Amazon Sex Position Explained

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Amazon women are derived from Greek mythology and described as being strong, beautiful female warriors. Being referred to as an Amazon would likely be a compliment for most women. Who wouldn’t want to be compared to a bad-ass sexy female warrior, right? And there is hardly a man to be found who wouldn’t want to have sex with a bad-ass sexy female warrior (“Xena: Warrior Princess” was a popular TV show for a reason.) The Amazon sex position is an excellent way to bring some of that sexy, strong female energy into the bedroom. This woman on top sex position will put the female partner in control from start to finish. Her partner will be at the mercy of her bidding as she grinds and thrusts her way to orgasm. Couples who are tired of the usual dominance roles in heterosexual sex might find the Amazon sex position to be a welcome change. While the Amazon sex position doesn’t promise to give the female partner Greek warrior like strength, there’s nothing wrong with her acting like it does while she humps her man into submission.

amazon sex position

What Is the Amazon Sex Position?

While she won’t be needing any Amazonian warrior skills in the Amazon sex position, the female partner will be required to have some stamina. The male partner’s job is a little easier, but he’ll need a little bit of flexibility to do this one comfortably. So, how do you do the Amazon sex position? The Amazon sex position is a woman on top position that requires the female partner to straddle her man in a low squat while she controls penetration in an upwards and downwards motion. The male partner will be lying on his back with his knees bent and brought up close to his chest. The female partner will then get on top of him in between his legs and straddle his penis with one foot on either side of him on the bed. She will be in a low squat position with her hands resting on her partner’s shins for balance. She can also use her partner’s shins for leverage as she starts bouncing up and down on his penis as if she were doing mini squats between her partner’s legs. The Amazon sex position is different than other woman on top sex positions because of the more vulnerable position her partner will be in. The male partner’s legs will be curled up closer to his chest, almost like the fetal position. It’s for this reason the Amazon sex position most likely gets its name. The female partner will look like a bad-ass warrior overpowering her partner.

Of course, in this case he will be willingly succumbing to her wishes. The male partner will no doubt enjoy a break from doing most of the work like he is required to do in other sex positions. And we hardly doubt he will mind watching his partner’s breasts bounce up and down as she rides him vigorously like she’s riding into battle. Female partners will love the Amazon sex position if she likes to control the depth and pace of penetration. This is especially convenient for women who may sometimes feel pain during sex due to deep penetration and other factors.  In the Amazon sex position, she can ride her partner as deep or shallow as she desires. She may also find that the Amazon sex position is easier for her to achieve orgasm in. Woman on top sex positions allow a greater chance of clitoral stimulation because they can grind their clitoris against their partner’s pelvis. Many women can only achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation. Sex positions that make that easier are worth adding to your bedroom repertoire.

Tips for Amazon Sex Position 

Again, neither partner needs to have any Amazon warrior-like skills to do the Amazon sex position. But the female partner may need a little Amazon warrior strength for squatting up and down on her partner’s penis. Woman on top sex positions don’t come without any downsides, unfortunately. The downside is that she’ll have to do all the work. And in the Amazon sex position, that means she’ll be getting one hell of a quad workout. If the squatting ever becomes too much, she can modify by dropping down onto her knees in what is known as the kneeling Amazon sex position. She’ll still have complete control over penetration but will be putting a little less pressure on her quads. This may be a helpful modification if couples find penetration in the Amazon sex position to be tricky. Penetration could be harder to achieve if the female partner’s legs are exceptionally long or her partner’s penis is on the smaller side. In both scenarios, achieving full penetration is made difficult by the height difference between the female partner’s vagina and her partner’s penis. Another option would be to try to reverse Amazon sex position. Reverse Amazon sex position requires the female partner to mount her partner’s penis as she would in kneeling Amazon sex position, but with her backside facing her partner instead. She might feel like she is doing reverse cowgirl if cowgirls were Amazon warriors.

The male partner doesn’t have to do much in the Amazon sex position. All that is required of him is to have a small amount of flexibility to keep his legs apart while his partner is in between them doing her thing. Because she will be resting lightly on his thighs, he has the option to give her an extra push-up as she is pumping up and down. This may give her some relief as well from doing most of the work herself. Other than that, the male partner should feel free to enjoy the view of his partner taking full advantage of him. The Amazon sex position provides the ultimate opportunity for couples to try out their dominatrix fantasy. A dominatrix is a term for a female partner who takes the dominant role in BDSM role-playing. The female partner can use the Amazon sex position as an excuse to exert control over her partner. Couples might find the role reversal exciting, especially if they add some kinky dominatrix attire and accessories. Tie your male partner’s wrists up with a rope, or make him wear a collar as you take advantage of him while on top. He’ll love being your sex slave for the night as you get your pleasure from riding his penis.

The cons to doing the Amazon sex position is that it might not be physically possible for some people. Ladies with a little more meat on their bones might find the Amazon sex position difficult not only to get into but also to maintain. While larger ladies can do women on top sex positions, this one requires a little more than your basic cowgirl sex position. The kneeling Amazon sex position would be a better variation for more prominent ladies to experiment with first. Women of every size need to be cautious that they don’t get too much air while riding their partner in the Amazon sex position. Bouncing up and down too enthusiastically could potentially lead to her partner’s penis slipping out and causing a penile fracture if it bends the wrong way. While penis injuries happen statistically more during rear entry sex positions, women on top sex positions are close behind. The female partner can easily avoid this problem by slowing down her pace and communicating with her partner. She should also try leaning forward more as that may take pressure off her partner’s suspensory ligaments in his penis that might be under strain. The male partner should not be afraid of letting his Amazon princess know when her thrusting is making him uncomfortable. If he fears that slippage might be an issue in the Amazon sex position, they may want to try switching up sex positions. Below are similar sex positions that you and your partner might find enticing if you enjoy the Amazon sex position.

