Butter Churner Sex Position Explained

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Love Island‘s British television series is a popular dating show and a favorite guilty pleasure for millions of fans. If you’ve been watching it recently, you may have been puzzled by one of the show’s contestants, Callum Jones, who announced that his favorite sex position was called the butter churner position. It left many Love Island viewers scratching their heads, wondering just what the butter churner position is and why they’ve never heard of it. For those of you Love Island fans still puzzled, we’ve got you covered. We researched this so-called butter churner position and found out what exactly it is and why Love Island contestant Callum Jones likes it so much.

What Is the Butter Churner Position?

The butter churner position involves a woman lying on her back with her legs above and behind her head. Her male partner will squat over her and penetrate her from above. Though you could incorporate this sex position into LGBTQ relationships, we will be describing the butter churner position between male and female partners for this article. Getting into the butter churner position can be tricky and requires some flexibility on the female partner’s part. The best way to do the butter churner position is to start slow on a comfortable, steady surface like a bed or carpeted floor. The female partner will lie on her back then slowly lift her legs up and behind her head. Her partner can help her do this by gently pushing her thighs forward until they are as far back as she can comfortably make them go. Her feet should be touching the ground behind her head so that she is almost in a handstand. This position will put a lot of strain on the female partner’s neck as she will be bearing most of her weight on her neck and shoulders. It will intensify as the male partner carefully squats over her. He positions his penis so that he can penetrate her from above. If the female partner has neck problems, she should not attempt the butter churner position.

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Why He’ll Love the Butter Churner Position

There is not much to dislike for men about the butter churner position. Visually, this sex position is a significant turn-on. Men are more visually stimulated when it comes to sex. Seeing his partner’s bum in the air while looking down at her breasts below him is a scene straight out of his favorite porno. He’ll feel totally in control as his partner assumes the submissive position in the butter churner. The dominant versus submissive role play is a popular kink for many couples. The butter churner gives partners the perfect way to enact these roles as the male partner assumes total control over the sex move. If couples want to make this sex position even kinkier, they can experiment with bondage. Tying the female partner’s wrists together will enhance her feeling of powerlessness and encourage the male partner to be more dominant. Besides looking super sexy, male partners will like the butter churner for his ability to get super deep. Entering his partner while she is upside down below him is probably about as deep as he will ever be able to achieve. He’ll need to be careful how far he extends his penis to avoid injury to his suspensory ligaments. He may also find the butter churner tiring if he is not used to working his legs. The butter churner position will require him to squat over his partner for the move duration. He should be aware of his footing as well. Performing the butter churner position on an unstable surface (like a soft bed) might make it more difficult to retain his balance.

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Why She’ll Love the Butter Churner Position

It’s safe to say that male partners get the most enjoyment from the butter churner position. After all, they are not required to perform a yogi-like backstretch while balancing upside down on their head. We’re taking a wild guess, but we assume the butter churner position is more for its aesthetic appeal than any real pleasure for both partners involved. Some adventurous ladies might like the butter churner position because they love showing off their flexibility. It’s sexy knowing you can contort your body in suggestive ways for your partner. Simply knowing that your flexibility in this position turns your partner on might make doing the butter churner worth it. We doubt the angle of penetration will do much for you as your partner will be using gravity to enter you. It will reduce much of the friction you’d feel during other angles of penetration. It will likely feel more like a dull stabbing or poking sensation than anything else. It could be very uncomfortable for more sensitive women or frequently feel pain during sex. If you do feel any discomfort doing the butter churner position, stop immediately and switch up sex positions. But if the butter churner is doing it for you, it may be because of the euphoric sensation of blood rushing to your head or because you’re having fun playing the submissive role. Whatever the reason, you do you, girl, and have at it.

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Tips for Doing the Butter Churner Position

Take Advantage of Different Sensations

Besides needing yoga expert flexibility to do the butter churner position, the female partner will also need to be wary of how long she can stay in an upside-down position. Because most of her body weight will be above her head, she will receive a rush of blood to her brain. If she is prone to passing out, this may be a dangerous sex position to attempt. However, this blood rush to the head can cause a euphoric, lightheaded sensation, making the butter churner position much more enjoyable. Some proponents of the butter churner position suggest adding to this euphoric sensation by having the male partner drizzle chocolate syrup into the female partner’s mouth while she is upside down. Getting multiple senses involved can make for a much more exciting romp in the sheets.

Be Careful of Penile Injuries

Penile injuries rarely occur during sex, but they are possible. Statistics show that most penile injuries occur during doggy-style positions, but the butter churner position may pose a potentially high injury risk. The suspensory ligaments in the penis are responsible for male erections. When the penis is in an unnatural direction, there is a risk of these ligaments snapping and causing a painful injury. The butter churner position requires the male to enter his partner downward. He risks stretching his suspensory ligaments. To prevent any damage, be sure to penetrate your partner slowly. If at any time you feel pain, immediately stop and switch to a different sex position.

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Make It More Comfortable

The female partner will become comfortable while doing the butter churner position. She will contort her body into an unnatural position that places a lot of pressure on her neck and head. It’s essential to protect her neck and head as much as possible. You can do this by ensuring she has enough support beneath her head by placing a pillow under her shoulders. Doing so may take some pressure off her neck and provide a more comfortable place for her head to rest.

