Eiffel Tower Sex Position Explained

eiffel tower in paris, france

While it would be safe to assume the Eiffel Tower sex position is named so because it was invented in France, the French have very little to do with it. The Eiffel Tower sex position got its name from how the three partners involved look very much like the Parisian landmark when they are going at it. Yes, we did just say three partners, meaning the Eiffel Tower sex position is intended for three willing partners who are comfortable with seeing each other naked. Threesomes are quite a popular sex trend in the US with 95% of American men and 87% of American women surveyed saying they have fantasized about being in one. While there are many ways to get it on in a three-way, the Eiffel Tower sex position remains one of the more popular sex positions for adventurous threesomes. And while it may be a bit on the kinkier side, it’s one of the easier sex positions for threesome partners of every experience level. If a threesome has been on your mind lately, then keep reading to learn more about the Eiffel Tower sex position.

What Is the Eiffel Tower Sex Position?

The Eiffel Tower sex position involves three partners. One will be the receiver who will be penetrated from behind by the second partner while they give oral to the third partner at the same time. Finally, the second and third partner will face each other and give each other a high five. With their arms raised in a high five and the first partner in between them, they will (sort of) resemble the famous Parisian sculpture. While the Eiffel Tower sex position can be incorporated in multiple gender combinations, for the purpose of this article we will be describing a male, female, male threesome. In this scenario, getting into the Eiffel Tower sex position is super simple. The female partner will get down on all fours either on the bed or floor. One of the male partners will then carefully penetrate her from behind as the second male partner stands in front of her and receives oral. The two male partners can then high five to assume the Eiffel Tower sex position (though doing so is optional).

Why You Will Like the Eiffel Tower Sex Position

The Eiffel Tower sex position gets a bad reputation for being one-sided on who gets the most pleasure out of it (in this case, the two male partners). The idea of the two giving partners high fiving while being pleased sounds douchey and, well, it can be if you are trying it out with the wrong partners. However, if all three partners are respectful of one another, the Eiffel Tower sex position can be pleasurable for all. It’s one of the most popular threesome sex positions for this reason, as everyone is being stimulated in some way. Besides the fact that all three partners will likely be turned on by the idea of a threesome to begin with, they will all be getting something out of this famous sex position. The female partner will have the chance to be penetrated from behind doggy style, which is one of the most preferred sex positions among men and women alike. Doggy style sex gives the giving partner the opportunity to penetrate the female partner deeply, which can hit some women’s G-spot in just the right way. Or, if she’s into it, the Eiffel Tower sex position is a great opportunity for doing anal penetration. Just make sure this is decided upon before you try it out. A surprise visit through the “backdoor” is not a welcome surprise, trust us.

Male partners will enjoy the Eiffel Tower sex position because what is there not to enjoy? The Eiffel Tower sex position is a dominant role for the male partners as their female partner will be in a more submissive position on her hands and knees. The dominant versus submissive power play during sex is popular with both men and women. In this case, there is nothing more submissive for the female partner than being both penetrated and giving oral at the same time. The male partners will enjoy every second of it as they get to have their penises stimulated in different ways. For even more fun, they can take turns switching sex positions.

three pairs of feet under the covers in bed

Tips for Doing the Eiffel Tower Sex Position

Before trying out any threesome sex positions, make sure all partners involved are comfortable with their part in them. Threesome sex positions are meant to be enjoyable for all, not just select partners. The Eiffel Tower sex position can be fun to try as a couple with another partner of your choosing, or between casual partners who are interested in a three-way fling. Just be sure you know and trust your partners before attempting the Eiffel Tower sex position. This is especially true for the female partner as you will be in the more vulnerable position. You should be able to trust and openly communicate with your partners as to what feels good and what doesn’t. If something ever does not feel good, stop, switch sex positions, or take a break. A ménage à trois might be a little trickier to get right the first time given that there is an extra person involved you need to coordinate with. Make sure each partner is comfortable and in a position to get the most pleasure out of the Eiffel Tower sex position.

Adjust for Height Difference

The Eiffel Tower sex position could be a little tricky if all three partners are of significant height difference. Try compensating for any height difference by experimenting with how and where to do the Eiffel Tower sex position. If both male partners are tall, it may be easier to have the female partner on all fours on the bed while both male partners perform their part by standing on opposite sides of the bed. Or one male partner can kneel while the other stands. Additionally, pillows can be placed underneath the female partner’s knees and hands to adjust for height differences as well as ensure she is comfortable in her position.

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Decide Beforehand What You Are Comfortable With

Again, each partner should be comfortable with what is expected of them in the Eiffel Tower sex position before doing it. Communicate with one another about what you hope to get out of this sex position and what you are willing to do. There should be no “surprises” midway through the act that another partner has not consented to. Communication is important before and during any sexual experience, especially in a threesome. Bringing a third person into the mix might be harder to coordinate with, so make sure you are all on the same page before you begin.

