9 Positions to Elevate your Bathroom Sex

man and woman inside a steamy shower

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We've all heard of shower sex. The idea of getting ourselves all soapy and wet, limbs sliding all over each other as we listen to the sounds of skin and skin getting pounded and the groans of pleasure is enough to make you need a cold shower just thinking about it.

But have you heard of bathroom sex? Bathroom sex is shower sex's little-known sister. It's still sexy and incredibly hot, filled with endless possibilities, but it's rarely ever the main event. That doesn't mean you shouldn't try it out with your partner the next time you're looking to mix it up.

If you're looking to bring your sex life out of the bedroom and into the bathroom, here are nine positions to elevate your bathroom sex. You won't even make it to the shower with these tips, though cleaning up afterward can be just as fun when finished with the best sex positions for bathroom sex.

How to Have Sexy Bathroom Sex

Bathroom sex uses all available surfaces – the sink, the toilet, the floor, the walls, you name it – in the bathroom as an aid to help you get it on. Any surface is fair game during bathroom sex if it's stable and you're ready to get creative.

Depending on the size of your bathroom, you'll want to adjust your positioning. For example, if you're in a public restroom stall, you'll need to be extra close – and extra quiet – during your bathroom sex, while if you're at home, you'll have a little more space to let your freak flag fly in the bathroom.

Different positions depend on what props you're using. Don't tug on towel holders, shower curtains, and other things during bathroom sex, as it can cause damage to your bathroom. These are less secure than the toilet or vanity and can easily break off the wall.

Before you get started, clean up your bathroom and clear off any surfaces you may be using. While you can always make it to the shower afterward to clean up, a clean bathroom will set the tone and mood for sexy bathroom sex free from dirt and grime. After all, the only thing you want getting dirty during bathroom sex is you.

man and woman in a bubble bath

Bathroom Sex Props

Depending on the bathroom, there are three main props that you can use to set your sex position: the toilet, the sink, and everything else. The positions, like you, can be flexible across different areas, but let's explore nine positions to elevate your bathroom sex, starting with using the toilet.


The toilet typically isn't the sexiest appliance in your house, but when used correctly during sex, it can help your partner reach new parts of your body, enhancing your sex and orgasm with every stroke.

One Foot Up On the Toilet

Flip the toilet seat down and put one leg on top of the seat. The receiving partner will want to brace against the wall and watch any shelves or cabinets that you need to dodge. The penetrating partner can take you from behind with as little or as much force as they want. You'll use the wall as leverage to meet your partner, stroke for stroke.

Adjust your leg for the best positioning. Your partner may be able to reach your g-spot in this position, so keep adjusting until they hit the right spot. If you want to take it up a notch, see if you can rest both feet on the toilet or stand on your tiptoes. With each adjustment, you'll feel different sensations.

Unlike some other positions, bathroom sex with one foot up works in even the tightest of spaces, so if you're looking to try public bathroom sex, this will be your go-to position. It's one of the most popular bathroom sex positions because it's good, quick, and easy, requiring little flexibility for you and your partner.

Reverse Cowgirl

Put the toilet seat down and have your partner sit down and lean back. Then, you'll want to straddle their lap facing the opposite way, gently penetrating yourself with their penis. Move around until you find a rhythm that works for you and your partner.

As you're riding them, make sure you're not jostling the toilet too much as it could cause damage to it or cause the back lid to fall off and shatter. The toilet makes the ideal seat to ride your partner, so use it as leverage to make your strokes count or lower back and forth to the floor.

In reverse cowgirl, you won't be able to see your partner's face, but they will be able to see your backside and guide your movements, so you both get the most pleasure out of this type of bathroom sex. Make sure you clear away anything around the toilet before starting, as you don't want to clean it up later.

man and woman inside a steamy shower


You can also have sex on the toilet face-to-face. It is perhaps the most intimate and tender type of bathroom sex because you can see each other's reaction, especially in such close quarters as a bathroom.

Put the toilet seat down. Your partner should sit down and lean back as you gently sit on their lap, slowly lowering down on their penis until it's deeply seated inside you. Use your partner to brace, lift up and down, and move side by side or in circular motions. Move in ways that feel comfortable to you.

Again, you'll want to make sure you don't jostle the toilet too much during the action to prevent damage. In this position, your partner can pay special attention to your breasts as your ride him to completion.

On the Sink

Consider the sink if you're not interested in using the toilet for bathroom sex. The angle will be higher, so your partner will need to stand during sink bathroom sex. If that's more your speed, here are three positions to try.

Oral Sex

Sit on the sink and scoot toward the edge. It is the perfect height to try oral sex before moving to the main event. Spread your legs, either supporting them with your hands or draping them over your partner's shoulders as they kneel between your legs. Please sit back and enjoy the show as they please you with their hands and mouth. The vantage from the sink will give you a new viewpoint as you watch your partner pleasure you.

Be careful as you thrash about in pleasure, as it's easy to slip off or hit the edge as you reach your peak. The last thing you want to do is fall off the sink during bathroom sex and injure you or your partner. Talk about a mood killer.

Spread Eagle

After, your partner can get in the standing position to achieve their orgasm, and you don't even need to move positions. Again, you'll want to be sitting on the edge of the sink. Your partner will position you as they slide home. Keep your legs in the air, move them to the side, or rest them on your partner. Each different position will cause the sink bathroom sex to feel differently.

