Why Men Find Side Boob Hot AF

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Cleavage has long been a popular attribute in women’s fashion since before the 18th century. That means ladies in every era have understood the popular mantra, "if you got 'em, flaunt 'em’". While cleavage, for the most part, has always been in style, there have been rules associated with how much cleavage is appropriate. So much so, that it seems women abandoned the cleavage trend altogether in favor of the next best thing: side boob. Side boob, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, refers to the side of a woman’s breast, as revealed by her clothing. Google search a Hollywood celebrity event and you’ll likely find plenty side boob-revealing dresses on the red carpet. Side boob seems to be the more subtle alternative to showing off your twins with low-cut necklines. It’s sexy without being, well, too sexy. As recent fashion trends would suggest, side boob is here to stay. Women have decided that showing side boob is hot AF, but what do men have to say about the recent side boob trend? Woman in red dress and lis flirting with young man indoors

Men Love Boobs, Side Boob Included

Men love boobs. There is no simpler way to put it. Breasts’ biological purpose is to produce milk for breastfeeding, but breasts are, no doubt, sexualized by both men and women alike. Maybe this is because they also serve as an erogenous zone (mostly in the nipples) for at least 82% of women.  Men know that breast fondling is an important part of foreplay. Maybe that’s why the sight of boobs is so appealing to them. It makes them think of sex. The sight of side boob is no different. Whether it’s side boob, top boob, or under boob, men are interested in seeing it all. But why do men like boobs so much? Well, according to men themselves, there are many different reasons for their love of our luscious melons. But a big part of the reasoning could be biological. Breasts, especially larger breasts, could indicate to men that women are fertile and prime for childbearing. One study found that men who want children are more likely to prefer larger breasts over those who have no parenting desires. Men’s attraction to breasts could also stem from their biological hardwiring associating breasts with food as, again, that is their primary purpose. In the same study, researchers found that hungry men were more attracted to pictures of women with larger breasts than men who were satiated. A woman’s breast size also seemed to relate to men’s financial status. This same study concluded that men who were more financially stable preferred women with smaller boobs, while poorer men preferred bigger boobs. Whether this is scientific or influenced by Western societies' depiction of larger chested women being viewed as bimbos is unclear. But, with scientific reasoning aside, men’s love for breasts is varied. And while biological factors might be at play, most of their reasoning has to do with the way boobs look and feel. Below are some of the top reasons why men can’t get enough of our knockers.

Men Don’t Have Boobs

One of the top reasons men are so interested in catching glimpses of our cleavage or side boob is because they can’t look at their own. The female body is a mystery to men as both, physically and emotionally, men and women are two very different creatures. Breasts happen to be one of the main physical differences between us. People, in general, are curious about what they don’t understand. Men liking boobs is no exception. They can’t play with their boobs so they naturally want to play with ours. This reasoning could be compared to why women find men with facial hair more attractive. Women can’t grow full-on beards as men can. That may be why we find our boyfriend’s five o’clock shadow hot AF. It’s the opposite of what we have, and as we know, opposites attract.

Nipples Are Hot AF

Nipples are an erogenous zone on the female body that, when stimulated, produce the same pleasure sensation that women receive from clitoral stimulation. Men like it when women are aroused, especially if they are responsible for it. They likely have experimented with the best ways to fondle their partner’s breasts to get a pleasurable reaction. This could be why the sight of nipples gets them hot AF. They know that they are directly linked to sexual pleasure, and anything concerning sex gets men’s attention. Plus, nipples visually signal women’s arousal. When our nipples are stimulated, they get hard, signaling to our partners that we’re turned on. Of course, nipples can become hard for other reasons (like when we’re cold, for example) but men find it sexy, nonetheless. Nipples are intriguing to men because of the way they look, as well. Men know that nipples come in all different shades, shapes, and sizes. It’s likely a turn-on to be surprised at what he’s got to work with once his partner’s breasts are revealed to him. Woman smiling while spending time with man in bar

Breasts Are Covered Up

In Western society, showing women’s breasts (especially women’s nipples, for some reason) is seen as taboo. This makes it all the more exciting for men to see breasts on display, either in the form of side boob or cleavage. Breasts are covered up most of the time. Unless they’re watching naughty videos or in the bedroom with their partner, men don’t get to see boobies that often. This only increases their fascination with wanting to check out our ta-tas. Nearly every woman has experienced the awkward moment when we catch a guy looking at our chests. While it's in no way appropriate to stare (especially if we make it known we are not comfortable with them staring), it’s also hard for them not to. Breasts make men curious, even if all they can see is their shape. This is not, necessarily, true in all parts of the world, however. A study including 191 different cultures around the world found that men in only 13 of those cultures found breasts to be sexually attractive. This could be because, in many cultures, women’s naked breasts are more normalized. However, here in the West, we’re not as uninhibited about taking our shirts off. For this reason, boobs remain a mystery to men.

Men Like How They Feel

In comparison to men’s bodies, women’s bodies are softer to the touch. We naturally have less muscle mass and store more fat than men do, meaning, we’ve got more squishy bits than they do. Women’s bodies are also more curvaceous compared to men’s due to the structure of our hip bones. These differences are noticeable to men and women who, again, prefer the opposite of what they have themselves. The softest part of a woman’s body just so happens to be our breasts, which are made up almost entirely of fatty tissue. There’s a reason breasts are so often referred to as “soft pillows”; they pretty much are. Men like the touch and feel of breasts because it is so different from anything they can experience elsewhere. They find them comforting. While women love a strong chest to rest their heads on, men like to bury their faces in our mountains of flesh. You can hardly blame them; boobs are pretty darn awesome.

