11 Reasons Soulmates Are a Real Thing

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Are soulmates real? The idea of finding the perfect romantic partner is a tale as old as time. Everybody wants to find “the one”. Who wouldn’t? Romantic relationships are one of the deepest levels of love we can have for another human being. The search for our twin flame can be frustrating for most, as it seems there are quite a lot of frogs we have to kiss until we meet the right person. But what if we are wasting our time? Are soulmates real or are we just wasting our energy searching for the “perfect person” who may not even exist? If you’ve ever found yourself asking the question are soulmates real? We may have your answers for you.

What Is a Soulmate, Really?

A soulmate is a person whom you feel intensely connected to in every way. This person knows and understands you better than anyone else. They accept you for who you are, flaws and all. A soul mate is someone you can be yourself around and never have to worry where you stand with them. You and your soulmate will feel like you are made for one another, and can’t imagine loving anyone else. Though we often think of soulmates in romantic terms, a soulmate can also be a friend or family member. There are different types of soulmates, sometimes referred to as kindred spirits or twin flames. The metaphysical explanation for soulmates is that you are two spiritual beings who have known each other in past lives. Although you may go your separate ways in this life (either by choice or circumstances) you always reunite with them in the next life. This is why when you meet your soulmate, you feel as though you have always known them. According to spiritualists, this is because you have.

Do Soulmates End Up Together?

If you believe that soulmates are real, you’d rightly assume they would be the romantic partner you end up with. While this may be true for some lucky people, not everybody ends up marrying their soulmate. The idea of “true love” that conquers all is romantic, but real life doesn’t always play out the way it does in the movies. Are soulmates real? Sure, but they may be your best friend or cousin, not necessarily a romantic partner. Finding or realizing you have found your soulmate may also depend on your or their level of consciousness. Some people may not believe in soulmates or true love, therefore never seek out their twin flame. Or perhaps you have met your soulmate, but life circumstances make it impossible for you to be together. While either scenario sounds quite devastating, we have to understand that life is both a spiritual and physical journey. People come and go into our lives for a reason, usually to teach us something. Sometimes our soulmates are only with us for a short time, but that doesn’t mean our life can’t go on without them. In a metaphysical sense, there are multiple souls with whom we can connect with on a deeper level. Our lives can still be full of love, even if we don’t end up with our soulmate.

Can You Have Different Soulmates?

While some people believe we have only one true soulmate, others suspect that we have multiple. If you believe in reincarnation of the spirit, then we have crossed paths with many different spirits throughout time. It would not be hard to believe that we then try to connect with our kindred spirits in other lives. Maybe our soulmates enter our lives as friends or family as well as romantic interests. Maybe we have multiple romantic soulmates that reconnect with us in this life. As the idea of soulmates exists in the metaphysical realm, their existence and how they exist is hard to prove. What we do know is how we feel when we are around people that make our souls come alive. So, are soulmates real? Science can’t prove it, but science can’t prove a lot of things.

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Are Soulmates Real? 11 Reasons They Might Be

1. There Are Some People You Just Click With

Are soulmates real? There is a phenomena called instant connection, where you meet someone and, well, instantly connect. You can’t explain it, but when you meet this person, you feel like you have known them all your life. Talking to them is easy, there is never an awkward silence or moment when you feel like they are judging you. You may find that they share many similar interests, even ones you were sure no one else could possibly have (like collecting pug figurines for example). The question are soulmates real? may easily be answered for you when you find that person you click with instantly.

2. Being With Them Is Easy and Stress-Free

A true soulmate relationship will never feel like work. People often enter into relationships thinking that struggling is normal. They may be used to fighting, jealousy, or constantly anxious that their significant other will become bored and leave them for someone else. People often mistake toxic relationships for passion or chemistry, when in reality they are signs of an incompatible match. Are soulmates real? A true karmic relationship is devoid of these toxic relationship traits. Because you two share a genuine connection, loving them will be easy. You won’t have to worry where you stand with this person because communication between you two is effortless. This doesn’t mean you won’t have arguments or problems to work through, but they will be sparse and you will both make an equal effort to solve them. Until you’ve met your soulmate, you can’t even begin to imagine how a relationship could ever be so easy. Are soulmates real? Well, easy-loving relationships sure do make a case for them.

3. You Feel a Deep Connection With Them That You Don’t Feel With Others

Although in today’s modern world we are able to connect with millions of people across the globe with a simple click, finding a real connection in real life is not so easy. For some people, it feels near impossible. If dating apps have taught millions of single men and women one thing, it’s that there are tons of fish in the sea. However, there are very few fish with whom you actually feel a spark. Are soulmates real? When you meet your soulmate, you’ll recognize early on that there is something between you two. Something will feel different about them, even if you can’t quite put your finger on it. You may not recognize it as love right away, as even with soulmates, love takes time to develop. But you will notice a sense of belonging that you feel with them above other people. Developing a relationship with them, either romantically or platonically, will come in stride. You’ll understand one another in ways that you haven’t experienced understanding with anyone else. When asking are soulmates real? consider whether or not you have ever felt such a deep connection with anybody else.

