Why Your Twin Flame Love May Not Be Your Soulmate

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We’re here to answer why your twin flame love may not be your soulmate in this article!

What is a twin flame? What is a soulmate? What are the differences between the two? Are they the same thing? We will answer these questions in this very article!

There are loads of attributes characterized as similarities between a twin flame and soulmate connection, but the two are decidedly different, but not by far. As you continue reading, you’ll discover all the information you’ve been searching for on the difference between twin flames and soulmates, along with how you can tell you have a twin flame or a soulmate. 

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What Is A Twin Flame?

A twin flame is an intense, deep soul connection between two people who are each other’s other half. Occasionally referred to as a “mirror soul,” the idea or belief of twin flames is based on the perception that sometimes a soul can split between two separate bodies. A relationship between twin flames is believed to be both healing and challenging due to the belief that your twin flame will exemplify your deepest fears and insecurities while also helping you overcome them and vice versa. 

Signs You’ve Found Your Twin Flame.

Do you know what signs to look for when you meet your twin flame? Have you met your twin flame? Keep reading to figure out how to know when you’ve met your twin flame

Instant Recognition Upon First Meeting One Another

When first meeting your twin flame, there can be an instant feeling of recognition upon the initial encounter with each other. It encompasses other emotions like attraction, longing, recognition—almost like the two have met before.

It can feel like you’ve found your long-lost home at that first encounter. As if, when meeting that person, that stranger, for the very first time, that you’ve met them before. And that bond? It’s intense, wrought with an undeniable need for recognition and completion.

Undeniable Similarities

Ranging from interest, experiences from the past, beliefs, opinions, or even values, there will be undeniable similarities between the two twin flames. Some may pass these similarities as “coincidences,” yet you cannot deny the truth of each other’s twin flame attributes.

Yin And Yang

Commonly referred to as “mirror souls,” twin flames complement one another, similar to yin and yang’s perspective and popular imagery.

One’s shadow will complement the other’s light, and vice versa. Mirrors of one another, each will be aware of the other’s shadow and light, along with what illuminates and highlights the other’s shadows and light. 

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Amplification Of Insecurities

The meeting between twin flames can be intense and challenging for many reasons: the amplification of insecurities or self-doubts.

Many believe that twin flames are sent as a “divine mission” to aid one another’s purpose, promoting growth in one another, a guiding hand, and support along the way. When twin flames encounter one another, these insecurities will seem to arise or amplify out of nowhere. It would be best if you addressed them to support their process. It will lead to growth and healing. 


Similar to the expression “opposites attract,” magnets must be on opposing wavelengths to attract or stick to one another. Though twin flames are unwaveringly similar in attributes like values, beliefs, and so forth, they have undeniably magnetized onto one another’s wavelength. 

Twin flames draw to one another (not to be confused with limerence). They have a physical yet deep emotional yearning to be constantly near the other. They always want to be close and not too far away because their energy is a healing and soothing comfort.

An Irrevocable Challenge

Relationships between twin flames are known to be challenging and tumultuous. They challenge one another to amplify insecurities and doubts that need to be addressed and healed.

Twin flames are a confrontation of one’s self, and unfortunately, they may be the parts of one’s self that are less desired or appreciated than others. Yet, these confrontations are necessary between twin flames as it helps facilitate needed growth.

The Intensity Is Unreal

As twin flames are a “mirror” of the soul or one soul that separates into two separate bodies, it can not only lead to confrontation and amplification of insecurities, but it also illuminates a soul-deep connection to one’s emotions. It can deepen the connection– from insecurities to gratitude and positive attributes. 

A familiarity between twin flames leads to an instant emotional bond and passion between the two. It leads to an opportunity for more growth, connection, passion, and emotion in the process of progress.

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They Never Stray Too Far

Similar to that, “magnetism” is often found between twin flames. No matter the problem or issue, they always come back to one another. It is known to be a contributing aspect of a twin flame relationship. It may be an “on and off” relationship, yet they will always be brought back to one another for twin flames. 

Larger Than Life

When meeting, twin flames perceive the overwhelming and unique sensation of meeting their “mirror soul” as being destined. The sensations, emotions, similarities, and connections feel much larger than life. It is impossible to perceive that there is no higher power involved in this destiny of their meeting.

An Almost Freaky Connection

Like how twins explain how they can sometimes sense when their twin is in pain or experiencing intense emotions, twin flames can perceive similar attributes depending on the twin flames in question.

Though twin flames have a knack for communicating flawlessly through body language and perceived perception, they sometimes can even feel the other’s emotions. 

Striving For Better

With the amplification of emotions and insecurities, twin flames will undoubtedly push you to strive for better. They will challenge you to achieve your higher purpose, which can be difficult as facing past trauma or deep-rooted insecurities and self-doubts are necessary for growth. 

What Is A Soulmate?

The topic, or distinction, of soulmates can expand upon a wide range of altitudes. So, what is a soulmate?

A soulmate is a person or entity cut from the same cloth as you. It typically means that they have a similar energy, attributes, characteristics, and so on as you. There is a deep connection between soulmates, and this connection centers on love, acceptance, and familiarity. Though soulmates can end up as either friends or romantic partners, soulmates are non-related people.

A soulmate can be any kindred spirit, whether a sibling, a horse, or the older man across the street. The bond is one of connection and a familiarized energy that expands upon one another. 

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Signs You’ve Found Your Soulmate

Do you know what signs to look for when you meet your soulmate? Have you met your soulmate? Keep reading to figure out how to know when you’ve met your soulmate! 

You Don’t Need A Test.

You don’t need a test to find out if you’re soulmates. You just know.

There is familiarity and a deep connection between soulmates, hence the irrevocable sense of “home” that can come from meeting your soulmate in person. When encountering them for the first time, you don’t need to figure anything out. You know what it means, what it signifies, and its importance.

