What Are MILFS?

The idea of a younger woman choosing an older man for a romantic partner is nothing new. In fact, it’s very common. There are countless examples of younger women marrying older men (think Celine Dion and Renee Angelil or Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas). The reverse (younger men choosing older women) has seldom ever been seen, until recently, that is. Celebrity couples Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, and Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson are just two famous examples of women dating men nearly two decades younger than them. The trend is spreading to non-celebrity couples as well. According to one survey, 81% of women would date someone 10 years younger, while 90% of men say they would date someone 10 years older. In the past, the term given to a woman who dates younger men was called a cougar. Nowadays, the term has since evolved. An older woman is no longer a cougar, but a MILF. What are MILFS, you ask? Well, let us explain.

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What Are MILFS?

MILF is an acronym that stands for Mother I’d Like to Fuck. The MILF acronym describes women that are old enough to be younger men’s mothers whom younger men find attractive. The term and popularity of the younger man and older woman trope was most popularized in modern media in the movie American Pie. One of the main characters (a younger college age man) has sex with his friend’s mother on a pool table. The idea of younger men hooking up with older women became increasingly popular since, with ‘MILF’ being in the top three searches on porn sites. But exactly what are MILFS as portrayed in porn and movies? Well, MILFS are almost always portrayed as older woman typically in an authority position (stepmother, teacher, nurse, etc.) with rocking hot bodies that have an insatiable lust for younger men. What are MILFS in real life? MILFS in real life are simply older women who prefer, or don’t object to dating men younger (sometimes much younger) than them. No, they don’t necessarily have an insatiable lust for younger flesh as they are portrayed as having in porno films. What are MILFS? MILFS are women with normal sexual desires who reject society’s norms by romancing younger men.

Why Men Love MILFS

So, why do young men love MILFS? Well, what are MILFS? MILFS are women and heterosexual men are attracted to women. Why wouldn’t a man be attracted to a woman older than him? Society deems it acceptable for younger women to date older men, so why can’t the opposite be acceptable as well? There has long been a misogynistic view that women become less desirable after they reach a certain age. They are no longer deemed as worthy of finding love or exploring their sexuality because they are now an “old maid" or "spinster." However, older men are celebrated for their age and still considered attractive enough to grace the cover of People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive issue (Sean Connery was 59 when he was awarded sexiest man alive in 2006). Beyond the fact that young men may find an older woman attractive simply because she is attractive, why else would MILF porn films be one of the highest searched for categories? What are MILFS beyond a common trend in porn watching statistics?

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Older Women Are More Experienced

What are MILFS if not older women who have been around the block and know exactly what they want? Women hit their sexual prime later in life than men (men hit their sexual peak in their late teens while women hit their peak in their 30’s), meaning by the time they hit their 30’s they are more sexually satisfied in bed. What are MILFS but women who have a desire for sex? A lot of the reasoning behind this is that older women are more confident and more communicative in bed than younger women. They are more willing to tell a man exactly what they want when they want it. Younger men may find that it’s easier to satisfy an older woman because he doesn’t have to do any guesswork. He does what he’s told, and both parties benefit. What are MILFS if not women who know how to lead, right? Of course, the confidence older women have expands beyond the bedroom and influences their life in general. It’s more likely that an older woman will have her life together or at least have a clearer direction of where she’s going. This can be appealing, even sexy, to younger men who are still figuring their own life out. They are attracted to the confidence and authority that older women exude. What are MILFS if not experienced women with a head on their shoulders?

It’s Taboo

What are MILFS if not the object of many young men's fantasies? Younger guys falling for their best friend’s mom in high school has been a popular story line in numerous movies and books. That’s probably because it’s not so uncommon in real life. Teen boys have tons of hormones coursing through their body and more sexual energy than they know what to do with. Up until a few years prior, they thought girls had cooties. Now, every female person they see is suddenly making them think naughty thoughts. What are MILFS if not members of the female sex that heterosexual men desire? But being sexually attracted to your best friend’s mom is one of those taboo lines you wouldn’t want to cross. For one, having sex with a woman who could be your mother might feel strange. Secondly, when that woman is your friend’s mother, that opens a whole other can of worms. It’s taboo because in real life, hooking up with your friend’s mother while you’re still in high school is wrong (not to mention illegal). But that doesn’t stop teenage boys from fantasizing about it. Once they become adults, however, they are now free to date whomever they choose. Hooking up with an older woman allows them to act out their what are MILFs fantasy in real life.

Oedipus Complex

Sigmund Freud described the Oedipus complex in 1899 as a psychoanalytic theory about children developing a sexual attraction for their parent of the opposite sex. Male children may develop an unconscious desire for the exclusive love of his mother and become increasingly jealous of his father. This theory is named after the famous Greek legend Oedipus, who unknowingly slew his father and married his mother. Freud claimed the Oedipus complex is a normal stage in childhood development and usually ended once the child identified with the parent of the same sex and repressed their sexual instincts. While there is little evidence to suggest the Oedipus complex is real, it may play a role in young males fantasies about mother-like figures. What are MILFS if not mothers first? Being attracted to an older woman could somehow mirror a young man’s desire for motherly love and affection.

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Less Commitment

There is a common belief perpetuated by younger men, older women, or both, that older women are into younger men simply for sex. Many young men have this idea in their head that they can date or hookup with an older woman with no promises of commitment. Afterall, what are MILFS in porn videos but stepmoms who only want their young stepsons for their sexual pleasure? For young guys who are not ready to commit, the idea of seeking out older women for sex is enticing. They may even believe it is easier to hook up with an older woman than it would be to hook up with someone their age. In many cases, this is probably true. There are plenty of cougar or what are MILFS dating sites that have members of the opposite sex looking exclusively to hook up, no strings attached. Older women may find they have less time to date or devote to a man in a relationship. These women are simply looking to have fun and explore their sexuality with a younger, more willing partner. However, older women who are looking for serious relationships with younger men should be aware of this commonly held belief among younger men. What are MILFS but women who desire real, honest companionship?

