Where Should You Consider Taking Someone on a First Date?

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Whether or not you’re meeting the person for the first time or you’re seeing if you can take the friendship to the next level, the first date can set the tone for an entire relationship. Take this quiz to find out what you should consider planning for your first date with someone!

How long have you both been talking for?

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Have they suggested any ideas for a first date?

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If you had to choose, which mutual interest do you think you both have in common?

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How much effort and time are you willing to plan in advance?

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How much of the date do you want to be a surprise?

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Leading up to your first date, what have the majority of your conversations been about?

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Where Should You Consider Taking Someone on a First Date?
Walking or Hiking

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Considering going for a walk or a hike could be a great option, especially if you don’t really know the person yet and you’d like to feel out the potential chemistry that you have in real life. Make sure you bring water, sunscreen, bug spray, and definitely let them know to wear their athletic gear so that they don’t show up unprepared or feel uncomfortable! If the conversation is flowing organically, have a plan to suggest grabbing a bite to eat afterward!
Beach trip

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You can even plan to meet at sunrise or sunset and have snacks prepared. If you both like yoga, you could consider doing some yoga as well. The relaxing atmosphere of the ocean is great, and if you come prepared with things, it will really show your crush how much time you’re willing to spend on tending to the little details in order to make things enjoyable! Of course, always have a backup plan if it happens to rain that day! You could also plan to meet in a botanical garden area if the beach is not ideal. No matter what, make sure to check the hours, and pay in advance, if possible, in order to make it a seamless process and mitigate any pressure.
Going to Brunch

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If planned safely and appropriately, a nice daytime brunch on the weekend might be a perfect idea! The atmosphere can be lively, but not too overwhelming. To make things less pressured, you could even suggest that you have a coffee date first, or pick a place where you can grab a coffee and a pastry, rather than a meal, as an option for them. However, definitely make a reservation if the option is available, and first confirm that the venue is okay with them in advance. It could be ideal to pick a place where there is outside space where you could walk around and chat after you grab a bite to eat!

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Find a local pottery shop that is near both of you, and definitely let them know what’s in store. If you both seem to kick it off while painting pottery, you can suggest getting a bite to eat afterward. This doesn’t put pressure on anyone, but it also helps provide a way to follow up with each other when the pottery pieces are picked up at a later date.

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