Similar Sex Positions

brute sex position

The Brute

The brute sex position is precisely like reverse Amazon sex, except that the male partner will be on top. In the brute sex position, the female partner will be lying on her back with her legs bent and elevated. Her male partner will then climb on top of her backward so that his backside is facing her while he kneels in between her legs to penetrate her. This position will allow for super-deep penetration, which may help stimulate his partner’s G-spot and other vaginal erogenous zones. G-spot stimulation can induce intense female orgasms. This may take some experimenting with angles for this to be the most effective, however. Unfortunately, the brute sex position does not allow for any intimacy, which is most likely why it is called the brute. It’s not the most romantic sex position, but it is certainly something different to try. The deep penetration in the brute sex position is its main benefit, but there are plenty of other deep penetration sex positions that are much more intimate. The male partner also has a greater chance of hurting his penis due to the awkward angle of penetration.

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The Asian Cowgirl

We’re not sure how the Asian cowgirl gets its name. Nonetheless, the Asian cowgirl is another woman on top position that provides an excellent opportunity for the female partner to do her thing. Like the Amazon sex position, she will need a lot of quad strength and stamina. The Asian cowgirl begins like all women on top sex positions, with the female partner straddles her partner. The male partner will be lying flat on his back on the bed. The female partner will mount him, like in a cowgirl position, but instead of placing one knee on either side of her partner’s hips, she’ll keep her feet flat on the bed. She will be in a low squatting position, much like her positioning in the Amazon sex position. From here, she will use the strength in her legs to push herself up and down on top of her partner’s penis. She can place her hands on her partner’s chest to help her balance as she does so.

Additionally, she may find leaning forward, or backward will help to change the angle of penetration. This position can become tiring for the female partner after a short time because of the quad work. Some of the work may be alleviated by placing a pillow beneath the female partner’s butt, so she doesn’t have to squat down as low. Even then, the Asian cowgirl may only be fun for a few minutes. After that, couples may want to switch to a more accessible sex position.

Fast Fuck Position

We’re not sure if this sex position is called the fast fuck because of the tempo of penetration or because one of you is likely to orgasm quickly while doing it. Either way, the fast fuck provides some sweet spot penetration for both partners to enjoy equally. The fast fuck will require the male partner to be on his back with his legs bent and feet flat on the floor. The female partner will kneel or squat over her partner’s penis, much like the Amazon sex position. However, in the fast fuck position, she will not be responsible for any of the thrusting. Instead, she will stay hovering above her partner’s pelvis while he uses his feet to thrust his hips upward and inside his partner’s vagina. The female partner can place her palms on her partner’s chest for support while she pumps in and out of her. This sex position is great for hot, fast sex if you and your partner want to bang. The fast fuck allows for eye contact, which will allow for some intimacy, but this position is really about getting it on. As with the Amazon sex position, male partners with small penises might find this one difficult for penetration. In that case, couples can quickly revert into cowgirl sex position, which will make it easier for the female partner to grind her pelvis onto her partner’s penis for deeper penetration. The female partner might get some clitoral stimulation in the fast fuck position if her partner thrusts fast enough to pound against her pubic bone. This could allow for an incredible orgasm.

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More Thoughts To Consider When Doing the Amazon Sex Position

As mentioned earlier, the Amazon sex position is physically demanding on the female partner’s thighs. This means it will be challenging to do this position for a long time. It may be a great move to start or finish with, but don’t plan on the Amazon sex position being the main event. Have a few other sex positions in mind to quickly transition to afterward. While the Amazon sex position is a fun way to experiment with role reversal, that might not be for everyone. There’s nothing wrong with admitting you like to keep things traditional. And if woman on top sex positions doesn’t do it for you, they don’t do it for you. This may be true for either partner. Some people like to be dominating, while others prefer to be submissive. What turns individuals on is different for everyone. There is no shame in admitting your preferences.

Woman on top sex positions may also be more difficult for women who are uncomfortable with their bodies. In the Amazon sex position, the female partner will be doing a lot of bouncing around with her body on full display for her partner. While her partner will undoubtedly find this incredibly sexy, she may be self-conscious of some of her trouble spots jiggling about. This may make it hard for her to enjoy what she’s doing, as women who are self-conscious about their bodies feel less pleasure during sex. In this case, woman on top sex positions might not be the best choice. However, female partners who are self-conscious of their trouble zones may feel more confident doing women on top sex positions if they wear something covering them. A sexy nightgown that covers her trouble zones while showing off her tremendous cleavage will allow her to enjoy herself without worrying about her partner seeing her jiggly bits. Her partner can help her feel more comfortable by insisting he loves looking at her body, jiggly bits and all. But if she still finds it awkward being on top, switch to another position. Both partners should be comfortable in sex positions for sex to be most enjoyable. The Amazon sex position won’t be for everyone, and that’s okay. Sex is about exploring your likes and dislikes until you find the perfect fit (no pun intended). Keep experimenting and keep having fun while doing it.

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