Top Signs You’ve Found a Kindred Spirit

We all long for human connection. Relationships have kept the human species alive for so long, after all. But while there are over 8 billion people globally, finding people we connect with is sometimes challenging. We all want to feel connected like we are part of something. Finding a kindred spirit is like finding a missing piece to ourselves. Kindred spirits make us feel like we belong. They make us feel less alone. So, what exactly is a kindred spirit, and how do you know if you’ve found one?kindred couple

What Is a Kindred Spirit?

A kindred spirit is someone whom you share a special kindred connection with. When you meet this person, it will feel as if you have known them your whole life. Like a soulmate, a kindred connection is a deep soul connection between two people. Something about them will feel special. You will find it easy to talk to them right away. There will never be awkward silences or confusion over how they feel about you. You both will be on the same wavelength, so to speak. There is no scientific proof of a kindred spirit. It is a metaphysical concept that you must experience yourself to understand. Do you have a close friend or family member with whom you share many interests? Do you both finish each other’s sentences or seem to know what the other is thinking? Can you look at one another and laugh with them more than you’ve laughed with anyone else? It’s very likely these people are kindred spirits you’ve been lucky enough to find.

Are kindred spirits lifelong friends? They can be, but they don’t have to be. Sometimes kindred spirits will stay with you forever. Other times you’ll meet them in passing. The length of a kindred spirit in your life doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are lucky enough to experience what it’s like to be around someone who truly understands you. Kindred spirits can be everywhere and anywhere. Today, it is more possible than ever to find your kindred spirit. The internet has allowed us to connect with millions of people from the comfort of our homes. It’s easier now than ever to join networks and social groups online with like-minded individuals. Your kindred soul could be one click away. 

Are Kindred Spirits’ Always Romantic Relationships?

A kindred spirit does not necessarily turn into a romantic relationship. Although it is very likely, they could. But a kindred spirit can often be a platonic relationship between two people. A kindred spirit also does not have to be human. It’s fairly common to find a kindred spirit in a pet or animal as animals possess as much of a spiritual soul as human beings. Finding multiple kindred spirits along your life’s journey is possible. Kindred spirits can manifest in the form of friends, coworkers, family members, or even acquaintances you know in passing (like the grocery store clerk or bartender at your favorite bar). A kindred spirit is anyone you have a soul connection to on a whole other level.

Top Signs You’ve Found a Kindred Spirit

1. Being Around Them Feels Natural

You know you’ve found a kindred spirit when being around them feels natural. You never need to guess yourself second when you’re with them because you know they understand. Kindred spirits share a deep connection because they are on the same wavelength. You will feel at peace with a kindred spirit like you don’t have to try too hard. They will never make you feel self-conscious about being who you are. They accept you for who and what you are, flaws and all. Being around your kindred spirit friend or family member makes you feel at home. couple having fun at beach

2. You Have Plenty of Shared Interests

If you’ve found a kindred spirit, you’ll notice you have a lot in common. Kindred spirits sometimes feel like meeting another version of ourselves. Don’t be surprised if your kindred spirit shares the same taste in music, food, or even has similar quirks. You may feel like you have met your spirit animal or doppelganger because of how similar you two are. Kindred spirit relationships are like twin flame relationships. You’ll feel as if you have met your other half. Kindred spirits share unique energy. When you think about it, all of us are made of energy. It would only make sense that some of us have similar energy levels in such a big world. When people describe themselves as “being on the same wavelength,” what they mean is they are vibrating on the same energy field. When you meet a kindred spirit who shares your energy, the vibration between you two feels almost magnetic. Your inner being recognizes a similar soul. Kindred spirits have much in common because of this.couple talking on couch

3. They’ll Push You To Become a Better Person

Being around a kindred spirit will inspire you to be a better person. Kindred souls bring out the best in one another. It feels good knowing someone understands you on a deeper level. It almost feels like a relief meeting a kindred spirit, as if you can finally relax and be yourself. You never have to put on a show or feel inadequate around your kindred spirits. They won’t judge or bully you into becoming something you are not. A kindred spirit has only good intentions for you. They want you to become the best version of yourself. They will inspire you and motivate you to pursue your dreams, whatever they may be. In return, you will want the same for them. Both of you benefit equally from being in a kindred spirit relationship. That’s why oftentimes, our kindred spirits are some of our dearest friends.

4. You Have Similar Values

Kindred spirits get along so well because they have similar values. They share the same view on life and what that means for them. It could mean you both have similar spiritual beliefs, morals, principles, or ways of doing things. When two kindred spirits meet, they often bond over their shared beliefs. It’s refreshing being around someone you don’t have to explain yourself to. They get it because they feel the same way. Kindred spirits don’t have to agree on everything necessarily, but they will have mutual respect regardless. Because they are so like one another, they can understand where the other person is coming from. Even if they don’t agree with them precisely. You know you’ve found a kindred spirit when you start a conversation with someone, and what they say resonates deeply with you. Something will “click,” and you’ll know you’ve met someone who gets it.

