How to Experience the Thrill of Beach Sex

man laying on top of a woman on the beach

Picture this. You’re lying on the beach with your partner. You’ve got a drink in one hand, and you’re sensually stroking your partner’s arms to the beat of the waves. The sounds of the ocean are only heightening your passion. The sun on your skin makes you want to get out of your clothes quickly. The next thing you want to hit crescendo is your orgasm in tune with the sound of the waves. You’re ready to get it on and fast, and the beach is the perfect place.

Beach sex is a common fantasy. We’ve all heard sex stories about it, but it’s trickier than you’d think. As much as you want to do the deed, you must prepare for it to ensure you and your partner have the best experience. You need a little luck and preparation, but here’s how to experience the thrill of beach sex, bringing your pleasure to new heights.

How to Have Beach Sex

Beach sex seems simple. All you need to do is have sex on the beach, but it’s a little more complicated than that. Many sexual fantasies leave out the reality that sand will get everywhere. You need to wear easily accessible clothes to get undressed and dressed at the drop of a hat, and it’s illegal. The punishment for getting caught having sex on a beach could vary from a fine to criminal charges to being listed on the sex offender registry, so you’ll want to be discrete during beach sex. Sex in a public place is against the law, and you don’t want to be caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Still, the thrill of getting caught can be a turn-on, so couples have beach sex and other types of public sex all the time despite the risks. Be safe, fast, and quiet, and you’ll be well on your way to having the best beach sex of your life.

Tips for Having Beach Sex

There’s a time and a place for spontaneity, but beach sex is not one of them unless you want to end up with sand everywhere, friction burns, and general discomfort for days. Despite that, it can be incredibly sexy when you do it correctly. Here’s how to experience the thrill of beach sex safely. With the right time and preparation, you’ll be ready to get down on the beach when the mood strikes you, driven by the thrill of getting caught.

man and woman kissing on the beach

Find a Private Location

A private location is the most critical aspect of beach sex. Remember, the more isolated, the better. In most places, beach sex is illegal, and while the severity of the punishments varies based on the location, it’s best to avoid all that by finding a private spot on the beach before you start to get it on.

Bring an umbrella if you’re having sex on the beach during broad daylight. Adjust it to block you and your partner from view, especially if there’s a walking path nearby. Offset yourself from the water, near a tree or brush cover. Although the umbrella won’t hide everything, it will give you a little bit of privacy that could protect you from strangers accidentally stumbling on you. You and your partner should test it out before you strip down to ensure it gets the job done.

Otherwise, use the cover of night time to hide what you’re doing. Not seeing will heighten your other senses, making the sex feel even hotter. Focus on touching your partner, alternating gentle strokes with passionate embraces as you have great sex on the beach.

Keep an eye out for any flashlights or sounds lest someone unsuspectingly stumble upon you. The good news is, at night, you can easily sneak away to the shadows so that everyone will be none for the wiser. While it can be tempting to keep going, only do so if you are far enough away and can be extremely quiet. Beach sex is about intimacy, not getting caught in the act.

Lay Down a Towel

Big fluffy beach towels will be your best defense between you and getting sand in your nether bits, so make sure you have some on hand. To be safe, bring extra towels that you can use after to wipe down, especially if you go for a dip afterward to rinse off. You cannot have enough towels if you’re planning beach sex.

You’ll want a big blanket. You’ll have more surface space to work with when you’re getting it on. Stop what you’re doing and clean up if you get sand on yourself. The sand will cause friction burns that can be very painful. They can even get infected without proper care if you keep going, so while it’s a mood killer, it’s essential to take care of it as soon as possible.

If you don’t have a towel, use a blanket. Do not have beach sex without some coverage from the elements. In addition to sand, there are bugs, trash, and other things that could be dangerous to your health and well-being. After all, it’s a public space, so it’s best to be protected while you’re having beach sex. You don’t want to bring anything but souvenirs home after beach sex.

man and woman laying on the beach kissing

Have Fun!

After you’ve scouted out a spot and laid down your towel, have fun with it! Don’t let the stress of getting caught dampen your idea of a good time. Beach sex is about mixing it up, so try different positions. Traditionally missionary isn’t going to cut it during beach sex. If someone walks by when your partner’s butt is in the air, it’s obvious what they’re doing, no matter how fast you cover up—the same with oral sex.

It would be best if you were sneaky, so instead, get creative. Beach sex is about being discrete. If the sand is a deterrent, try having sex in a beach chair. If you don’t want to take off your clothes, have your partner move your bikini bottom to the side and slide in. Put a towel over you, and you’ll look like you’re trying to warm up. Don’t skimp on the dirty talk. It will make the beach sex even hotter. Once finished on the beach, bring the fun home to the hotel room.

No matter what you’re doing, if you’re having sex on a public beach, make sure you have a blanket nearby to cover up if needed and go for it! Don’t skip the foreplay before the clothes come off. The anticipation, coupled with the fear of getting caught, will be a huge turn-on for both you and your partner. Beach sex can be fun and sexy, so don’t lose sight of the intimacy of the moment.

Get in the Water After

Sand gets everywhere, even if you have a giant towel or blanket. It’s the nature of the beast, especially if you were wet before doing the deed or covered in suntan lotion. Hop in the water to clean up! It will have the bonus effect of cleaning up the sticky after-sex mess, though prepare yourself for the shock of cold water.

