7 Chill Topics To Talk About With Your Crush

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Crushes and new relationships are thrilling! Your heart pounds when you see him, and you get butterflies every time he crosses your mind. You may have been admiring him from afar and trying to work up the courage to talk to him, but your mind always goes blank when you see him, and you feel like you can never think of interesting topics to talk about with your crush. Maybe he’s new in town, and the prospect of breaking the ice is stressing you out. You want to flatter him and express yourself in a way that arouses his interest but don’t know how to approach him. You want to take time to get to know him and see what he’s into, what you have in common, and keep the topics to talk about with your crush fun and flirty as you forge a deeper connection. Delving into deep and heavy topics can extinguish the spark between you in the very beginning. Now is a time of discovery, not interrogations. So leave the heartfelt expressions about how cute you think he is for later when you have more of an idea of how he feels about you. Keeping it light-hearted and trying to let things happen naturally seems easy enough, but it can be hard to come up with interesting topics of conversation. To help you out, here’s a list of 7 chill topics to talk about with your crush

1. Entertainment

Entertainment is an essential part of every society. It brings people together, reduces stress, and improves creativity and productivity. Sharing what you enjoy with those you care about is an excellent way to bond, which is why it’s a great conversation starter and one of the most fun topics to talk about with your crush.

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What kinds of movies does he enjoy seeing? Does he prefer going to movie theaters or staying in and cuddling? Talking about movies is a fun topic and an excellent place to find common ground for your interests. Ask him if he’s seen the newest blockbuster and what he thought of it. If he hasn’t seen it yet, make a date to see it together. Seeing a movie is many people’s go-to date because it’s fun, low-stress, and cozy. Movies are easy topics to talk about with your crush and can lead to great information about each other. Another fun movie-centered conversation is asking your crush who would play him in a movie about his life. It’s a fun question and a great way to see how he views himself. It also gives you an excellent opportunity to offer your casting choice and flatter him in the process.

TV shows

We all have that favorite TV show that we keep coming back to no matter how many times we’ve seen it. Things we love that much make the best topics to talk about with your crush and the best conversation starters when you’re feeling shy. The TV show your guy can’t get enough of can reveal a lot about his personality and help you determine your compatibility. Quoting a witty line from his favorite show is a great way to show your guy that you listen to him and have similar interests. You two can have a fun conversation by asking him how he would survive a zombie apocalypse since we’ve all seen at least one scene from the many popular zombie series out there.


One of the most harmonious topics to talk about with your crush involves his ears. What kind of music makes him the happiest and most pumped when he’s feeling down? Who is his favorite musical artist? Has he seen them in concert? Even if it’s an artist or type of music you don’t usually listen to, give it a try! You might end up finding a new artist to add to your playlist. If his favorite band is playing nearby, get tickets and surprise him! He’ll be excited to see his favorite band play live and know that you were thinking about him and went out of your way to do something to make him happy.

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If you both love to read, you have an instant rapport. You’ll never run out of conversation topics when you’re discussing your favorite literary stories and characters which makes it so much easier to come up with flirty questions and topics to talk about with your crush. Take it a step further and ask if you wrote a book about him, what would he like the title to be? The idea that you think he’s fascinating enough to write a book about will catch his attention. Reading creates deeper, kinder connections between people and helps us start conversations we wouldn’t know how to handle otherwise. So pick up a favorite book at your local bookstore to read together as you snuggle on the couch.

2. Food

Most of us find pleasure in eating and like trying new foods and finding new restaurants to share with others, which makes this one of the best topics to talk about with your crush. Deciding what to eat is a decision most couples make together, so finding out if your tastes in cuisine are the same will be a huge advantage when you two are ready to take things to the next level. Trying out the newest, hottest restaurant in town is sure to create fun, new memories as you savor all the senses of enjoying a romantic meal together. It’s also the perfect time to mentally pull out this list of topics to talk about with your crush. Maybe your crush is a cooking channel enthusiast and has been dying to show off their skills; give him a chance! There is validation in the process of creating a meal and eating as a couple that establishes a certain level of intimacy. Gather some more facts about his food preferences such as allergies, his favorite thing his mom makes, what he would choose as his last meal, and whether or not he likes to share food. Sharing food is nonverbal communication that shows a more profound connection, so go ahead and share your fries. Asking interesting questions about his food preferences is another excellent way to get to know him and brings you one step closer to a romantic relationship between you two.