5. You Have an Insane Connection

Have you ever been thinking of someone when they suddenly called or sent you a text? Has something been on your mind recently that your friend or partner randomly brings up? Do you know what your friend or partner thinks without them saying anything? If you’ve had these experiences with anyone in your life, they’re likely a kindred spirit. Kindred spirits share an insane level of connection. You two are so connected that it may feel like you have a psychic connection. You will frequently finish each other’s sentences or somehow know what the other person wants. You can be in the same room or on the other side. The connection will remain strong as soul connections transcend time and space. This connection may be even stronger if your kindred spirit is also in a romantic relationship. A kindred spirit in the form of a romantic partner will be able to form a much deeper connection with you. The partnership will likely be long and lasting because of how well you two understand each other. The connection you have with this person will feel like none other.insane connection

6. There’s No Drama

Because kindred spirits get along so well, it should be no surprise that their relationship is generally drama-free. Kindred spirits get each other so well that it is very little they will find to argue about. It is where kindred spirit and twin flame or soulmate relationships differ. Both twin flame and soulmate relationships also share an insane connection. But while they mostly get along, they can push each other’s buttons. They know one another so well that they know how to get under each other’s skins. In a kindred spirit relationship, that’s rarely the case. Kindred spirits come together because they seek someone to complement them. They are looking for harmonious fun and positive vibes. They have no reason to argue because they prefer to stay on a positive wavelength. Kindred spirits are brought into our lives to uplift us. Arguments that bring lessons are best for soulmates, twin flames, or karmic partners.

7. You Can Be Weird Around Them

We can all be a little weird sometimes, let’s face it. But there’s nothing wrong with letting your freak flag fly if you’re around your kindred spirit. Life is too short to be serious all the time. Sometimes it’s fun to let loose and be a little goofy. Playing it cool all the time is exhausting. Both of you will immediately unwind when you’ve found a kindred spirit. You won’t feel weird for being weird. They’ll be just as strange as you, and you’ll love one another for it. Because you two share the same sense of humor, being silly with your kindred spirit will be a riot. You are an energetic match for keeping up with one another’s shenanigans. You find the same things funny, especially things that no one else seems to understand. It’s not uncommon for two kindred spirits to burst out laughing simultaneously because of the same thing. Just looking at your kindred spirit can be cause for hysterical laughter. You’ll know you’ve found a kindred spirit when you get a workout from laughing so hard together.couple being weird

8. You Miss Them Frequently

When you enjoy someone else’s company so immeasurably, you will miss their presence in your life. It is especially true of a kindred spirit who is your romantic partner. When you and your kindred partner are apart, you’ll notice their absence big time. You’ll miss your partner more deeply than others because it’s like missing a part of yourself. A kindred partner feels like two sides of the same coin. When they’re gone, you wish they were by your side. Missing your kindred partner this deeply isn’t necessarily unhealthy (though it could be if you have codependent tendencies). It just means that you and your partner have grown together so well that you now can’t imagine life without them. You want them by your side because that’s where you feel they belong. Two kindred spirit partners are rarely apart for very long because the distance is too much for them.

9. You Talk for Hours

You know you’ve found a kindred spirit when the two of you can talk for hours about anything and nothing simultaneously. Conversation flows effortlessly between kindred spirits because they have so much in common. Their thoughts are forming at the same speed, and their ideas are so similar. They love sharing what’s on their mind with one another because they know the other person will get them. Kindred spirits will find themselves chatting for hours, even if they consider themselves introverts. Introverted, quiet, or shy people will suddenly come alive when they meet a kindred spirit. To anyone observing from the outside, it would seem as if they were normally talkative people. However, that isn’t always the case. Kindred spirits allow each other to come out of their shells. When they’re together, it’s almost difficult for their mouths to keep up with their thoughts.couple talking

10. You Learn About Yourself

Kindred spirit relationships allow each person to learn about themselves through the other. A kindred spirit is like holding a mirror up in front of you. You are the outsider looking in at your kindred partner. You see your kindred partner for all they are, the good and the bad. Because you two are so similar, you see yourselves in them. You can look at their faults and strengths and apply that insight to yourself. Sometimes it’s difficult to look at our problems from a different perspective. We get lost in ourselves and our way of thinking. We can make easily solvable problems more difficult to solve than they need to be.

However, when we look at other people’s lives, isn’t it easier to see where they went wrong? Don’t their problems seem simple to fix compared to your own? Having a kindred spirit in your life allows you to learn about yourself through their experiences. You and your kindred spirit often share similar life events or problems. If you are observant and willing to learn, you will be able to learn from your mistakes. You can watch their reactions to certain life events and apply that wisdom to your own life. At the same time, you may be able to help them through their issues. A kindred spirit will be more willing to listen to someone who gets them than a random stranger.

11. You Feel Like You’ve Always Known Them

Meeting a kindred spirit will feel more like a reunion than a first-time meeting. Kindred spirits share such a unique connection that you’ll swear you’ve known them your whole life. If you’ve never met them, you’ll be willing to believe you’ve met them in a past life. Kindred spirits are sometimes people we’ve known in past existences, that is, if you believe in reincarnation. Reincarnation can be the explanation for why it is that kindred spirits we’ve never met before feel so familiar. In a past life, they were our mother, father, sibling, or lover. Meeting a kindred spirit feels like a reunion because sometimes, it quite literally is a reunion. It could be because your soul recognizes its long-lost friend when you meet a kindred spirit and feel immediately at ease. Like soulmates and twin flames, kindred spirits do their best to find each other in the next life. If you’ve met a kindred spirit, the two of you could be picking up where you left off.couple making heart

Final Thoughts

A kindred spirit is a metaphysical term for describing a person with whom you share a deep connection. Many theories surround kindred spirits as being people who share the same brain waves, energy field, or friends from past lives. No scientific textbook can tell you about the origin of kindred spirits. A kindred spirit is between two people that science can’t explain. The only way to understand is to experience it yourself. If you’ve experienced these signs above, you’ve likely met a kindred spirit. If you’re lucky, you’ll have kindred spirits for the rest of your life’s journey.

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