Introduce More Stimulation

Most women need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. Fortunately, the butter churner position gets the male partner close and personal to his partner’s clitoris. While thrusting down into his partner, he can easily reach down and use his fingers to stimulate her clitoris. Additionally, he could use a massager or similar sex toy to do the job for him. Stimulating his partner’s clitoris will increase her pleasure and make it more worth her while to be upside down while he’s inside of her.

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Look Into Each Other’s Eyes

The butter churner position doesn’t allow room for much intimacy. It is a fun, scandalous sex position than something you want to try on your first romantic evening together. Sometimes less intimate sex moves can be hot, but a little intimacy can make it even more alluring. Though you and your partner won’t be close enough for romantic caresses, you can look directly into each other’s eyes. Looking into your partner’s eyes during sex can enhance your feeling of connectedness. As they say, eyes are the window into the soul. Gazing lovingly into your partner’s eyes while you’re doing “the dirty” can make the butter churner position extra special.

man kissing woman on neck

Try It on the Couch

If you’re the female partner, you may find it more comfortable to do the butter churner position on the couch. To do this, sit on your couch the opposite of how you would typically sit on your couch. Your neck and shoulders should be on the seat of the sofa. Your legs are straight up so that the backs of your thighs and butt are against the backrest. The male partner will stand in front of the couch and slowly lower your legs towards him and behind your head. He can then enter you from this position. You will likely find this more comfortable because you will have lower back support. Your partner might find it more comfortable since he won’t have to squat down as low to penetrate you.

Perfect for Double Penetration

Should you and your partner be interested in experimenting with double penetration (meaning penetration both vaginally and anally), the butter churner position provides a unique opportunity to do so. The male partner has easy access to all his partner’s lower naughty bits. While he is doing his thing, he can easily use one of his hands to penetrate his partner’s unused orifice with a vibrator or dildo. It can make the butter churner position more interesting, especially if the female partner finds insufficient stimulation or vaginal friction. Just be sure to use plenty of lubrication.

Similar Positions

Maybe you and your partner need a break from the strenuous butter churner position, or perhaps you enjoy it so much you’re eager to try something else just like it. These similar sex positions will come in handy either way:

woman grabbing mans back

The Downstroke

The downstroke position is a less extreme version of the butter churner because it doesn’t strain the female partner’s neck and shoulders. The female partner should lie on her back on the edge of the bed with her legs up. The male partner will then stand in front of her and grab her thighs or waist to lift her pelvis towards him. When done right, the only part of the female partner’s body touching the bed is her neck and shoulders. From here, the male partner will penetrate his partner while holding her thighs or waist. Getting the angle of penetration right may be tricky due to height differences between the bed and the male partner. He should try to penetrate his partner so that his penis stimulates the front wall of her vagina. Doing so will potentially stimulate her G-spot, which produces earth-shattering orgasms. The downstroke may be more suitable for couples who lack flexibility or are afraid of hurting their neck doing the butter churner position. The male partner will need to be cautious of overextending his penis in this position as the angle of penetration is very similar to the butter churner position.

G-Spot Position

The name alone should excite female partners enough to try out this sex position. Like in the downstroke position, the female partner will start lying on her back on the bed with her legs in the air. Her partner will then kneel in front of her on the bed and lift her buttocks with his hands. She can rest the backs of her thighs on his chest as he slowly enters her. This position allows for ultimate G-Spot stimulation potential and a much-needed rest for the male partner. Couples can experiment with angling and tightness by changing up the position of the female partner’s legs. If she moves her legs closer together and wraps her ankles around her partner’s neck, penetration will feel tighter. She can also choose to rest both ankles on one side of her partner’s shoulders and slightly dip her hips to that side. Doing so will make her partner’s thrusts feel tighter and hit her vaginal walls a little differently.

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The Anvil

In the anvil position, the male partner will be entering his partner much like he would in the missionary position. The difference is that his partner’s legs will be resting against his chest as he thrusts. The anvil position requires the female partner to lie on her back with her legs in the air. Her partner will kneel in front of her on the bed. He’ll then gently push her thighs back towards her as he lowers down on top of her, supporting his weight with his arms. The female partner will get quite a hamstring stretch in this position, though she can lessen the stretch by bending her knees instead of keeping her legs straight. The anvil allows deep penetration with much more intimacy than the butter churner position. Couples may prefer the anvil over the butter churner position if they prefer something less strenuous.

The Takeaway

While the butter churner position may be Love Islander Callum Jone’s favorite sex position, we can’t say for sure it will be yours. However, there is no harm in trying a new sex position just for kicks. Sex is supposed to be fun, and experimenting in the bedroom can be a great way to change things up from your regular bedroom routine. As always, be sure you and your partner practice safety measures when experimenting with different sex positions. Neither partner should ever feel unsafe or uncomfortable. Make sure both of you are on the same page before trying something as physically demanding as the butter churner position. Not all sex positions will be enjoyable for everyone, and that’s fine. There are plenty of other fun positions to try, even some that don’t involve doing a headstand.

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