How to Make Him Miss You

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What’s the best feeling in the world for you? For many, it's the butterflies in the stomach when someone misses them and remembers the minor details about them. Many women want men to miss them when they aren’t around. It's not too difficult to get a man to miss you; it just requires a little bit of work. If you want to know how to make him miss you, we have a few tips and tricks up our sleeve to help you out.

Use His Sense of Smell

A signature scent can help seal your place in your man’s mind. Your specific combination of perfume, soap, shampoo, and other cosmetics can easily drive your man crazy. He might find himself sniffing you to get your scent deep within his mind. To use your scent to make him miss you, try wearing it during positive interactions: give him a gift, make his favorite food, or take him somewhere special while wearing your signature scent. When your scent becomes associated with you and with positive experiences, it can drive emotions and memories that can make your partner miss you even from a long distance. While it might sound cheesy or corny, you can even give him a shirt, sweatshirt, or hanky that has a dab of your scent on it to help him think of you when you’re apart. The sense of smell is a powerful tool for evoking special memories. Don’t be afraid to use the power of the human nose when you want your man to be thinking about you.

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Tease Him

If you want to know how to make him miss you, don’t be afraid to tease him. Keep an air of mystery about yourself: perhaps act a little coy or hold onto a secret. Be flirtatious, but hold some cards close to your chest. Curiosity is the best way to make someone miss you and keeping your man curious by teasing him with surprises or unspoken secrets works well. Making him work to unlock all your mysteries is an excellent way to keep him interested and make him miss you.

Even if you're married, you can tease him and keep him guessing. Hinting that you're making that one special thing he likes is a great way to keep him missing you, even during a normal workday. You could even tease him in a naughtier way, get him started and promise more later, or even surprise him with an unexpected sex act. It's stereotypical but often true that men have two heads and only enough blood to think with one at a time: get him excited and leave him hanging, and he’ll definitely miss you when you're apart.

Leave Memorabilia

We don’t mean leaving a collectible cup or mug behind at his house, although you certainly could try that. What we mean by memorabilia is that you should leave behind a personal item or a special gift that he’ll always associate with you. If you’re the artistic type, you could make him a special painting, drawing, or sculpture. You could print and frame a picture from a fun date that the two of you went on. For a special gift, get him something special that he’ll always know was from you. Many men like to wear watches; an engraved or special watch is a great gift that will help keep you close to his heart.

To really pull on his heartstrings, give him a gift that is the essence of you. We mentioned that the sense of smell could be very evocative for a man, so don't be afraid to pull that lever. You could write him a love note and put a drop of your scent on it and leave it for him to find. The combination of a meaningful love letter and the smell of you will be sure to make him swoon.

Mementos from fun dates are also a great strategy to get into his memory and keep him all to yourself. If you took him to a super-important sports game, frame the tickets and present them to him as a gift. If you took a fun couples cruise to the Bahamas, get him a small souvenir in secret and try sending it to him in a package: everybody loves an unexpected gift. And the pleasant memories of your trip together will bring thoughts and feelings of you into his heart and his head.

Finally, men love practical gifts. Even if it seems weird or silly, get him something he has been talking about and send it to him when you're apart. A fishing lure, ammunition, or a new shifter knob for the car might not seem like romantic gift ideas, but if he has wanted that specific thing, he'll remember you every time he uses it.

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Love Yourself Before You Love Anyone Else

Nothing’s more compelling for a guy than a woman who focuses on herself. The most attractive feature for a man is a woman who loves herself and is fully engaged with her life and surroundings. When you're happy and loving the life you're living, your vibrant personal energy will be irreplaceable to him. Your sunny mood, witty remarks, and particular sense of humor make you a distinctive and unique person.

If you’re thinking of how to make him miss you, you can learn a valuable lesson from this simple principle. Being unique and true to yourself will make you a one-of-a-kind gal. It’s easy to miss someone who is uniquely themselves because there’s nobody else out there who can provide what you provide!

Men like genuine women. Pretending to be someone you're not to win over a man is likely to end in disaster: either you'll be miserable, or he'll see through you and see you as replaceable, just another woman like any other. When you work on yourself, put yourself first, and take the time to develop a full and well-rounded personality and lifestyle, your man is going to see you as the princess you are, and he'll miss you like crazy when you're not around.

Compliment Him

This may not be the answer you expected. When we're analyzing how to make him miss you, an answer like "compliment him" seems way too simple to work. But men don't usually get compliments! Men generally don't complement one another out of a fear of being seen as weak or unmasculine. Society doesn't usually encourage people to compliment men. A simple compliment can make your man beam, and it will absolutely make him miss you when you're not around. Even something like complimenting his appearance can make your man's day. When you treat a man nicely and offer him the occasional compliment, it’s going to make him fall for you and miss the heck out of you when you're not around.

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Keep Space

Science shows us that being with someone you love produces a surge of serotonin and dopamine, which are happy chemicals that make you feel a sense of warmth and connection. Spending time together, hugging, kissing, and touching all help release these happy little neurotransmitters in his brain.

However, being together all the time can make a man feel stifled. Just like you might want to have a girls night out or go get brunch with your friends, your man will want to have some time to himself. Some men might like working on their favorite projects, hiking, watching sports, or even playing video games. Don’t take it personally! Having space to themselves to pursue their own interests helps men feel secure in a relationship. It gives them time to do things that they enjoy on their own terms. Now, we’re not saying that you should let your man go out carousing and hitting the strip clubs whenever he wants, but giving him some space — or even just permission to have space — will help him feel secure. Give a guy permission to do what he likes, and he’ll be all smiles and filled with that surge of dopamine and serotonin. Chances are he’ll be thinking of you while he’s out!

Keep Your Man Happy

It’s normal to want your man to miss you when you’re apart. And while it might sound like an impossible task to make him wish you were with him, it’s really quite simple. Leave him things to remember you by. Give him little gifts and little signs of affection. Give him a nice compliment from time to time, and give him permission to do his own thing. And be sure to take the time to develop yourself into the best person you can be. Following these simple tricks will keep you on his mind and have him missing you all day long when you are apart.

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