Older Women Don’t Play Games

With age comes maturity, and what are MILFS if not mature women both physically and emotionally? Men and women are guilty of playing games in relationships, especially at a younger age. For young men who are more mature for their age, they might find mind games less appealing. Thus, they may prefer women who are more mature emotionally. What are MILFS if not more in command of her emotions and feelings? Instead of passive aggression, an older woman is more likely to be upfront about her feelings. She will tell a man when he is wrong and what he should do about it. She won’t waste her time on letting him waste his time trying to figure her out. What are MILFS but women who want drama free relationships? For men who are looking for more stability in a relationship, an older woman can provide that.

More Excitement

What are MILFS if not experienced women with more refined tastes and more money to spend? Younger men may find that dating an older woman is more exciting because she introduces him to a different lifestyle. While he is used to frat parties with keggers, an older woman treats him to fancy wine and hors d'ouvres at a fine dining restaurant. Instead of spring break at a motel with 10 of his buddies and cases of cheap beer, a MILF can whisk him away to a 4-star resort in the tropics where champagne flows endlessly. What are MILFS but women who can show a younger man an exciting time? Young men are attracted to the endless possibilities that come with dating an older woman.

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No Pregnancy Pressure

What are MILFS but, well, mothers? Younger men may feel the pressure from women their age to get married and have children. For men who don’t want children, or at least not right away, an older woman may be more desirable. MILFS have typically reached the age where they have already had children or decided they don’t want them. MILFS of a certain age may have already hit menopause, meaning a pregnancy scare is no longer an issue. Young men may find this reassuring if they are nowhere near able to provide for a family. They may feel that by dating a MILF, they are free to have fun in the relationship without the pressure to grow up and become a father. What are MILFS but women who have been there, done that and just want to have fun?

They Have a Fetish

While there are many positive reasons to absolutely love older women, there is a possibility that a younger man may have a fetish. Having a fetish means to have an unusual or problematic sexual desire or fixation for an object or body part. The object of the fixation is called the fetish and the person who desires it, the fetishist. Fetishes come in all shapes and sizes so to speak. What are MILFS if not yet another category in the porn fetish spectrum? Some examples of fetishes include BDSM, leather fetish (desiring your partner or yourself to wear all leather), and foot fetish (being sexually attracted to feet). A young man may have a fetish for an older woman if he is only sexually attracted to older women. Having an older woman fetish could mean the younger man is attracted to aspects of an older female’s body (different skin textures, gray hair, fuller breasts, etc.). It could also be that he has a fetish for older women because of age difference alone. What are MILFS but women typically 10 plus years older than men? Maybe he gets off on the idea that he can sleep with someone who is old enough to be his mom. Regardless, what are MILFS but smart, more cautious women? MILFS should be wary of men who only want to date her to fulfill their sexual fantasies.

Why Would an Older Woman Want a Younger Man?

Now that we are fully aware of why a younger man would desire an older woman, the question remains; why would an older woman want a younger man? What are MILFS but women who are tired of what society deems appropriate for her to do? Older women may desire a younger man because she finds them more attractive than her older suitors. It’s possible she is looking for someone full of youthful optimism, rather than someone jaded with age. What are MILFS but women who want their partner to raise her spirits, not put her down? A MILF may find that younger men are more eager to please her, thus putting her above all else. Younger men are more impressionable and may look up to older women as someone they can learn from. They are much more likely to respect someone who is older and wiser rather than someone their own age. What are MILFS but women who want to be respected and exalted for their knowledge?

Older women may find that men their age are intimidated by her success or straightforwardness. It may be difficult for her to find a man her age that doesn’t think that she is difficult for voicing her opinion. What older men typically dislike in women their own age, younger men find hot. What are MILFS but women who want to be desired and seen as a trophy? Older women still want to be wooed and shown a good time. Younger men are more willing to satisfy them as they are eager to measure up to a MILF's awesomeness.


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Long Reign the MILF

Society is changing for the better when it comes to women and their sexuality. For a long time, women have been taught to believe that their looks determine their self-worth and desirability. Naturally, as women (and men) age, we lose youthfulness that has been considered the main mark of attractiveness. Simply put, women are taught that they are no longer attractive or desirable once they dare to sprout a gray hair or fine line. What are MILFS except attractive older women that are proving this narrative is false? Older women can be just as desirable and worthy of love and attention as any woman half their age. For one, what is considered “old” has changed a lot in recent years. People are living longer and taking their time growing up. Years ago, the ripe old age of 30 made a woman an old maid if she wasn’t already married with 5 kids. Today, 30 is just the beginning of a fabulous, exciting life and career for most women. Secondly, people are taking better care of themselves, leading to more graceful aging. Just take JLO, Halle Berry, and Angelina Jolie. Almost all of these women are in their 50’s and yet they are still considered some of the most beautiful women in the world. What are MILFS except beautiful young women who got hotter with age?

Age Is Just a Number

When it comes to finding love and whom you find attractive, no one has the right to judge. We are all different and have different wants, needs, and desires. If a young man finds an older woman more attractive as a partner, why shouldn’t he pursue her? Age gaps in relationships are not uncommon, proving they can work. What are MILFS if not older women who are simply looking for companionship? There should be no rules on how old is too old to find love or have sex. If both romantic partners are of consenting age, age is just a number.

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