closed leg missionary enjoyable as it may help them climax more easily. Please keep reading to learn more about closed missionary, also known as closed leg missionary, and how you and your partner will benefit from trying it out in the bedroom tonight.

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What Is the Closed Missionary Sex Position?

The closed missionary is a “man on top” sex position that is entirely the same as regular missionary style sex, but with one small change. In closed leg missionary, the male partner will penetrate his female partner while her legs remain close together. To do the closed missionary sex position, the female partner will lie on her back on the bed. Her partner will then lie on top of her, using his arms to bear most of his weight. The female partner will then open her legs just enough to allow her partner to penetrate her. Once he is inside of her, she will bring her legs together as close as possible. The male partner will straddle her so that her legs and hips are between his legs. Closed missionary sex position differs from regular missionary in that the female partner’s legs will be between her partner’s. In traditional missionary sex, the female partner keeps her legs open for wider entry into her vagina. Closed leg missionary narrows the point of entry and makes penetration feel tighter.

Why She’ll Love Closed Missionary

The closed missionary sex position narrows the entry point for penetration, meaning there will be a lot more friction, especially near the clitoris. The clitoris has over 8,000 nerve endings that, when stimulated, can produce a female orgasm. Few women can climax without clitoral stimulation, which most penetrative sex positions don’t provide. Women who try the closed leg missionary may have a better chance at orgasming than through other penetrative sex positions. Although closed missionary doesn’t allow for deep penetration, the female partner won’t miss it. She’ll be enjoying the clitoral stimulation way too much to notice. Closed missionary is ideal for women hoping to achieve orgasm while being penetrated.

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Why He’ll Love Closed Missionary

Men will love closed missionary for the tighter entry that allows more friction between their penis and their partner’s vagina. Closed missionary will benefit men with smaller penises as the smaller entry point will make them feel bigger inside their partner. He won’t be able to thrust as deep as he may like in closed leg missionary, but there’s a good chance he won’t notice. Most nerve endings and feeling sensations lie on the tip of a man’s penis. In closed missionary sex, friction stimulates the tip of his penis from a tighter entry into his partner. Plus, he’ll likely enjoy doing closed leg missionary just for the pleasure it brings his partner alone.

Other Reasons To Love Closed Leg Missionary

The closed missionary position might not look the most exciting or sexy. It requires the female partner to stay still and not do much of anything, which might sound boring. However, the closed missionary sex position isn’t about getting wild and freaky in the bedroom. The closed leg missionary position is more intimate and focuses on pleasuring the female partner. Couples will get a chance to feel closer and more connected to one another through slow, shallow thrusts. Because there is not a lot of movement required for either partner in the closed leg missionary, you will have a chance to gaze deeply into one another’s eyes. You may find closed missionary a more romantic sex position because of this intimacy.

The Orgasm Gap

The orgasm gap refers to the general disparity in heterosexual women and men achieving orgasm during sex. According to studies, 95% of heterosexual men report almost always having an orgasm during sex compared to only 65% of heterosexual women. Women aren’t being satisfied in bed, and a lot of it has to do with the total illiteracy of the clitoris. The clitoris is an external nub within and at the top of the vulva that contains over 8,000 nerve endings. It’s an essential part of female sexual anatomy as it is the key to women achieving orgasm. Most women cannot climax without clitoral stimulation at all. Penetrative sex that does not include clitoral stimulation is near impossible to produce toe-curling orgasms men wish their penises could provide (sorry, fellas, it takes more than that). Since most sex positions (not closed missionary) focus on penetration and male pleasure, heterosexual women are often left feeling unsatisfied in the bedroom. Of course, this doesn’t mean women don’t enjoy penetrative sex, just that they need more assistance from their partner, a sex toy, or even themselves to get the orgasm waves rolling. Few penetrative sex positions can provide clitoral stimulation, but those that do are more likely to be more pleasurable for the female partner. The closed missionary sex position is one of the few sex positions that focus on female pleasure. Therefore it should be in every couple’s bedroom repertoire. Closed missionary allows both partners to enjoy themselves while better stimulating the female partner’s clitoris.