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3. Hobbies

An extensive topic guaranteed to help you and your crush have a good conversation is asking about his hobbies. As we know, the things we love make an endless list of topics to talk about with your crush. This simple question gives you a glimpse of how he values his free time and how he likes to spend it. Guys like to play, whether it’s sports, video games, board games, or card games; it all counts. Is he an avid sports fan? Go to a game together or invite him to your house to watch one together. If he plays sports, support him by cheering for him at his games. He’ll like that you were rooting for him and that you’re excited about something he loves.

Is he a gamer? Join him in a few rounds in his favorite online world. If you’re good at video games, he’ll be impressed. If you suck, you can ask him for some pointers and more playtime with him so you can practice. Games are also a great way to meet his friends and see their dynamic as a group. Congratulate his friends when they win and tease him when he loses. Don’t worry about impressing his friends; just be genuine and join in the small talk. It will all give you more topics to talk about with your crush.

Hobbies often reveal what we are passionate about, which is crucial in a romantic relationship. Be inquisitive and let the conversation flow. If you don’t know a lot about his hobby, ask him! It will just give your more topics to talk about with your crush. Compliment how well he does his hobby and ask him to show you how to do it sometime. It will make him feel confident and valued and give you two a reason to stay in touch and spend time together. Try to find a hobby you two have in common or something you’ve always wanted to try and can do together. If you don’t have any shared interests, don’t fret! While liking to do the same things makes for easy date planning and great topics to talk about with your crush, it isn’t vital to a solid and healthy relationship. The most crucial thing is you show curiosity in his interests and strive to understand why he enjoys them. Remember to be honest and be yourself. You’re not doing either of you any favors if you pretend that you’re also into rock climbing if you are terrified of heights.

4. Travel

Most people like to travel, but few can venture abroad very often. Whether traveling out of town or out of the country, it’s always exciting to dream up fun escapes and talk about all the places you want to visit and experiences you want to have while you’re there. This is why travel is on the list of the best topics to talk about with your crush. You can start small and ask your crush where his favorite spot is nearby. Ask him to be your tour guide and show you what you’re missing in your own backyard. A day trip with your new special someone is sure to create lasting memories for you both and give you more to talk about the next time you hang out. If he’s a world traveler, this opens up the conversation for even more topics to talk about with your crush and even a chance to ask some flirty questions! Get traveling advice for your next vacation. What’s his remedy for jet lag? What is the craziest thing he’s done or seen in his travels? Encourage him to share his funniest travel mishaps, and don’t forget to share your own. Have fun and plan a hypothetical trip together. By planning a trip, you both can experience an immediate increase in happiness because the anticipation of taking a trip is thrilling! And who knows, maybe one day you will put that plan into motion.

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5. Pets

Our furry companions are a perfect ice breaker and are definitely among the cutest topics to talk about with your crush. What kind of pet you have or want (or don’t want) says a lot about a person. Some say that cat people are more intelligent and get invited to more gatherings, while dog-lovers are more out-going and tend to have more friends. Or maybe he has a more exotic and unique animal. Either way, the way to his heart is through the animal he keeps in his house. Can you think of any sweeter topics to talk about with your crush than his fur baby? You can build the bridge to a romantic relationship by getting his pet to be absolutely obsessed with you. When you meet his animal for the first time: do nothing! Resist the urge to chase the animal around the house and gush over how much you love them already. Say a calm “hello” and get down on their level so they can come to you on their terms. Ask your guy questions about what his pet likes and doesn’t like, and apply what you’ve learned when the furry friend decides to come up and greet you. Your crush will be super impressed that you showed genuine interest in his furbaby and that you took the proper steps to ensure that his pet falls madly in love with you. And then you’ll be another step closer to your crush falling madly in love with you!

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6. Social Media

Social media affects nearly every aspect of our lives nowadays and is among the most popular topics to talk about with your crush. Most people use social media for many things, from work to keeping in touch with family and friends to dating. Before social media came into play, the dating world was less confusing. Now there are hundreds of platforms to keep track of, including our crush’s feed. You’ve probably been stalking each other on social media before now, but now is the perfect time to make it legit. Ask him what your social media says about you. He’ll have to look you up, and it’s the perfect reason for him to follow you and you to follow him back. Now you have an invitation to like and comment on his pictures and posts without seeming creepy and obsessive. Seeing what each other likes and follows on social media will only help you think of more topics to talk about with your crush.

While you’re checking out each other’s social media feeds, take note of a few things about his. Does he do something like post too many selfies, argue with other users all the time, like a ton of random girls’ photos, never post a picture with another girl, or constantly promote his brand? Usage like this points to some red flags that can come up in your relationship.

