9 Traits of a Sigma Female You Should Know

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You often hear about the social hierarchy as it relates to men. The hierarchy is based on the perceived hierarchy amongst wolves in packs. The alpha male wolf is the leader of the wolf pack. He calls the shots, while the other male wolves follow his lead. Although this idea of a pecking order amongst wolves has been disputed, we often use the alpha vs. beta vs. omega and etc. to describe personality types in men and women. The sigma female is a personality type not often discussed. Movies like the 2004 comedy Mean Girls, famously portrayed the social pecking order amongst female women.

Actress Rachel McAdams' character is the stereotypical alpha female: the confident, bossy, leader of the pack. We’re familiar with the alpha female trope of being wildly successful and on top of her game. The sigma female, however, is often just as successful but differs from the alpha female personality in key significant ways. How do you know if you’re a sigma female or alpha female? Keep reading to find out.

Sigma Female vs. Alpha Female

Before we discuss the differences between a sigma and alpha female, it’s important to note that neither is better or worse than the other. Both personality types have their strengths and weaknesses, like all other personality types. There are plenty of misconceptions around what it means to be an alpha female vs. sigma female. Not all alpha female types are the stereotypical “mean girl”. Likewise, being a sigma, beta, or omega female doesn’t make you a follower or pushover. These terms are used to describe common personality traits but they’re not 100 percent accurate for every person. Humans are complex. We don’t fit perfectly into every slot. More often than not, you may exhibit traits across all personality types.

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The Alpha Female Personality

The alpha woman is a go-getter. She takes life by the horns and goes full speed ahead. An alpha female lives for adventure; she’ll try anything once. When it comes to career and work, the alpha woman excels to the top of her game. You’ll often find an alpha female in powerful positions such as CEO or president of the company. She has a dominant, competitive nature and wants to be seen as a leader. An alpha female is determined to climb the social ladder at all costs. She’s not afraid to speak up for herself and this sometimes can come off as being aggressive or bossy. To avoid this, an alpha woman should be mindful of her instinctive outspokenness.

By nature, an alpha female is a social butterfly. She loves being the life of the party and thrives in social settings. Alpha females tend to be extroverted, outgoing, and have superior social skills. They’re often the head cheerleader, president of their sorority, or leader of whatever social group they belong to. Alpha females need to be around people and will often prioritize social engagements. Style-wise, they like to be on trend and will wear the hottest, newest fashions. They’re very much aware of their appearance. They look for personality traits like their own in a romantic relationship or sexual partner. Alpha females are often attracted to alpha male types. Finally, alpha women prefer working on projects collaboratively rather than independently. With their excellent communication skills, they are adept at leading a team and managing other people.

The Sigma Female Personality

The sigma female is an independent leader who is comfortable speaking up and sharing her thoughts. She’s intelligent and logical and has her own sense of identity. A sigma female has her own point of view. She doesn’t easily get caught up in the popular narrative; she thinks for herself. A sigma female prefers to work alone on projects as she values her alone time and independence. Though she is an introvert by nature, she is charismatic and easily gets along with others. But the sigma female has no desire to climb the social ladder or be the leader of the pack. She’s content doing her own thing and following her own rules. In turn, she is respected for her authenticity and ability not to get caught up in petty drama.

When it comes to personal style, she tends not to follow the trends. She wears what she thinks is good and doesn’t care to be “fashionable”. A sigma female doesn’t feel the need to impress others with her appearance or wardrobe. In relationships, she prefers a small group of close friendships and intimate partners. She’s selective about who she spends her time with. As such, she is very loyal to those she considers friends and falls in love fiercely, but seldomly. A sigma female is careful about choosing a sexual partner or romantic relationship. She’s not afraid to set boundaries and respects herself enough to always stay true to her values. Because of these traits, she may come across as cool, distant, or intimidating to others. But once you get to know her, she is anything but. Sigma females excel at being entrepreneurs and paving their own way to success.

Both the alpha female and sigma female have similar leadership abilities. They are both free-thinking women who value themselves and their goals. They’re not afraid to go after what they want and determine their own version of success. But the alpha female and sigma female have key distinct personality traits. Think you’re a sigma female? Read below for 9 traits of a sigma female you should know.

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9 Traits of a Sigma Female You Should Know

1. She’s Independent

Above all else, a sigma female is independent. She values her alone time and freedom. She’s not afraid to go against societal norms and pursue her own interests, even if they’re not the most popular. A sigma female has no problem doing things on her own. She’s perfectly fine traveling solo, eating out by herself, or being her own plus one. A sigma woman is happy whether she’s in a romantic relationship or not. She doesn’t need other people’s attention to validate her sense of self-worth. Sigma females tend to like working alone or engaging in solo activities. It’s not that she’s not a “team player” but she works most efficiently by herself. Sigma females are typically introverted and need alone time to regain their energy. Being around too many people too often leaves them mentally exhausted. They need time to themselves to recoup to be at their best.

2. She’s Loyal

Sigma females are careful about who they let into their life. You won’t find them hanging out with 20 of their close friends. It’s unlikely they even have 20 friends. Sigma women tend to keep their social circles small but close. She doesn’t cycle through people often. Once she considers someone a friend, they are a friend for life. She’s fiercely loyal and will do anything for those she considers her friends and loved ones. Her loyalty almost becomes a fault when she is willing to put her loved ones well-being above her own. But her true friends respect her loyalty and would never take advantage of it. In romantic relationships, a sigma female gives her all. She takes time to open up and is careful in her selection of a mate. But once she’s in a relationship, she loves deeply and passionately.

