Ace of Dating: The Best Asexual Dating App

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Key Points

  • Many dating apps are geared towards straight people, but there are now dating apps designed for asexual people as well as the LGBTQ+ community at large.

  • Utilizing dating apps benefits asexual folks in finding the right people and helps avoid awkward explanations of their sexuality on a first date.

  • Taimi is one of the best asexual dating apps as it has a huge community of people in the LGBTQ+ community, offers a user-friendly interface, and gives lots of opportunities for asexual people to meet!

Using dating apps has revolutionized the dating world for asexual (“ace”) people, but there aren’t as many options out there as aces would like. Taimi is an LGBTQ+ dating app with people from all colors of the rainbow. While being inclusive of all sexualities, Taimi is one of the best asexual dating apps to help asexual people make connections with partners and friends!

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Dating as an Asexual Person

Dating is complicated for everybody, but it’s even more complicated for asexual people. It’s difficult to find people who understand your sexuality and share mutual interests, and it’s important to date someone who shares your values, interests, and sexual drive to foster a deep connection.

Asexual people are a minority in the dating world, which limits their possibilities to score a hot date. Many asexual people feel they should give up on dating, but this is not the answer! You need to figure out what you want in a relationship and utilize the right sources and communities to find your person.

To find a partner as an asexual person, you have the option to search on large dating apps or to meet people in the real world, but this is time-consuming and discouraging to see how many people aren’t interested in dating asexual people. Narrow your search to other self-identified asexual people on an app. 

Matching with or dating other asexual people guarantees you have a major aspect of your life and relationships in common. It certainly makes the relationship go smoother and allows you to have a deep understanding of the other person.

Dating Apps for Asexuals

As dating apps have taken over the modern dating scene, there has been a slow release of niche-dating apps, such as asexual ones. Although, with the right app it is far easier to find people to date and connect with as an asexual person! Unless you walk around with an asexual flag waving at all times, it’s nearly impossible to find your tribe of aces. 

With an asexual dating app, or community of aces on a dating app, you finally find all your people in one place. It is far easier and likely safer to mention your sexuality in a profile rather than trying to explain yourself to somebody you just met at the bar. Using dating apps as an asexual person has the advantages of avoiding awkward explanations of your sexuality and finding people that you are compatible with rather than hunting all over.

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Asexual Cupid & Asexual Chat

Asexual Cupid was the first dating site designed specifically for asexual people to search for new relationships, companionships, and friendships. You create a free profile with pictures and a bio to search for local people you may be interested in!

Unfortunately, Asexual Cupid only has a website –no app – at this time, which is somewhat outdated. However, this doesn’t affect the active community on this site or the opportunity to meet other asexual people. There are features to find new people, email with new connections, and have discussions on forums with the asexual community. Hopefully, they will have a modernized app in the future for more convenience and a larger user base.

Asexual Cupid does have a partner app called Asexual Chat that focuses on chatting with people all around the world! This app offers the communication part of meeting and getting to know new asexual people. There are millions of members on the app you can chat with any time of day.

Asexual Chat features options to upload photos to your profile and to connect with people based on your hobbies and interests. This is a great way for asexual people to make friendships and relationships!

Both the dating site and chatting app are free. They assure safety and privacy for users by requiring every profile be approved before it is featured. This is huge for limiting spam accounts and removing creeps from the site.

Dating App: Meet People

by Hinge 

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Hinge has become one of the most popular dating apps around the world with the intention for users to find love and delete their app. The app was originally designed for straight people, but they now offer many options to identify your sexuality on your profile, including asexuality. 

Adjust your settings and choose to swipe through users who identify in any way. Unfortunately, there is no option to filter by sexuality, so there will be a lot of mixed sexualities in your stack of viewable profiles. Of course, some people are open to dating an asexual person, but you will likely have to do some hunting and answer lots of questions.

Hinge has quite an advanced matching system and recognizes who you like as well as who likes you over time to optimize your match suggestions. The asexual Hinge community reports good matches and a strong mix of people on the app! At a bare minimum, you have the opportunity to chat with people and learn more about yourself through conversation with suitors. 

Hinge has thorough profile criteria which require users to include six photos or videos and three written or voice prompts. There are also lots of profile labels, including height, gender, sexuality, hometown, occupation, substance habits, zodiac sign, and more! This thorough profile helps to limit spam accounts and only shows people who are willing to complete their whole profile. 

Hinge offers an option to proclaim your pride in asexuality but it’s difficult to find the right people for you in this pool of cis, straight people. Still, give Hinge a try and find those amazing, open-minded people to date!

Serious Dating

by EliteSingles

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Elite Singles

With over two million active users per month, Elite Singles is one of the most popular dating sites in the asexual community. Asexual people use this site in search of platonic, long-term connections that are either romantic or friendship-based.