4. You Can Communicate Without Using Words

Are soulmates mind readers? Not necessarily, but when you have such a deep connection and understanding with someone else, you will naturally pick up on what the other person is thinking. In metaphysics terms, this would be described as our subconsciousness communicating with one another. Thoughts are energy and they exist on various wavelengths. Are soulmates real? We can sometimes pick up on what our soulmate is thinking or feeling because our thoughts exist on the same wavelength. You and your soulmate will be attuned with one another, whether consciously or subconsciously. This may manifest as knowing exactly what your soulmate is going to say, even before they say it. Or even suggesting an idea to them that they were just currently thinking about. If you’ve ever experienced such a thing, you’ll know what a genuinely awesome (sometimes spooky) feeling it is. Are soulmates real? If mind-reading isn’t a soulmate sign, we don’t know what is.

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5. You Feel a Genuine Empathy for Them

Are soulmates real? While we may love and feel empathetic towards all of our friends, family, or past romantic partners, empathy will feel different with our soulmates. You will feel for them as you have never felt for anyone before. Their triumphs will be your triumphs and their failures will be your failures. You will feel for them more because you understand them more. You have stronger ties to them than you do anyone else. Their feelings, whether they be happy or sad, will affect you as well. You will genuinely want the best for them and try to help them achieve that in any way possible. True empathy comes from true feelings of love and understanding. When asking are soulmates real?, ask yourself if you feel this way about your true life partner.

6. There Is an Undeniable Chemistry

Chemistry between two people can be described as an intense feeling, attraction, liking, or compatibility. Though it’s often used in relation to romantic relationships, chemistry can also exist between friends or colleagues. Similar to “clicking” with someone, chemistry between two people can’t be proven, it just is. Are soulmates real? When you meet your soulmate, you may feel an intense attraction that compels you to go over and introduce yourself to them. Or it could have nothing to do with attraction at all. It may be that they tell a joke and you instantly counter it with a witty reply, which leads to effortless playful banter. When you have chemistry with someone, you know there is something there. Chemistry creates this innate desire to want to be around someone. Other people may notice as well by commenting that you two “get along really well”. When asking are soulmates real?, undeniable chemistry may not be able to be quantified, but there’s no denying it’s real.

7. You Feel More Secure With Them Than With Anyone Else

A loving relationship shouldn’t make you feel like you have to constantly worry about your place in the other person’s life. Your soulmate will make you feel loved and trustful because you will do the same for them. You will feel safe and protected with them because you know they would never want to hurt you. While their actions will no doubt prove their intentions, much of your sense of security will come from you knowing and understanding your soulmate fully. Are soulmates real? When you are so connected to another human being, you don’t have to do any guesswork when it comes to their feelings for you. When asking are soulmates real? consider the sense of security you feel with your true love.

8. You Both Think About Each Other at the Same Time

Have you ever been just about to call your partner, only to have them call you first? Have you ever gotten a random urge to text your significant other, only to have them tell you they were just thinking about you? Much like how your soulmate can know what you are thinking when you’re around them, they also know when you are thinking about them and vice versa. Are soulmates real? Because your brain waves are so connected (in a metaphysical sense), you can pick up on each other’s thoughts about one another. This might lead to weird coincidences, like always calling each other at the same time. When asking are soulmates real?, ask yourself if you think these occurrences are just coincidences or something more.

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9. Your Love Has Developed Over a Period of Time

Finding your soulmate in a romantic partner doesn’t always mean it will be love at first sight. In fact, it can be quite the contrary in many cases. While there will likely be some kind of undeniable connection between you two, this might not translate into love right away. Are soulmates real? Love takes time to develop as we know, but just because we love someone doesn’t mean they make a great partner. While you might not recognize someone as your soulmate right away, that person may become your soulmate when they have taken the time and effort to become your perfect partner. This goes both ways in that you both work together to get to know each other’s likes and dislikes. Over time, they become your perfect match. When asking are soulmates real?, remember that all good things take time.

10. They Inspire You To Become the Best Version of Yourself

When you’ve met the person that ignites your soul, you’ll be inspired to become anything and everything you’ve ever wanted to be. With their love and encouragement, you will suddenly feel like you can conquer all. This is because finding your soulmate may make you feel complete like you found the missing part of you. Are soulmates real? With your soulmate by your side, you have the confidence to pursue the life you’ve always dreamed of having. Your soulmate will make you feel secure and lift you up when you’re in a low place. They won’t give up on you and will always be your shoulder to cry on. You’ll know you’ve met your better half when they inspire you to be more than you could have ever dreamed. When asking are soulmates real?, question whether any of your previous relationships have given you such inspiration.

11. Neither of You Is Perfect, but You Choose To Be Together Anyway

Are soulmates real? A common misconception about soulmate relationships is that once you find your soulmate, your lives will be perfect. This will likely not be the case, as no person alive is perfect. There will be things about your soulmate that you don’t like, just like there will be things about you that your soulmate dislikes. You will get on each other’s nerves and argue as any couple would. The difference between a relationship and a soulmate relationship is that neither of your imperfections or disagreements will ever make you two question your love for one another. You’ll work through your troubles because you know there is no one else you would rather argue with. Soulmate relationships transcend typical romantic relationships because your deeper connection with one another keeps you together above all else. When asking are soulmates real?, understand that soulmates won’t be perfect people.

So, Are Soulmates Real?

Are soulmates real? Soulmates are real if you understand what a soulmate truly is. They are not perfect people that will agree with you no matter what. You will not always feel love at first sight when you meet them, nor will they always be romantic relationships. Your soulmate is the person who understands you the best, without you having to prove yourself to them. There is no true scientific explanation for a soulmate, but innate human senses are ancient and powerful. Our souls transcend our physical body and understand much more than our conscious mind could ever comprehend. When we meet our soulmate, we’ll just…know.

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