The Treatment Your Hair Has Been Missing!

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Take this quiz to find out which at-home hair treatment could be best for your hair!

What’s the typical condition of your scalp?

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Which hair type is most like yours?

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Which option would be the best outcome for you, after doing the hair treatment?

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What is the condition of your current hair color?

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How often is your hair heated by styling products?

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What’s the biggest complaint you have regarding your hair?

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The Treatment Your Hair Has Been Missing!
Opalex Hair Perfector No 3 OPALEX


The Opalex Hair Perfector No 3 hair treatment is excellent for adding moisture to repair and strengthen damaged hair.
Playa Healing Hair Mask

White blank jar for cream

The Playa Healing hair mask is great for damaged hair, hair thinning, color-treated hair, and heat protection. This product contains Kaolin Clay, which helps decongest and support follicles in the hair in order to prevent dandruff, as well as Amla Oil, which helps combat dryness and increases shine.
Briogeo Scalp Renewal Charcoal + Tea Tree Hydrating Mask

Briogeo Hair Mask Treatment

Briogeo Scalp Renewal Charcoal + Tea Tree Hydrating mask great for a dry, itchy, and oily scalp, although it’s suitable for all hair types. Briogeo is fragrance-free and non-irritating.
Amika Soul Food Mask

AMIKA Soul Food Amazon Hair Treatment

The Amika Soul Food mask is excellent for nourishing your hair. It’s great for all hair types and helps soothe your hair and reduce any frizziness.

Let us know who you are to see your results!

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