Are You Losing Interest In Your Partner?

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Are you wondering if the love flame is fading or if it’s just a phase? Take this quiz and find out!

What part of the relationship do you think you’re over?

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Do you forget to text each other back?

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Do you find yourself fighting less?

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Hanging out with your significant other feels most like:

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At dinner, you both are usually:

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Whether it’s good or bad news, are they the person you go to?

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Are You Losing Interest In Your Partner?
The flame is burning out or has already been snuffed


When you no longer feel the absence of the person you once loved seeing, the flame might be dimming. However, this is completely okay and is normal in the dating process!
The flame might be dimming


The flame might be dimming in the relationship, but what’s important is to always have a bit of spark remaining! There might be the option of striking a new match if you strike up a discussion where you express your concerns. If you feel like you both are willing to work on the relationship, then this could be a great way to facilitate a conversation and communicate your needs, and ask what they need, in order to move forward.
The flame is still alive and likely ready to thrive!


The relationship flame here seems to still be alive and ready to thrive! However, in order to avoid it from becoming or being smoke-and-mirrors, you could voice any concerns that you might have in regards to certain changes that you’ve noticed in the relationship.

Let us know who you are to see your results!

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