Are You and Your Partner Emotionally Compatible?

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Could you be holding yourself back from accepting and embracing love with the right person? Take this quiz and find out!

Which option best describes your arguing style?

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Which best describes what your partner is like to you most of the time?

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Are your cleaning styles similar?

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If you both weren’t dating each other, would you and your partner be friends?

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Which statement is most accurate?

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Which scenario sounds most like how you feel when you’re vulnerable with your partner?

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Are You and Your Partner Emotionally Compatible?

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Of course, no relationship is perfect, but yours seems to be a compatible one! Loving should come easy, even when times are tough. Communication is vital, and compatibility is something that requires continual maintenance!
It depends

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In this instance, you and your partner might not be the best match. However, emotional compatibility comes from communication and how you and your partner handle situations over time. So, even if there might be a few kinks to straighten out within the relationship dynamics, if both you and your partner are willing to make an effort, this person might still be emotionally compatible with you!
Eh, it doesn’t look so good

blue boxing glove with heart fighting pink boxing glove with heart

It seems like although you both are in the ringer, your hearts might be in different places. Therefore, it’s important not to desire to change one another and instead communicate how both of you will accept each other for how you are and embrace personal growth. If that doesn’t seem like an option in your relationship, you might not be a compatible match.

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