The site utilizes a matchmaking algorithm based on the hobbies and interests of its users. You fill out a questionnaire to gather information about who you are and what you’re seeking. The site matches you with people who are looking for long-term, meaningful connections.

Elite Singles does not have an app at this time, but they do have a large community of asexual people looking for connections. They also offer an impressive matchmaking system to find the right people for you to connect with. So whip out the old desktop computer (or a browser on your phone should do) for this old-fashioned, yet highly impressive, way to online date!

Lesbian LGBTQ Dating App

by HER

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Her is a dating app originally designed for women dating women that has now expanded to the whole LGBTQ+ spectrum. It caters to people of all gender and sexual identities. Her works as a social platform with a focus on dating, one-night stands, and relationships.  

There are features on Her to send messages, share news, check out local LGBTQ+ events, start discussions in forums, and so much more. They boast a safe environment for asexual people to date other asexual people – or at least ace-friendly people. 

Your profile on Her features your basic information, photos, pronouns, gender identity, sexuality, relationship status, what you are looking for, pets, substance habits, and more. Add religion, political views, and family preferences if you please.

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A cool feature on Her is the option to sport a cute sticker such as a U-Haul labeled “Lesbian,” an asexual “ace” pin, your love language, 420, and others. Like many dating apps, you can connect your Spotify or Instagram to show some more personality on your profile.  

Basic features on Her are for free but you can pay for a premium subscription to also filter profiles by verified accounts, gender identity, sexual identity, and more. Without a premium subscription, users cannot choose which genders or sexualities they swipe on, which is frustrating for everyone.

There is an option to verify on Her, but it is not required, and there are reportedly a lot of spam accounts on this app. The app has potential and a good pool of LGBTQ+ people — including asexual people — looking to date, but it appears that it takes some patience and persistence to find options within the stack of profiles with the clutter of every gender and the spam accounts.

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Taimi is one of the best asexual dating apps because it has a huge community of LGBTQ+ members, profile options for the whole gender and sexuality spectrum, and endless opportunities to make romantic and friendly connections with the people you are looking for. It is the largest LGBTQ+ dating app in the world with over 11 million users. This large platform provides a lot more opportunities to find someone compared to other apps!

Tiami was originally designed for gay dating but has expanded to include anyone on the gender and sexuality spectrum.  Due to demand in the queer world, their goal shifted to create a safe and open space online for the entire LGBTQ+ community.

The app is used for dating and as a social media platform.  Taimi boasts the ability to find any type of relationship, including casual dating, serious dating, or anything else you are looking for. It includes features to create posts, create stories, host a live stream, video call, share content, network with other users, and so much more. 

People from all over the gender and sexual identity spectrum use Taimi. Search on Taimi for just asexual people, but there seem to be lots of other identities open to dating aces, as well. This creates a space with the most options of people to date or befriend!

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For dating, Taimi matches you with people based on your location and interests. It’s free to download, make a profile, match with potential partners, and start chatting. There are additional features available with a paid subscription.

When setting up your profile, you’re given a lot of options to choose from to display your sexuality and gender identity, including the opportunity to more deeply explain your gender identity. List who you are interested in, your hobbies, and other information about you.

Another feature that sets Taimi apart from the others is LGBTQ+ Wiki—a free article encyclopedia on their site with research, terminology, history, and more about attraction, identity, and gender. This is available even to non-members of the app to educate anyone and everyone on the ins and outs of beautiful queerness.

Taimi is a safe place for ace dating with lots of opportunities to meet people like you. Give it a shot and find your people for dating or friendships!


OkCupid was designed for heterosexual people, but this changed in 2011 when they rolled out an option to filter hetero people out of the feed. They were also the first dating app to include pronouns in profiles. They’ve continued their progressive behavior by adding more than 60 options for sexual orientation and gender identity to their profiles. Plus they know nobody fits into a single box, so users can pick up to five options to identify with on their profile!

OkCupid certainly isn’t an asexual dating app, and they don’t even count as LGBTQ+, but they make the list as the most inclusive hetero-oriented app. The ability to filter out straight people transforms the app experience into an LGBTQ+ platform. There’s a large collection of people all over the sexuality and gender spectrum utilizing the app.

OkCupid offers the safest space for asexual people to use a dating app amongst mainstream options and should not be overlooked as an app just for hetero, cis people.

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Go Find Your People!

Unfortunately, there are not many asexual-exclusive dating apps at this time, but there are countless dating apps with options to proclaim your sexuality and find the right people for you. With some bravery, patience, and a good sense of humor, you can find people on nearly any dating app to connect with!

LGBTQ+ apps give asexual people the largest platform and safest place to swipe for dates. Tiami is one of the best asexual dating apps out there and the best LGBTQ+ app for finding dates and friends. 

Download it from the app store, set up the perfect profile showcasing your amazing self, and start swiping!

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