They Like To Watch Them Jiggle

Men are, no doubt, visual creatures. They like looking at women’s bodies and any sort of movement is going to get his attention even more. Watching a woman’s breasts or butt jiggle is like putting a kid in front of a cartoon show. They just can’t stop staring. This likely has something to do with the way our breasts and butts move during lovemaking. When a man spots a woman’s twin peaks bouncing up and down, he can’t help but be reminded of naughty stuff he wants to do in the bedroom.

Boobs Might Help Men Live Longer

Strange, but true, looking at women’s breasts might be linked to men living longer lives. Studies involving men looking at pictures of women’s breasts for at least 10 minutes a day increased their cardiovascular health. Other studies suggest that a positive attitude can help an individual make healthier choices. Some experts think that looking at boobs gives men a more positive mindset, therefore, leading to healthier choices and longer life. Who knew?

Why Men Think Side Boob Is Hot AF

Clearly, men like breasts. We’ve already established that this fact is why they, of course, like side boob. Again, men like all parts of the boob. So, then what’s the deal with this side boob trend? Why do men find side boob hot AF? Men find side boob hot AF because it’s enticing to them. Think about it. If a guy wants to see a naked woman, all he needs to do is hop on his laptop and access one of many adult websites, and voila, a naked woman. Side boob is hot AF to men not so much because it is revealing, but because it is only partially so. Showing a bit of side boob is hinting as to what else you got going on underneath your shirt or dress. It draws them in without revealing too much and sparks their imagination. And while it is more commonplace to see women putting their cleavage on display, side boob is a relatively new trend. The tops of women’s breasts have been available for men to sneak peeks at for almost forever. But the ability to sneak a peek at a woman’s side boob was not as common until now, thanks to recent fashion trends. The silhouette of the side boob is hot AF to men because they’re not used to seeing it. There is more mystery behind the side boob than there is in seeing breasts full-on display. It’s this mystery that men find hot AF. Less is more when it comes to showing skin because, unfortunately, women’s bodies are still seen as “immoral” if they bare too much. More than half of men surveyed in the UK said that they found women who dressed “classy” to be more attractive than those who wore revealing clothing. The same survey found that only 22% of men said they would respect a woman who wore clothes that were too revealing. Yikes. Whether this is fair or not, the evidence suggests that while men will notice a woman who bares it all, subtle sexiness, like side boob, is more preferable. There doesn’t appear to be a difference between whether or not men prefer larger side boob or smaller side boob. All side boob is hot AF to men. However, the side boob style trend does seem to lean more towards women with smaller breasts. This is because showing side boob tends to require women to go braless. Women with larger breasts may find going braless to be less comfortable than women with smaller chests. Fancy gorgeous attractive well-groomed lady with side boob dress

Tips for Showing Side Boob

The side boob trend has been hot AF in recent years. If you haven’t already tried it, we’ve got a few tips for doing so. As mentioned, you might be more uncomfortable with the trend if you have larger breasts. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t participate in the side boob trend and look hot AF. There are ways to go about showing side boob that can accommodate larger breasts and prevent you from revealing too much. Boob tape and pasties can be great accessories when going braless to show some side boob. Clear boob tape can be used to hold your girls together and prevent them from sagging, while pasties can be used for preventing your nipples from showing through your shirt. While most men would agree that seeing a woman’s hard nipples poking through her shirt is hot AF, we also know they would probably equate that with us being skanky. Because, you know, men like looking at our bodies but don’t respect us when we show them off. Yeah, it’s confusing. Ladies with larger chests might find the easiest way to show some side boob by wearing a loose-fitting tank top that’s cut low under the arms. The low-cut armholes allow for just enough side boob to be seen while the loose fit allows more coverage for your braless breasts. This look is hot AF in the summer when the weather is literally hot AF outside. Tank tops with low-cut armholes provide a casual way to show some sexy side boob in the summer. And going braless in the summer bears much-needed relief for our breasts that would normally feel confined and sweaty in our bras. The only thing to watch out for while wearing a side boob revealing tank top is how much side boob is revealed. The bigger and lower cut of the armholes, the more chance it has of allowing more than just your side boob to be seen. Always try on a top before you buy it. Check yourself in the mirror from different angles and while doing different movements to see how likely you are at having a clothing malfunction. Cut-out dresses underneath the armpit have the same side boob revealing effect as wide arm tank tops. Trendy cut-out dresses are the less revealing alternative to cleavage-baring numbers that women with larger breasts have a hard time wearing for fear of being "too sexy". On the flip side, women with much smaller breasts might find side boob dresses to be more attractive than dresses that focus on their non-existent cleavage. But, if you’re not so comfortable having your side boob completely exposed in cut-out fashions, invest in a blouse that is sheer on the sides. You’ll still look hot AF but without baring quite as much. While sheer blouses still allow side boob visibility, having that barrier of fabric covering them puts them less on display. This brings us to our last tip for showing side boob. Remember, less is more. If you are going to be revealing some hot AF side boob, keep the rest of your outfit more conservative. Pair that sexy cut tank top with trendy pants or a longer skirt. Side boob plus a midriff-baring top or mini skirt will show too much skin. Therefore, you’ll lose that sense of mystery that men claim is so hot AF. Besides, why let them see the whole movie before they pay for the ticket? It’s better to entice them with the preview and leave them wanting more. And that, ladies, is why men find side boob hot AF.

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