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Other Missionary Sex Positions Similar to Closed Missionary

Crossed Leg Missionary

Crossed leg missionary starts just like standard missionary, with the female partner on her back on the bed and her partner penetrating her from on top. To get into crossed leg missionary, the female partner will lift her legs straight up in the air and then cross her ankles at the top while her partner is inside of her. From here, the male partner can hold onto both of her legs as he thrusts in and out like he would in standard missionary. He can do this from a kneeling position on the bed, perform standing crossed leg missionary and stand by the edge of the bed while he penetrates his partner. With the female partner’s legs crossed in the air, she makes the entry point much tighter. A tighter entry point will make penetration feel even better for both partners, increasing friction. It may also provide more stimulation to the clitoris, just as in closed missionary, as the male partner’s penis will be sliding along the upper wall of the female partner’s vagina. Of course, the male partner can also reach one of his hands down and stimulate his partner’s clitoris with his fingers to ensure his partner reaches orgasm.

Missionary on the Tummy

Missionary on the tummy could also be doggy style on the tummy because it is technically a rear-entry position. To do it, the female partner will start by lying face down on the bed on her stomach. She can then place a pillow underneath her hips to elevate her pelvis slightly. Her partner can then straddle her from behind and penetrate her. The female partner can keep her legs closed once her partner enters her, much like in closed missionary, to make penetration feel tighter. Having sex in this position allows for more stimulation in the upper wall of the vagina. The friction between the bed and the female partner’s vulva as her partner thrusts in and out of her will give her greater clitoral stimulation than she would get from other forms of missionary sex. Although couples can’t look into each other’s eyes during missionary on the tummy, the male partner can make it feel more intimate by gently caressing his partner’s back or leaning over her to nuzzle her neck.

Coital Alignment Technique (CAT)

The coital alignment technique provides as much clitoral stimulation as possible during missionary, maybe more so than closed missionary. Start by getting into a standard missionary position, with the female partner on her back and the male partner on top. The female partner’s legs spread to allow her partner to enter her. She’ll then lock her ankles around the back of her partner’s calves and hug him closer into her as he continues to thrust inside of her. The CAT position will help bring the base of her partner’s penis as close to her clitoris as possible for ultimate stimulation during every thrust. It’s also a super intimate position that both looks and feels sexy. The CAT is a full-body sex position that requires the male partner to put most of his weight on top of his partner. For larger men afraid of having their partner bear their weight, the CAT may not be the best sex position to try. The closed missionary position may be a better option in such a case.

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Reverse Missionary

Reverse missionary is similar to cowgirl position in that the female partner gets to be on top. The male partner will lie down on the bed with his legs straight and closed to do reverse missionary. The female partner will hop on top and slowly glide down onto her partner’s penis. She will then lean all the way forward onto his chest while she straightens her legs out behind her. From here, she can bump and grind her way to sexual satisfaction. Reverse missionary provides extra friction between the female partner’s clitoris and her partner’s pelvis as in closed missionary. Because she is on top, she can control the movement and do what feels best for her. The reverse missionary position doesn’t allow fast or forceful penetration as it is more about clitoral stimulation. However, couples may enjoy the slower-paced grinding and skin-to-skin contact that feels super intimate during this sex position. Reverse missionary can be just as intimate and romantic as closed missionary position.

How To Fix the Orgasm Gap

Sex should be satisfying for both partners involved. If you have trouble orgasming during sex with your partner, it’s an issue you need to address. The best way to solve the issue is to talk to your partner about what you want in bed. You likely need clitoral stimulation before, during, or after penetrative sex to climax. Sexual positions like the closed missionary position may be more helpful for providing you with pleasure, but it may not be enough. You should feel comfortable expressing this to your partner, and they should be more than willing to provide you with what you need to be sexually satisfied. If they are not ready to satisfy your needs, they care more about themselves than you. In which case, you should dump them. Your partner will be enthused about the opportunity to transport you to the promised land while doing the dirty. Talk to them about what you need to orgasm and show them how you like it done. Because you know your body better than anybody, it may be helpful for them to watch how you do it first. Watching you pleasure yourself will probably be more exciting for them than having sex. Once you show them the ropes, it will be easier for them to hit that sweet spot for you every time.