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3. She’s Intimidating

A sigma female’s independent streak coupled with her confidence to go against the crowd and pursue her own interests may be intimidating to some. She doesn’t need validation from others, which scares people who rely greatly on validation from others. And because a sigma woman prioritizes her alone time, she may come off as antisocial. Though she can easily get along with others from all walks of life, she doesn’t open up easily. Her hesitant attitude may come off as cool or indifferent. People may mistake her for being rude or having a stuck up attitude. All these factors make a sigma female seem intimidating or difficult to approach. But those who take the time to know her will quickly realize she’s incredibly friendly and caring.

4. She Doesn’t Go With the Crowd

Sigma females don’t waste their time trying to fit in by doing what others do. A sigma female is perfectly fine doing her own thing in her own time. She’s not on a timeline the same way many people are. She doesn’t abide by society's norms of what a woman should do and when. She’s not concerned with what other people think of her timeline because she’s content following her own path. She’ll settle down when she wants and with whom she wants. She’s not worried about following the normal trajectory for her career. She has her own version of success and knows that there is no timeline for achieving it. A sigma female doesn’t cave into societal pressure because she’s not afraid of going against the grain. She’s content going her own way by herself if she must. Some people might not understand it but it’s not up to her to explain.

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5. She Is Straightforward

Sigma women get to the point. When it comes to her career or relationships, she looks for answers, not excuses. A sigma female is not one to play victim. She is driven by her strong sense of values and vision of success. Sigma women don’t wait around for someone else to solve their problems, they get to work. She won’t settle for less than she expects because she knows what she deserves. And she’s not afraid of doing the work to get her there. Sigma females often work alone behind the scenes. They stay quiet about their goals until they’ve achieved them. A sigma personality doesn't need reassurance or cheering on from others, they know what they’re capable of. Sigma females don’t have time for bull crap in any part of her life. If something is not working for her, she works on changing it. She’s not one to sit on the sidelines and wait for good fortune to appear. She gets out there and makes her own fortune.

6. She’s Not Into Petty Drama

Sigma females don’t enjoy gossip and petty drama, partly because of their introverted nature. They don’t care about social media drama simply because they don’t care about what other people are doing. Other people’s lives don’t interest them unless it concerns them in some way. They don’t care about exchanging gossip and putting other people down. They’re too busy focusing on their own lives to get caught up in negativity. Because of this, sigma females tend to be less judgmental. Who are they to say what is right and wrong? They know what is right for them but don’t expect others to conform to their standards. Sigma females can easily connect with people from all walks of life because of their non-judgmental nature. They think everybody should do their own thing and go down their own path, like themselves.

7. She Doesn’t Settle

A sigma female knows her worth. Like an alpha female, she won’t settle for anything less than what she deserves. Sigma women expect nothing less than the best from their career, friendships, and romantic partners. If something doesn’t suit them, like a job, partner, or city, they simply leave. They have no issue moving on to brighter horizons. They know that their time is important and don’t care to waste it. Sigma females work hard for the good things they have in their life.

They expect anyone they’re with to share the same ambition. A sigma female won’t settle, even if it means she must be alone. She’s willing to fly solo until she finds the perfect person for her. When it comes to her career, she knows her worth. She won’t stay in a job that doesn’t appreciate her value. She’s not afraid to ask for what she knows her time is worth. If an employer is not willing to meet her needs, she looks for someone who will. Sigma females are often entrepreneurs for this reason. They want what they want and sometimes the only way to get it is to be their own boss.

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8. She’s Self Sufficient

A sigma female is self-sufficient and operates as a lone wolf. She doesn’t rely on others for anything. Sigma women take pride in being able to do everything for themselves. They thrive in their independence and feel satisfaction from doing things on their own. It’s not that they don’t enjoy having a support system, but they don’t rely on them. They expect only themselves to make their dreams and goals a reality. Personal success is important for them, and they don’t want to share that with anyone else. While being self-sufficient is certainly an admirable and useful trait, it can sometimes backfire. They will seldomly ask others for help, even when they really need it. We all need help from time to time but a sigma female would rather suffer than ask someone to bail her out. Sigma females should learn to step back every now and then and realize they are not super-human. Everybody needs somebody.

9. She Doesn’t Crave the Spotlight

A sigma female doesn’t need attention from others to feel validated. She’s more comfortable staying behind the scenes than being front and center. She’s seldom the life of the party or the conversation leader. But this doesn’t mean she doesn’t command attention. A sigma female draws people to her with her silent confidence. She is comfortable and secure with who she is, which is why she doesn’t need to beg for anyone’s attention. She lets people come to her rather than flock to them. It’s this elusiveness about her that makes people interested in them. Sigma women at a party are content to observe rather than be the loudest in the room. However, that’s not to say that a sigma female doesn’t enjoy herself or is antisocial. She just chooses whom and how much she wants to engage. She can be very charming and charismatic when she wants. But she won’t ever force a smile or conversation when she’s not feeling it. In some ways, a sigma female could be described as an introverted alpha female.

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Are You a Sigma Female?

How can you tell if you’re a sigma female? If you identify with many of these personality traits, it’s possible you’re a sigma woman. What does that mean? It means whatever you want it to mean. Personality types like alpha, sigma, omega, and delta are just ways to categorize people who share certain personality traits. But most people will find they have traits of all personality types.

Again, neither personality type is better than the other. We’re all unique and special in our own ways. The world needs a mix of all kinds of personalities, otherwise, life would be incredibly boring. So, if you’re a sigma female, great. If you’re not, also great. Don’t let labels define who you are. Only you get to decide who you are and who you’ll be. Like a true sigma would, never be afraid to be who you are and live a life you’re proud of.

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