Which Hat Is Best for Your Lifestyle?

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If you’ve been thinking about spicing up your wardrobe with a hat as an accessory, take this quiz to find out which hat we’d recommend for you!

How would you classify your style?

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Which statement best represents your perspective on sports and physical activities?

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Which option would you pick as your next vacation spot?

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How do you usually carry your personal belongings?

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Which reason for loving athleisure wear most aligns with what you think?

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When do you typically wear a hat?

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Which Hat Is Best for Your Lifestyle?
Low-profile baseball cap

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A low-profile baseball cap is great for almost all occasions. You can wear it for sporting events or simply to go grab your morning matcha latte. Baseball caps also look great with your hair worn up or down, so there is wiggle room in creating a surprisingly chic look with minimal effort!
Sporty visor

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A sporty visor is great for days when you’re going to be outdoors and playing sports. It’s also helpful to add to complete a look for your everyday lifestyle.
A bucket hat

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A bucket hat is great for you if you’re into trends and trying new, bold looks! You can dress it down or you can dress it up! It’s all about your creativity and your fabulous fashion sense!
A yacht hat

Emotional portrait of Fashion stylish portrait of pretty young h

A yacht hat, also known as a floppy hat, can be great for a Kentucky Derby event or for lounging around by a pool. In addition, it can provide a decent amount of shade from the sun, which can be a bonus if your cabana happens not to have an umbrella (Gasp)!

Let us know who you are to see your results!

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