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Focus More on Sex Positions for Your Pleasure

As mentioned earlier, it’s not that women don’t enjoy penetrative sex positions; it’s just that they aren’t enough to induce orgasm. Most sex positions are sexually satisfying for men but not for women. There are, however, certain sex positions that provide more sexual satisfaction by providing more clitoral stimulation. If your goal is to orgasm during penetration, you and your partner should perform more sex positions like the closed missionary position, which is more likely to get you off. The closed missionary or closed leg missionary position is one of the best sex positions for orgasm. Sex positions like the closed missionary or closed leg missionary will help get the heat flowing “down there” and may even make other penetrative sex positions feel better. Talk to your partner about trying the closed missionary position and find ways to incorporate it into your sexual routine. If your partner doesn’t like doing the closed leg missionary position, remind them that you do. Each partner should be willing to try new things their partner will enjoy (as long as they are comfortable with it). Closed leg missionary will likely feel good for both partners, so getting your partner to try it with you shouldn’t be a problem.

Additionally, you can incorporate sex toys into the bedroom to provide more clitoral stimulation while your partner is inside of you. Closed leg missionary may make it challenging to use sex toys on your clitoris because of how close you and your partner will be. However, you can always use sex toys before or after doing closed leg missionary.

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Don’t Skip Foreplay

Foreplay is necessary for comfortable penetration as it increases female arousal, which produces fluid from the cervix and the Bartholin’s glands in the vagina. This lubrication allows for easier and more comfortable penetration. When a woman feels aroused, blood flows down to her vagina, which stimulates the release of fluid and the clitoris. Arousal engorges the vulva and makes the clitoris extra sensitive, leading to even more intense orgasms. If you have trouble orgasming during sex with your partner, you should engage in more foreplay. Foreplay can include making out, oral sex, dirty talk, or other sexual stimulation that gets you hot and bothered. Foreplay is an integral part of sex that you should not skip for the female partner’s sake. Engage in some foreplay before doing closed leg missionary to make clitoral stimulation feel extra intense.

Get Comfortable

For women, sexual pleasure depends a lot on their state of mind. Our partner could be doing all the right things physically, but if we’re not into it emotionally (either because we’re too stressed or feel self-conscious about our bodies), then it will be harder for us to climax. If you feel that your mental game makes it hard for you to enjoy yourself during sex, then figure out why that is. Maybe you are with a new partner and don’t feel entirely comfortable enough with them to express yourself sexually. In that case, maybe get to know them better before you decide to engage in intercourse with them. If your body image is holding you back from enjoying yourself fully in the bedroom, do what you need to do to feel more comfortable. Wear a sexy nightgown that covers your trouble spots or keep the lights off during sex. Don’t be afraid to speak up to your partner about your needs or insecurities in the bedroom. Your partner will want to do whatever they can to make sex physically and mentally more enjoyable for you by engaging in closed leg missionary, sex positions like closed leg missionary, turning the lights off, or simply getting to know one another better before sex.

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The Takeaway

Closed missionary position offers couples a more intimate way to connect during missionary-style sex. The tighter penetration feels great for both partners, as does the increased friction. Female partners will especially enjoy closed missionary for how it is better suited for their needs. The orgasm gap between heterosexual men and women is a problem that needs to be addressed by better communication between sexual partners and more focus on clitoral stimulation. Sex positions like the closed leg missionary that allow for more clitoral stimulation should be regularly practiced sex positions in the bedroom, along with other penetrative sex positions. You and your partner should feel comfortable talking about what needs you have in the bedroom and how they can provide it for you. The closed missionary sex position will likely meet your sexual needs and should be a mutually enjoyable sex position to try. 

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