If A Man Really Loves You He Will Do These Top Things

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When understanding and being able to read into what your partner is thinking, it can be quite challenging. In the case of love, though, it shouldn’t be complicated. In all other aspects, love is a very complex and intense entity, but knowing whether someone loves you shouldn’t be all that complex. Overall, being able to spot love in your significant other shouldn’t be challenging.  When understanding and knowing that your man does love you, it dwindles down to just a few important aspects. Being able to pinpoint different gestures that your man does. When one thinks of romance, they often refer to the storybook mysterious feeling. Which essentially is what it is. Love is still a mystery, and understanding it can be challenging.  Therefore, coming from a trained relationship expert, the best advice would be to skip trying to understand the entire idea of love and focus on understanding your partner. Understand how he treats you, how he shows his love. Over time, love will no doubt change and morph into new identities. “There is an inevitable change over time from passionate love to what is typically called compassionate love – love that is deep but not as euphoric as that experiences during the early stage of romance.” With that in mind, though, it’s important to note that before, during, and after the euphoric stage, a man who loves you will always keep up with these ten things: 

1. Emotional Connection > Physical Attraction

Understanding the connection between a partner and oneself is vital to knowing and understanding if your man does love you. In many instances, a physical attraction is hard to steer ourselves away from, but there might not be such a strong emotional connection.

When it comes to true and deep love, the emotional connection has to top physical attraction. A man who is solely physically attracted to you won’t be able to take on the world with you. To conquer all that needs to be conquered and overcome throughout your lives. Creating strong bonds through an emotional connection can be vital to the success of a healthy, long-lasting relationship. 

You must comprehend what type of connection or attraction you feel in your life because it’s important to know and recognize how each appears in the face of emotions and feelings. Thankfully, there are some pretty direct and open ways to do that. 

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Spotting Sole Physical Attraction

Time Spent Together Is Limited

A physical attraction revolves around spending time with one's body rather than one's mind. In this case, it isn’t as strong as it should be when it comes for emotional or verbal communication. When someone is only attracted physically, they will only want to spend time with you when they need physical touch and attention. 

Your Man Makes You Nervous

Thankfully, the bodies and minds of humans have been equipped to be naturally protective. It makes it considerably easier when understanding our feelings and most likely those of someone else. Someone who loves you will work hard not to make you feel nervous or uncomfortable when you’re around them or their friends. 

Your Close Friends Aren’t a Fan of Him

This has to be a vital part of spotting something based more on physical attraction than a strong emotional attraction. It’s important to note that when someone loves you, they’ll do anything to make sure you love them back. It includes getting on the good side of both your friends and family. If your friends and family don’t like him, it might be time to sit down and seriously think this through. 

Reading an Emotional Connection 

You Can Both Exist Without Physical Attraction

It’s extremely important to know and understand that relationships need to run smoothly without physical attraction. It is undoubtedly the #1 most important aspect of reading an emotional connection with your man. If you can sit for hours laughing and enjoying each other's personalities, it’s probably an emotional connection. 

He Gets You

Overall, he can accept and interpret parts of you on a level no one else has reached. Getting you happens naturally and is more special and magical than getting to know you. 

You Could Talk for Hours

Being able to talk for hours about anything under the sun, stars, or ceiling is more special than you might think. Talking for hours means you’re both comfortable and somewhat on the same level. It is a great way to assess the emotional connection.

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2. All the Small Things Matter to Him

Relationships are a big thing filled with tons and tons of small things. When we think about our bodies or other physical entities on the earth, we know they contain tiny atoms. Being the most basic units of matter, they still make up everything in the entire universe. When one thinks of a relationship, it should be the same concept. Even small things will eventually make up one big, successful thing. 

To a guy who loves you, this is vital. He will know and understand how important the small things are. They have probably taken over most of his daily thoughts. In a healthy relationship, you two can do so many small things constantly. Something as simple as bringing flowers or your favorite snack to a visit. To something so complex as creating a painting of you. Whatever small gestures your man cooks up in his free time means he’s thinking of you in his free time. 

It’s important to note that there’s a difference between thinking of you in his free time sexually and thinking of you emotionally. It goes back to our first point but still relates quite well here. Know that if your man sends you a dirty message during the work day (although it might be a turn-on), sending you an “I love you” or “Just checking in” message could rate much higher on the “how much does he love you” scale.

3. He Has Adopted a Hero Instinct, in a Healthy Way

In many cases, though the gender roles are constantly shapable, men are often considered to be the heroes. In many cases, this is really based on the male mind and the way they’ve learned in a culture, but it’s also very helpful to assess if your man loves you.

Men who really love you will come to the point of doing almost anything to keep you protected. Whether that be fighting for you, carrying your umbrella, or giving you a piggyback ride through a mud puddle. Okay, those are very romantic gestures and maybe a little over the top, but you get the idea. 

Men will unconsciously inherit a hero instinct when it comes to true love. Regarding the hero instinct it isn’t all fun and games. Hero instinct can, in some cases, get a little out of hand. We all know a man who would do anything to protect his women. If that’s what’s happening in your relationship, it’s vital to keep healthy boundaries. It isn’t only important for his outlook on the world and yours. 