You can either skinny-dip or get your swimsuits back on. Once you’re in the water, help each other rinse off. Go slowly and explore every nook and cranny of each other’s body to ensure you’ve got it all. Make out. Just because the sex is over doesn’t mean you can’t bask in the afterglow. If you are naked, you’ll have to risk running back. Public nudity is just as illegal as having beach sex in public, so be ready to sprint when the coast is clear.

Have a clean towel ready when you get out of the water. You don’t want to use the same one you just had sex on because the sand will be embedded in it, no matter how vigorously you shake it out. You’ll be finding grains of sands for weeks after your beach sex.

man and woman being intimate on the beach

What to Avoid During Beach Sex

Now that you know what to do during beach sex, let’s talk about what not to do. By avoiding these behaviors, you can limit the risk of getting caught, keeping it great sex on a secluded beach instead of a moment of temptation that led to big trouble.

Loud Noises

It’s easy to get carried away at the moment, but moaning, grunting, screaming, and other sounds are sure to get you caught. If you can’t keep it down, muffle your sounds with the towel, your discarded clothes, your hand, or even your partner’s shoulder. It doesn’t matter what you cover your mouth is, just that you do to keep it down.

Loud noises may draw people to see what’s going on. If they know what’s going on, they could report you to the authorities. The goal of beach sex is to have sex on the beach, not to get caught having beach sex. Leave the voyeurism for a safe space that won’t land you in jail.

Long Sessions

While you don’t want to skip the foreplay, you want to avoid having a long, drawn-out lovemaking session. What you’ve seen or read about it rarely considers the reality that you can get into serious trouble if you get caught. Heavy fines and a spot on the sex offender registry aren’t as sexy as the idea of beach sex, so you want to do all you can to avoid getting caught.

Make out and heavy pet over the clothes as long as you want to, but when it comes time to do the deed, don’t make it a production unless there’s no chance of you getting caught. Go for it if you’re on a private beach, completely secluded from others. Otherwise, keep it to a quickie.

Sex in the Water

It can be tempting to bring the beach sex to the water but resist the urge. It may seem clean, but it’s filled with germs, bugs, and trash, which can lead to some nasty infections. Water will find its way up there, and what goes up must eventually come down, so you’ll be dripping long after the fact.

The water can be great for foreplay. You’re covered from view, so you can slip your hand under your partner’s clothes to get to second base, but when it comes to having sex bring it back to the beach to protect your sexual health.

woman kissing man by the shore


If you get caught, don’t panic. The worst thing you can do is jump and scramble to get your clothes. It will make you look as guilty as you are. Instead, casually cover up with the blanket or change positioning to hide what you’re doing. If it’s nighttime, scoot away from the passersby into the shadows until the coast is clear.

Panicking will only get you caught faster, so it’s essential to think on your feet if you want to get away with it. You’ll want to finish your partner right then and there but wait. Keep the mood going with kissing and touching as you wait. Then, once it’s safe, get back to business.

How to Have Beach Sex at Home

If a beach vacation isn’t in your future, you experience the thrill of beach sex at home with a few fun steps. Bring the beach to you as you dream of your next trip and have beach sex at home. But don’t bring sand. You’ll be cleaning it up forever.

Don Your Swimsuit

You’ll start feeling like you’re at the beach as soon as you put your swimsuit on, and the tinier, the better! Your partner will have fun untying the straps little by little, taking their time in ways they couldn’t if you were having beach sex.

Engage Your Senses

The scent is one of our most powerful senses, so light up a candle, put on some beachy perfume, and get to work. When you close your eyes, you’ll remember all the great memories from the beach, transporting you to the last time you had beach sex.

man and woman in the ocean kissing

Open a Window

If it’s windy, you’ll want to open a window. The breeze will help you feel like you’re outdoors, whipping your hair back and forth as you’re having sex. It is a quick hack to recreate the beach sex experience if the weather’s cooperating. No one wants to have beach sex in the cold.

Set the Mood

You’ve got your candles lit, but that’s just the beginning. Lay down a towel on the floor, and spray it with a beachy scent for extra points. Turn on beach sounds on your phone and play them as you fantasize about having sex on the beach. It’s no substitute for real beach sex, but it can do in a pinch.

Get It On

Beach sex at home is fun because you can have all the fun without the messy clean-up. You can also try different sex positions, including oral sex, as you fantasize about being on a public beach. After setting the mood, get down to business. Role-playing and fantasizing about having beach sex can improve your sex life.

woman kissing a man on the shore of a beach

Most Important Facts to Remember about Beach Sex

Beach sex is fun and sexy, but it’s more work than you think. If you’re planning a beach vacation and are entertaining the idea of having beach sex, keep the following tips in mind.

Find a private location, away from popular beaches and walking paths. Use the natural cover of trees and shade, in addition to any umbrellas. Beach sex is safest at night under the added protection of the darkness. Just because you can’t see each other doesn’t mean it won’t be just as sexy as during the daytime.

Use protection, and not just condoms. Towels and blankets keep most of the sand off your body, essential for beach sex. Nothing will take you out of the moment faster than getting sand where it shouldn’t be. Not only is it painful, but it’s also unsanitary. You can get skin infections and UTIs after having beach sex if you’re not careful.

Rinse up afterward. Get some of the sand off you by taking a quick dip in the water. Gently stroke each other’s bodies as you try to get the fine grains off each other. Take the time to kiss and relish the moment. After all, you’re on a beach with your partner. You’ve just had beach sex. You’re allowed to take a moment to come down.

As long as you’re safe and careful, beach sex can be a fun and exciting way to mix it up while on vacation. Old married couples can introduce the spark back in their relationship, while newer couples can relish the moment and the new location. Make sure you’re both comfortable and have at it!

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