Does He Like Me More Than a Friend? 10 Signs He Does

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Does he like me more than a friend? This is an essential question. Maybe you’ve been hanging out with a man for a long time, and now the whole dynamic has started to feel different. You share a fantastic bond, incredible chemistry, and everything just vibes, but you’re stuck on a simple question: does he like me?

As men are less expressive in the initial stages, it’s challenging to find out what they have in their minds and how they feel about you. Getting him to acknowledge his feelings can be a little challenging. However, men are good at leaving hints. If a man likes you as more than a friend, he will probably act in a way that will let you know how he feels. If you’re still not sure, don’t worry. Instead of endlessly wondering “does he like me,” start looking for these signs.

 1.     He asks a lot of questions

No matter how long you two have known each other, he still wants to know more about you. Even after long talks and a lot of banter, he’ll keep asking you questions. He never gets tired of listening to you no matter how much you talk and no matter what you talk about. He seems enraptured with you: he’ll listen with total concentration and interest.

Listening in this context means active listening. In other words, he is engaged in the conversation. If he likes you, he will remember every single detail of what you tell him. He’ll reassure you never bore him, and he can listen to you talk all day long — even if it isn’t about anything important.

2.     He Initiates Contact

Communication is key in any relationship. When you’re asking yourself, “does he like me?” you should ask if he ever initiates contact. If he likes you, he’s probably not going to leave you alone. He’ll send you a good morning text or randomly contact you to chat or share things. If you’re in the friend zone, chances are you won’t be getting frequent communications from him.

If you still find yourself asking, “Does he like me more than a friend?” then you should evaluate how often he contacts you. If you talk every day, he likes you. If you talk once a week, he’s probably not that into you. When a man likes you and wants to move on to being more than friends, he’ll be trying to get together, hang out, or even just chat on the phone or via facetime while you two do nothing together.

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3.     His Body Language

Another essential factor that will help you identify the answer to “does he like me more than a friend?” is what his body language says. The best approach is to watch how he holds his posture when talking to other people. How does he stand? How close is he to them? Does he make a lot of eye contact? Now compare this to how he acts around you. If he likes you more than a friend, he’s going to treat you delicately. He’s going to be attentive, stand close, maybe try to sneak in a soft touch on the shoulder or arm. He will be engaged, warm, and present with you in a way he isn’t with other people.

4.     He Remembers Details

One thing that men tend to do when they like a woman is to remember the little details. These details could be anything from something you told him months ago to your family’s funny story or your dog’s birthday. If he remembers even the tiniest minutiae about you, the answer to “does he like me more than a friend?” is definitely yes!

The truth is, no man pays close attention to details when he looks at someone as “just a friend.” Men are notoriously inattentive to fine details and often just smile and nod to get through a conversation if the other person is not interesting to them. When a guy remembers little details about you, he wants to make you feel important and show you that he cares enough to pay attention to what you say to him. By remembering the little details, he’s giving you more attention than he would to someone who’s just a friend.

5.     He Sneaks Little Glances At You

As a friendship turns into something deeper, you might notice him looking at you more. He might be staring at you from across a room or sneaking little glances at you to see what you’re doing.  This makes sense: when we like something or someone, we tend to look at it more often. If he is staring longingly at you, gazing from across the room, or even just catching little glimpses of you now and then, the answer to the question “does he like me more than a friend?” is definitely yes. If you catch him staring at you in the future, stare back to drop a few hints from your side, too. A long gaze into one another’s eyes might just be the thing to bring your relationship to the next level.

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6.     He’s Nervous

When a guy likes you, he will probably feel a little nervous around you. Even if he’s confident, he probably wonders if you like him back. Is he acting a little shy, awkward, or uncomfortable around you? Is this behavior out of character for him? If so, his nervousness shows that he likes you but is too afraid to accept it or tell you right away. This is a good sign: it shows that he respects you and your boundaries.

7.     He Wants OneOnOne Hangouts

If you still find yourself wondering, does he like me?another good sign to look for is that he asks for one-on-one hangouts. Guys and girls can definitely be platonic friends, but more often than not, they are platonic friends in a group context. If he wants to hang out as just the two of you, there’s a high probability that he likes you more than a friend

Even if he doesn’t take you out one-on-one, maybe you find him wanting to be close to you in group settings. He also might try to break off from the crowd and be together just as the two of you or look for excuses to break apart from the group together. These signs show that he’s drawn to you and wants things to go forward.

8.     He Gets Jealous

Have you ever caught him getting a little sad or jealous when you mention other men or talk to them? Well, that is an enormously big sign that he’s fallen for you. The main signs of jealousy include sudden changes in tone or visible changes in facial expressions. He might even try to hide his jealousy behind curiosity: “Who’s that guy? Oh, him? What did you guys do?” When he’s clearly jealous of other men who spend time with you, he’s definitely into you in a big way. If he’s jealous, you can bet money that the answer to “Does he like me?” is a resounding yes.  

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 9.     He Notices New Things About You

Some changes are pretty obvious: a new face tattoo is hard to miss. But men are not usually observant about other details. Newly shaped eyebrows or a new piercing will probably fly under the radar of the average guy. So, if your guy notices when you make a relatively minor change, he definitely likes you more than a friend.

10. He Respects You

Men keep the value of respect in high regard. For them, it is the foundation for any relationship. If a man doesn’t respect someone, he’ll probably show it by ignoring them or paying minimal attention to anything they do. On the other hand, if he likes you, he’ll value your opinions, admire them, listen to them, and express supportiveness. He’ll also respect your time, meeting you on time for hangouts, and being respectful of the time-focused boundaries you set with him. 

Behavior like canceling plans at the last minute, not asking you to text once you get home, or keeping you waiting for a long time are all serious red flags that he doesn’t respect you. Most importantly, if you set boundaries of any kind and he doesn’t respect them, he’s not worth your time.


When you need to know if a guy likes you in a romantic way, you should look for the signs and behaviors listed here. If he seems to hang on to your every word, tries to get close to you, likes to spend time one-on-one, and remembers your favorite color, he’s probably very interested in you as more than friends. If you share these feelings, don’t be afraid to tell him so! Men love a woman who isn’t afraid to share her real feelings. If he’s showing you these ten signs of romantic interest, then you may be experiencing the beginnings of a fruitful and fun romantic relationship.

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