Are You Emotionally Available?

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Take this quiz to see if you’re ready to start or end a relationship!

In all honesty, how often do you keep your word and hold yourself accountable?

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Which statement most accurately represents where you feel you are in your life?

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Which factor do you think most accurately represents the negative aspect you’ve played in past relationships?

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When you feel a sense of conflict arising, how do you usually react?

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How reciprocal do you think your most serious relationships have been?

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Which type of persona best represents the type of person you’ve been in past relationships?

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Are You Emotionally Available?


Yes, you’re likely emotionally available! However, it doesn’t mean that someone you’re pursuing, or someone who’s pursuing you, is also emotionally available. It’s important to make sure you’re not the only one putting in all of the work in the relationship, even though you’re emotionally equipped to embark on a journey of romance. Therefore, it’s good to keep checking in with yourself and to know your expectations so you can communicate them to someone you have an interest in!
Eh, maybe

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This one is tricky. It all depends upon different factors and making sure you’re emotionally available for not only someone else, but also for yourself. Taking time to see if any patterns exist that you can unlearn could be a great way to make sure you’re emotionally available. If you’re unable to see other points of view because you’re still trying to navigate your own emotions, then it might be best to take some time to work on yourself while being aware that progress and self-growth are paramount for every relationship!


You might not be emotionally available, but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t able to learn more about yourself to create an environment to have a healthy relationship with another person. This might mean taking time to reflect on past relationship dynamics and why they haven’t positively served you. Even more, this is a critical time to look inward and see if you have any fears of intimacy that might be causing you to self-sabotage a lasting, emotional connection. If you’re recently single from a break-up, then it’s definitely time to take a moment to yourself and evaluate where you are and what you’d like your next relationship to be like. If you find yourself unable to show up for yourself, let alone keep promises and plans with others, it’s best to take some time to yourself so that you can understand what’s going on with your mental health as well as respect the time and emotional well-being of others.

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