From comfort and relaxation, invigorating energy, or an irrevocable presence, encountering one’s soulmate for the first time is an entrancing experience that not everyone gets to engage in and savor. 

Immediate Besties

You both “click.” Soulmates can be romantic or platonic, so it’s not uncommon for soulmates to be best friends (good thing you can be best friends with your friend and your lover!). When you meet, you guys don’t have to worry about the extenuating process of getting to know one another through trial and error of failed conversation starters and missed opportunities. Everything seems to flow perfectly between the two of you without much effort on either’s part.

They’re Comfortable to Be Around

When around your soulmate, you’ll note a steady stream of calm that soothes your nerves, worries, and typical day stressors that can unknowingly tense your muscles and tighten that little anxious ball in your belly. Around them, you feel at peace and home, undeniably comfortable and relaxed in their presence.

You Feel For Them

You share in their happiness and their upset. What makes them happy makes you happy, and what makes them sad makes you sad. There’s an intense flow of empathy between soulmates, which strengthens the intimate and deep bond between the two soulmates. You’re proud of them when they succeed and upset when they are. You are purely empathetic and caring for one’s soulmate.

Mutual Respect

A soulmate will exemplify what matters to you rather than disregard your feelings, opinions, values, and passions. Soulmates respect one another highly. They love, appreciate, and value every inkling of care and energy that comes from each other. As soulmates are incredibly empathetic towards one another, this also equates to mutual respect for one another. 

Balance Each Other Out 

Soulmates are not clones of one another. Each soulmate’s past, background, temperament, culture, upbringing, and so on can be drastically different than the other’s, that doesn’t mean they aren’t for one another.

The importance, or meaningfulness, between soulmates is how they conjoin together. How do they flow? How do they connect? Does one soulmate’s energy level out the other soulmate’s energy (anxiety versus calm)? 

Challenging One Another Is Commonplace

Soulmates push each other and challenge each other to strive to pursue growth over the absence of such. They aim to aid each other in becoming the best they can be and address insecurities, doubts, and traumas that prevent the pursuit of growth and happiness.

They will encourage each other to work on attainable goals, respect each other’s boundaries, and motivate each other in the rough and smooth patches while growing together. 

Irrevocably You

Encountering one’s soulmate leaves no room for doubt or faking. Soulmates love one another for who they are, good and bad, through thick and thin. From the deepest and darkest secrets to those weird little quirks other people judge you for, soulmates will love you through it all. 

It’s A Relationship Worth Fighting For

Everyone knows that relationships aren’t easy. They have strife, arguments, miscommunication, and loads of other issues. Any healthy relationship knows that there needs to be an equal compromise, self-improvement, communication, and quality time. 

Soulmates understand that this is a worthwhile relationship. They work on the quality and health of the relationship no matter what it takes. There is a willingness to change and be better in a soulmate relationship.

The Comprehension Of Emotional Cues

If you didn’t know, there are five different love languages—quality time, physical touch, words of affirmation, giving gifts, and acts of service.

Each person’s love language is different. A love language is how a person receives and gives love, which can be interestingly different from one another. In many relationships, this can cause disconnect or ineptitude in the relationship because of a lack of communication in one another’s love language. Soulmates can understand that perspective of the relationship by improving upon how you show love or appreciation in the other’s love language, which can drastically improve the quality of the relationship. 

What Is The Difference Between A Soulmate and Twin Flames? 

Twin flames are a type of soulmate and the most intense out of all the different types of soulmate distinctions.

While a twin flame is one soul split in half, a soulmate is a person that has been “cut from the same cloth,” meaning similar in nature, character, behavior, or attitude. There is still that feeling of a deep connection and familiarity with a soul mate, but you are not part of the same soul.

Twin flames come from the same soul, while soulmates are not from the same soul. 

There are other differences to be found when comparing twin flames and soulmates. One of them is that relationships between twin flames are more likely to become toxic due to the intensity and amplification of emotions that arise from the initial meeting of twin flames. Twin flame relationships are “mirror souls,” exemplifying unhealthy habits, self-doubts, and insecurities that have stayed buried and hidden away from others, including oneself. 

Compared to a twin flame relationship, soul mate relationships are more inclined to be stable and healthy. 

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How Are Soulmates and Twin Flames Similar? 

At first, it may be hard to decipher whether someone is a twin flame or a soulmate due to the drastic similarities between the two. Both carry a soul-deep sense of familiarity and connection that attracts each other together, like magnets, that starts upon the very first encounter with each other.

The similarities between twin flames and soulmates deepen in one’s soul, reaching depths that most relationships can’t hope to conquer or grasp. There is a feeling of a “larger than life” destiny placed between the two’s meeting and a bare understanding of finding their walking “home” in a person. Being yourself around your twin flame or soulmate is simple and unnervingly easy compared to previous relationships.

Can Twin Flames Be Your Soulmate?

No. By definition, twin flames cannot be soulmates, and soulmates cannot be twin flames. They are two completely different things (one, by definition, comes from splitting one soul, while the other is two separate souls). 

Can A Twin Flame Relationship Be Romantic?

Yes, it can! A twin flame relationship can be romantic or platonic, though a romantic relationship between twin flames is more common than platonic relationships. 


Though initially, it may not seem like there’s a difference between soulmates and twin flames, there are some notable key differences and interesting similarities. Still, one does not equate to the other. Twin flames and soulmates are separate connections that can not be one or the other, meaning your twin flame love is not your soulmate. They’re your twin flame. Yet, that doesn’t mean the connection between twin flames isn’t as intense, deep, and meaningful as the connection between soulmates! 

Learn the key differences, similarities, and attributes of twin flames and soulmates in this informational article!

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