No matter how you're having sex on the sink, be careful. The cool counter may feel great on your warm skin, but you may hurt yourself or crack the countertop if you slip. Avoid the faucet as it can dig into your skin or become loose in the heat of the moment.

man and woman in a shower

Doggy Style

If you don't feel comfortable sitting on the sink, you can always use it to brace. Turn with your back facing your partner and bend over. The sink is the ideal height for doggy style, so tilt your hips, stick out your butt, and help your partner get settled in for the ride. Facing away from your partner has the added benefit of watching yourself in the mirror. Once they are situated, you can stand up or bend over based on your preference.

Use the sink to ground yourself during bathroom sex as you push back. It will help you get the leverage to meet your partner's thrust for thrust. Again, you'll want to be safe. If you're sweaty, you may slip on the bathroom floor. You'll also want to make sure there are no rugs, garbage cans, towels, or other items on the floor that you or your partner could trip over.

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Other Locations

The sink and the toilet are the most popular sex aids for bathroom sex, but that doesn't mean you can't creatively use other surfaces in the bathroom.

Against the Wall

Have your partner push you against the wall. Much like the floor, it will feel cool against your hot skin, and you'll be feeling pressure from both sides as you start getting it on. Tilt your hips and arch your back for proper positioning as your partner slides in slowly. You may even get some clitoral stimulation from the friction.

It is a submissive pose, so be vocal about what you like and don't like. Tell them to ease up a bit if they're pounding too hard against the wall. If you are getting smooshed, use your hands to brace and give yourself some clearance against the wall.

two hands against shower glass

On the Floor

Don't forget about the floor when you're considering bathroom sex! The missionary position works fine if you're not feeling particularly spicy. However, you can also sit on your partner's lap, tangling your limbs together as you ride each other towards completion for deeper penetration. Rest your hands on the floor as you meet your partner's thrusts.

It can be more complicated than the others, so you may need to adjust your positioning until you find something that works. The cool floor will soothe your hot skin as you work up a sweat. Remove your bath mat, as it can slip or cause rug burn during penetrative sex.

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On Your Knees

Get on your hands and knees for doggy style. Tilt your hips as your partner guides their penis into you. You can brace against the floor, move against the wall, use the sink, or rest your hands on the toilet. Each will bring a different sensation because they are of different heights.

Explore what feels best for you, and don't stop until you're finished. Even if these are traditional positions for you, the new location will heighten the excitement and provide you with deep penetration. They'll feel brand new as you explore new places.

You can take almost all of these positions in the shower if you want to have shower sex.

Tips for the Best Bathroom Sex

Bathroom sex can be thrilling, especially if you're in a public bathroom, but you still want to stay safe. It's not as sexy in the moment, but practicing safe sex – both using protection and sex-proofing the bathroom – will heighten the experience. Let's talk about five tips to help you have the best bathroom sex of your life. As with all sex, don't forget the lube and use the restroom after to prevent a urinary tract infection.

man and woman in towels

Make Sure Surfaces Are Stable

Before you start having bathroom sex, give each surface a little wiggle. Does it feel secure? If the answer is yes, you're safe to have sex on it! If not, either tighten it up or pick a different surface. You don't want to break anything during sex, and making sure all the surfaces are stable during bathroom sex is the first step. You'll thank yourself later when you're not picking up the mess or losing your security deposit over a moment of intense pleasure.

Lock the Door

Locking the door is essential if you're having sex in a public place, in a bathroom at a friend's house, or if you have other people living in the house. You don't want anyone to walk in on your as you're getting frisky because it could kill the mood. If you are having sex in a public place, know that you may get caught walking out of the same stall, so be prepared to put on your game face.

Use the Mirror

Wherever you're having bathroom sex, use the mirror to your advantage. The best part of bathroom sex is that you can unabashedly watch yourself and your partner do the deed. It's erotic to watch their expressions and see and feel their hands on you while having bathroom sex.

Make It A Quickie

Unless you're in your home alone with nowhere to go, the best bathroom sex is quickie bathroom sex. You have each other right there on the floor, sink, or toilet. Someone's bound to notice that you're both missing, or people will start knocking on the door to use the restroom.

If you're having bathroom sex in public, you want to hit and quit it, discretely going back to whatever you were doing before anyone notices you're gone. Save the foreplay and romance for home, and leave the bathroom sex quick and dirty.

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Have Fun

Bathroom sex is fun! The thrill of getting caught can be exhilarating if you're in public, but even if you're at home, it's still fun. It's a new way to have sex, so spend time exploring what you like, what you don't like, and how you can bring your sex game to a new level. After all, it's crucial to christen every room of the house, so you might as well have fun doing it.

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Is Bathroom Sex Worth It?

Yes! Bathroom sex is a fun and rarely used way to get busy with your partner. The toilet and sink provide new heights that impact how sex feels, even if you're a seasoned married couple. The cold tile on your skin will feel heavenly once you're all hot and bothered by the bathroom sex.

Clean up the space before and after having bathroom sex. While it is a fun place to get it on, it is still one of the dirtiest places in your home. Jump in the shower to wash either down, and get ready for round two – you're going to need it!

The best shower sex position will get you and your partner off. Don't forget to use the showerhead, waterproof vibrators, and other sex toys. You'll reach pleasure you've never known when you move from bathroom sex to shower sex.

A great position can change your sex life, so don't be afraid to experiment with your partner whether you're having bathroom sex, shower sex, or any other type of sex. Communicate during sex and use lubricant and birth control if needed. You'll be making lists of where to have sex next in no time.

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