If he’s posting too many selfies, he’s likely obsessed with himself, and your relationship won’t be in his top five priorities. If he’s constantly getting into arguing matches in the comments, he likes chaos more than comfort and may not be confident enough to enjoy the stability a healthy relationship brings. It’s okay if he’s stirring the pot every once and a while because that shows he has strong values and opinions and is confident enough to voice them and fight for them, which can give your more topics to talk about with your crush in the future. A secure partner is likely to value your thoughts and encourage you to express them, too.

If he’s interacting with a bunch of random girls’ photos, he’s probably keeping his options open and isn’t ready to commit. This isn’t necessarily an issue if these other girls are his friends and they hang out often. But if they are girls he’s never actually met, then he’ll likely continue this behavior even while you two are dating. If he’s never posted a picture with another girl (when you know he’s had a girlfriend), he’ll probably never post one with you. This doesn’t mean he won’t be a good partner, just probably not the type to show you off. If he’s constantly promoting his brand, he’s probably trying to become an influencer. All the likes he gets on his posts are his source of self-esteem, and he might be preoccupied with living an unrealistic life. Bringing these things up early on may not be the best kind of topics to talk about with your crush if you’re hoping for a real and deep relationship. Be careful not to get roped into his promotion games, and remember that you are not an accessory to make him look more appealing to brands and sponsors.

Now that we’ve discussed the red flags, here are some green flags to look out for and even topics to talk about with your crush as your relationship becomes more serious and you start making social media boundaries with each other.

First, let’s talk about selfies. He has a healthy balance if he has selfies mixed in with other content. The selfies are not the main focus of his feed but rather a glimpse of the person behind the camera. He uses his social media to establish a storyboard of his life, not his washboard abs. In a post’s comments, he stands up for other people and his beliefs and opinions about topics he’s passionate about and important to him. He’s not doing it to fight but to offer a different view. He may have some pictures of him and his ex still posted because it was a meaningful chapter in his story, but he’s deleted any kissing photos and affectionate posts. This shows that he valued the relationship and that there is room for a new person in his real life and his social media. He does it tastefully if he has a brand that he’s trying to promote, and his brand is not the only thing he posts or talks about. Like his selfies, his promotion tells a little bit more of his story, but it’s not all he’s posting. Don’t ignore his brand!

While you’re checking for the red and green flags on his social media, check for them on your own! Be open with each other. It doesn’t have to be one of the scary topics to talk about with your crush.

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7. Family and Childhood Memories

Asking your crush about his childhood demonstrates your desire to get to know him on a deeper level and is one of the most intimate topics to talk about with your crush. He’ll likely become nostalgic as he regales you with his many adventures and misadventures as a kid. Ask him about where he grew up and where he liked to hang out when he was younger. What was his favorite activity, and what did he want to be when he grew up? These questions are a great segue into what he does now and how he feels about his current path. Think of other interesting questions that he likely hasn’t been asked before. Different questions will make you stand out from the other people who may be vying for his attention and affection. You could ask him: What is the naughtiest thing you did as a kid? What was your biggest fear? Who picked your name and why? Join the conversation by sharing your own childhood stories. The conversation is bound to be full of wide grins and great laughs with these childhood and family topics to talk about with your crush.

While you’re on the subject of his childhood, ask him about his family. Do they live nearby? How often does he see them? Ask him about his parents, siblings, and extended family members. Questions about your crush’s family can reveal what he values and how he interacts with the people close to him and is one of the most important topics to talk about with your crush as you start to become more serious with each other. Pay attention to his body language and how he answers the questions. Be sensitive if he doesn’t want to talk about his family. Not everyone comes from a happy home environment or is close with their families in adulthood. But this doesn’t have to be a divisive issue. Healthy and resilient adults often need to maintain firm boundaries with their families to have peaceful and stable lives as adults. It’s an excellent opportunity to see how your guy sets and keeps boundaries, which can only be good for your relationship.


Communication is key to any relationship. Having fun conversations using this list of topics to talk about with your crush will help you learn more about each other and forge a deeper connection. There’s no better way for you to express your interest than by asking your crush questions about himself. It can be helpful to be prepared with some chill topics to talk about with your crush if you unexpectedly run into him, but don’t be afraid to go off-script! Sometimes the most random conversations turn out to be the best ones and make an even better and more personalized list of topics to talk about with your crush! Try to have a genuine discussion so he knows you’re not just looking for a fling. It takes time for feelings to develop, and showing genuine interest by engaging in meaningful conversation plants a seed that may eventually blossom into a beautiful relationship.

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