Either way, if your man has adopted this hero instinct and you’ve seen it on more than one occasion. If that’s the situation in your relationship, then there’s no doubt that he really does love you. 

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4. He Talks About You and Tells People He Cares

Does your man constantly talk about you? Does he talk you up and ensure everyone knows how awesome you are? Well, this is one of the best ways to tell if someone is really in love with you. The way we talk about other people shows our feelings for them. If you find that your man is avoided you as a subject altogether, it might be time to take a step back and reevaluate the entirety of your relationship.

On the other hand, if your man is always making you the topic of conversation, then knowing he loves you is quite easy. When a man chooses to talk about love to his friends, he’s bringing out a whole new part of himself. A more vulnerable part. Bringing up a conversation of love, especially with other male counterparts, shows how much fulfillment one is getting out of their current relationship. Love may be hard to define and fully understand, but it’s not often difficult to spot. 

5. The Right Person Wants You in Their Life

The right person will want to include you in their life. It’s not about making sure you’re the center of attention or that their lives revolve around you (that’s where things get a little sketchy), but it’s about including you. Along with that, make sure you feel included.

It’s never easy to bring someone else into family and friends. In most cases bringing someone home to meet the family is quite the ordeal. It’s important to note that when it comes to meet family, your man already has the idea that this is quite a serious relationship. 

With that in mind, it’s important to watch for signs that your man wants to bring you home. It has nothing to do with forcing a meeting of family and friends, but rather has to do with the desire to introduce you. If you’re an important part of his life, there’s no doubt he’ll want to bring you home. Along with that, there’s no doubt his family and friends have already heard a great deal about you. 

6. Subtle Signs of Support

Many aspects show your man loves you that can often be confused with controlling you. In some cases, unfortunately, a man who controls you can be dangerous and most likely isn’t in love with you the way he should be. 

In turn, it’s important to read different signs of support coming from your man — whether that be your man supporting time spent with girlfriends, doing different hobbies, or supporting your career. Men who really love you want you to be happy, and in most cases, that start with a great support system. A support system from both sides with lead to quite a successful relationship. 

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7. Surprises Let Us Know He Cares

Coming straight from Blink 182, everyone loves surprises. Men, women, children, and even pets know when a surprise is coming. Surprises genuinely let us know that people care about us. It shows that people have been thinking about us throughout their day, or even better, throughout their night. 

Whether a man brings you home nice things, a little thing, or anything, it shows you he’s a good man. He’s a man who cares about seeing you smile or just making you smile. These small gestures are vital throughout the entirety of a relationship. They don’t just end with the honeymoon period. In a good, healthy, successful relationship, they continue long after. 

8. He'll Know and Appreciate a Good Thing

The right person filled with a strong sense of romantic love will know and appreciate a good thing when he’s got it. In most cases being able to tell if someone really does love you is fairly easy to spot. One of the most indicative ways is that he genuinely appreciates you. By that it’s meant that he’ll fight for you, both to keep you by his side and to keep you happy. There’s no doubt that a man who has a strong appreciation for you and all of your baggage loves you. 

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9. He'll Treat You Like an Important Person

He’ll treat you like you matter. There are many relationships where one partner isn’t treated like an important person. It means that someone doesn’t appreciate their time, doesn’t appreciate their efforts and, in many cases, constantly pushes them away. In no way is that love. 

When someone loves you, they will do everything to make sure you feel loved. You are an important person and anyone who doesn’t treat you that way, shouldn’t be a part of your life. Therefore, if your man is constantly putting you first and going out of his way to make you feel important, he definitely loves you.

10. A Mutual Understanding of Space

Last but certainly not least, SPACE. Space is one of the overarching aspects of a successful relationship — picture setting boundaries as sort of a love language within itself. Although relationships essentially intertwine two separate lives, they’re also boundaries within those two lives. 

Bringing two different lives into one isn’t easy nor natural. A sense of individuality is vital to a successful and healthy relationship. Any man who understands and appreciates this no doubt loves you. They also love themselves, which will make your relationship much stronger.

A healthy, true love relationship should always have a mutual understanding of space. If your man can’t accept that, he’s probably not the right guy for you. As mentioned above, the right guy will go to the ends of the earth to ensure you’re happy and comfortable. Providing and allowing you to maintain your individuality is part of that. This one goes both ways; without this support, the relationship may end in turmoil. But with a mutual understanding of space, it’s quite evident that you and your man really do love each other.

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In conclusion, the basic question of whether or not your man loves you shouldn’t be too challenging to answer. The hard part of it all is getting past the truths that you don’t want to believe. This can make the entire entity of love that much more complex and complicated throughout the entire relationship.

Relationships are hard, but they’re hard together. When your man really loves you, he’ll show an equal investment in keeping the relationship strong and successful. Thankfully, there are so many tips and tricks to spotting a man who really does love you. There are also plenty of ways to understand and guide both of you in the right direction. 

The abovementioned ten things are easy to spot and manage in a relationship. If you’re wondering if your man does love you, take the time to see if your man does all of these. On the contrary, make sure you mutually love your man. 

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