Are They My Soulmate?

Have you been wondering if any signs point to them being the one? Take this quiz and find out!

How long do you feel like you’ve known them?

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How long do fights usually last?

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Is either of you spiteful towards one another?

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What do you normally feel when you’re hanging out with them?

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Which statement accurately represents your intimacy and closeness with your partner?

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How are you both when you’re away from each other?

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Are They My Soulmate?
Yes, soulmate material!

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When someone is your soulmate, you should typically feel a sense of peace and calmness from them. Their presence can provide feelings of excitement and butterflies in your stomach at first, but that usually slows down over time.
Maybe soulmate material

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Maybe is the answer here because you may still be in the “honeymoon” stage of the relationship, and where things haven’t gotten serious enough to know how you both react when there’s a disagreement or an issue. This is a relationship you’d want to consider feeling out!
Maybe think again

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Maybe think again: You both are likely not soulmates. This might require some introspection on your part to see if you’re in love with the idea of being in love, or if you’re potentially substituting a relationship for a void in your life that you can only ultimately fill.

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We usually never say “never,” but here, this person is almost certainly not your soulmate. This is particularly the case when you already sense some toxic forms of communication or certain types of incompatibility that are already prevalent. It’s best to leave a relationship or a situation on terms that are civil, rather than grow resentment over time, and waste energy on something that seems as though it’ll have an inevitable ending. However, if it’s early on in the relationship, you can always try and organically build a deeper understanding of them, while also allowing them to see more dynamic expressions of yourself.

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