How To Start Dating Again With 12 Easy Steps

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Are you someone who's been off the market for quite some time and is looking to get back in the game? You're probably wondering how to start dating again. Well, it's no easy feat!

Even the thought of going out after a bad breakup, rough divorce, or even a dry spell may make you feel stressed. Because it's a long process, one keeps wondering where to start. Should you join a dating app? Or should you hire a matchmaker? Or should you just slide into people's DMs? Although these strategies could work pretty well, this guide help you start dating again. Below we provide you  with dating tips for new relationships.

Trust us and trust the process; we’ll surely help you get there!

12 Steps To Follow To Start Dating Again

This 12-step guide is all you need to know on how to start dating again. And if you’re someone who's just gotten in a relationship and is looking for advice, we’ve got your back! Read more to find out.

Close The Last Chapter

If you’re someone who's getting back into the dating world and has gotten out of something terrible in the past, then remember, here's a sign: close your previous chapter! Without taking this step, you won’t be able to move on in life. Better people and relationships will always be stuck in the past, and its baggage will remain with you whenever you meet someone new (and potentially great). So, for your own sake and for the sake of new people you’ll meet, let go and close the chapter so you can start a new one.

Hit rewind And Go Back To What You Enjoyed Doing

As your relationship progresses, you seem to get disconnected from what you enjoyed doing in the past. It's recommended that you come up with a list of things you did in the past that brought your joy. It could be painting, gardening, and even baking. Anything can be exciting if it's what you love doing. Reconnect with what you love and yourself. By doing so, you may be able to connect with potential partners easier.

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Self-Love is Key

Before giving yourself a chance to date and even considering starting dating again, another critical factor to focus on is self-love. Remember this: You can’t love someone else until you love yourself. Applaud how far you've come and let go of the negatives from your past. This is part of the process.

Be Clear On What You Want

Before starting to date again, be clear on what you want from your partner. If control is what got you and your ex to break up, make sure to jot down this on the list of things that are just a no-go for you. This way, you’ll recognize what you need and what sort of energy you want around you. Some needs can be compromised, and some are just non-negotiable, so make sure you’re aware of what you’ll compromise on and what's something that you won’t tolerate. This simplifies the process and helps you look for a partner that may contrast you.

Take as Much Time as You Need

A recipe for success is when you're ready to begin with the process. Rushing into it without being aware that you’re mentally prepared to meet new people is a recipe for disaster. Would you please not stay in for too long? Getting out there and getting comfortable with your company is also something many people feel uncomfortable doing. Hence they avoid meeting new partners for some time, give themselves a deadline and then getting themselves out there to start dating again.

Analyze How You Feel:

You know you have to stop moping around and start searching for a partner that's good for you. Ask yourself if you’re ready for something promising or looking for something casual. This way, you can easily dictate the process. Let's suppose you went out with a guy who's looking for something while you're out there looking for a casual hook-up; you both won't get what you want, leaving you in a different light. Be sure first, and then go from there. It's okay to struggle.

There Should Be a Lack of Fear When You Begin Dating

When you’re no longer scared of the dating process, that's when you’re ready to begin. Imagine yourself sitting down in front of someone discussing family, work, personal interests, and if the thought excites you, then say yes to the friend who's dying to set you up on a date. No such friend?  Join a dating app and enjoy the process!

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Allow Yourself to Start Dating

One of the biggest dating tips for new relationships and people who wonder how to start dating again is getting over bad experiences and getting on with the journey of self-love. Are you on the journey of self love? If so, you’re ready to start dating again.

Throw Dating Rules Straight Out of the Window

There’s no such thing as a rulebook with dating rules. It's just a process that you follow according to your own needs and requirements. If you feel that doing something on a second date makes you and your partner happier, go for it, and if you feel as if things are going fast and you both are perfectly okay with it, there isn't any harm and going fast. It's all about what you want and what pace works for you and your partner. Nothing else matters. A book of rules, which doesn’t exist, will only pressure you to do things the way someone else prescribes. In reality, doing things someone else’s way won’t work for you over time.

The Conversation Should Be Kept Light And Comfortable

Keep conversations in a new relationship light. You're just getting back into the process, and you don’t want to go too far off the deep end with serious conversations that remind you of your past. Who said explaining your whole life story on the first date is a requirement? Instead, take this time to enjoy and discuss light-hearted and easy-going topics, so the conversation goes on. Don't ask too much, and don't share too much. Try not to scare yourself or your partner.

Indulge in Various Ways of Meeting People

If you're seriously considering how to start dating again, then be open to meeting all types of people. Give dating apps a shot, let your friends set you up on a blind date with their colleague or friend, sign up for a painting class and socialize with potential love interests. If someone's looking at you and smiling in the grocery store, chat with them too. This is a chance to branch out and discover what makes you feel comfortable while meeting new people.  

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Pace Yourself

You aren't in a sprint where crossing the line is the only thing on your mind. You're just a casual person living an everyday life looking to forget a bad past and wanting to enjoy your time with a new partner. Look at it as socializing and getting to know some cool new peopleYou might not end up together, but so what? It could be the start to a fantastic friendship too, you never know!

Bottom Line

Keep in mind that putting yourself out there and deciding to explore different options means that you should move slowly. Climb the staircase taking slow, mindful steps. It may feel exhausting but what you'll learn in the process is what matters. Meeting new people and learning new things about yourself and everyone around you will help you grow as an individual. Close that previous troubling chapter – it’ll soon be eclipsed by the rest of your book of love. Love yourself and allow yourself to listen to your heart and build connections with yourself and others. Be patient, and don't worry, you’ve got this!

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