Make It More Exciting for Her

Once both male partners are finished with their high fiving, their hands are free to roam their female partner’s body to give her a more sensual experience. The male partner penetrating her from behind will have access to her clitoris by reaching around and using his fingers to stimulate her. Most women need clitoral stimulation in order to climax, so finger play (or even a vibrating sex toy) is essential for her orgasm. The male partner on the receiving end of her oral sex can gently tug at her hair or caress and lightly scratch her back. She’ll love the sensation of being touched by two pairs of hands while she’s both on the giving and receiving end of the Eiffel Tower sex position.

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Who Should Try Threesome Sex Positions?

Experimenting with threesome sex positions is for anyone who has ever fantasized about the idea of group sex. Liking the idea of having sex with multiple people might have something to do with primal instincts. Group orgies date back thousands of years ago to Paleolithic times when humans gathered in what was known as "fertility cults" to express their sexuality en masse. Basically, we've liked getting it on in group settings way before Pornhub came along. Humans are sexual creatures and as long as all parties are consenting adults, there is no right or wrong way to express yourself. But how do you know if a threesome is right for you?

two men and a woman laying on the ground

You’re in a New Relationship and Want to Start Things Off with a Bang

If you are in a new relationship and want to start things off on an adventurous note, a threesome could be the way to do it. Getting to know a new romantic partner is fun and sexy. Finding out what they like in the bedroom is important for your future sex life. Sometimes it's best to be honest up front about all your kinks and sexual desires to see if you are a match. Trying out the Eiffel Tower sex position with your new flame is a hot way to start your relationship. If your partner shares your desire for a threesome, your sexual communication will likely only become more open as time progresses. Plus, it will be a hell of a story to rehash later in your relationship.

You’re in a Long-Term Relationship and Want to Change Up Your Routine

Sex generally only gets better the longer you know your partner and the more comfortable you feel with them. However, even the brightest of flames can begin to wither over time. Life happens and sometimes we get stuck in our old routine in the bedroom. If you and your partner have hit a rut in bed, a threesome might be just what you need to relight your fire. Introducing a new person into your sexual experience can add excitement to your sex life. It may even make you feel more attracted to your partner. Cuckolding is the term used for a kink in which a man enjoys watching his wife or girlfriend have sex with someone else (usually another man but could be another woman). Cuckolding can also refer to a woman who likes to watch her partner have sex with someone else. Reasons for why couples enjoy cuckolding vary, but nonetheless it's a popular turn-on for many. In the Eiffel Tower sex position, all partners will be sexually active. You'll get to see your partner either pleasuring or being pleasured by someone other than you. It might just be the kink you didn't know you had.

two men in bath robes and a woman in a black dress

You’re Single and Want to Experiment with Sex Positions

Being single is sometimes the best time to explore your sexuality. When you're dating or having sex with casual partners, there's less pressure. Casual sexual encounters are meant to be fun and judgement free. You don't have to worry about feelings being involved (such as jealousy between partners) or worry what the other person thinks about you. You're free to express yourself sexually however you want and not care if the other person or persons involved judge you for it. The Eiffel Tower sex position might be one of those sex positions you try once and never talk about again. Doing it with casual partners might make you feel more uninhibited. That being said, make sure you can trust your partners before engaging in any sexual experience. Safety during sex positions is a priority. Never have a sexual encounter with someone you do not feel comfortable with. If you're not sure how to find casual partners to experiment with, consider attending a sex party. A sex party is basically when a group of people get together and, well, have sex. There are multiple organizations that host them at different discreet venues. Make sure you do your research first before attending one to be sure they foster safe environments for everyone involved. You'll want to choose a party that screens their guests before attendance to be sure you won't be in a room with any weirdos.

Who Should Not Try Threesome Sex Positions?

The Eiffel Tower sex position can be a fun, easy new sex position for some, but it's not for everyone. Part of human sexuality is wanting to experiment with new sex positions and partners. But sex is also emotional and spiritual and can have consequences beyond the physical. Consider the following before deciding if the Eiffel Tower sex position or any other threesome sex positions are right for you:

You’re in a Rocky Relationship and Think a Threesome Will Save It

Much like how marriage or having a child cannot save a bad relationship, a threesome won't do the trick either. Sure, threesomes might add some excitement to your bedroom life, but it won't be enough to fix any underlying problems in your relationship. This is especially true if the only reason you are considering a threesome is because you believe it will please your partner. If you do not enjoy it as well, you may come to resent them later, only furthering your relationship problems.

You're Inexperienced Sexually

The Eiffel Tower sex position, in our opinion, should be reserved for those who have "been around the block" a few times. Someone who is new to sex might feel intimidated adding another person into the mix. If having sex with one person already feels new and awkward, having sex with two people will not make the experience better. As someone who is new to sexual experiences, you might not know what you like or feel comfortable with yet. It is easy to feel pressured to do something outside of your comfort zone when you are not yet sure what your comfort zone is. Save the Eiffel Tower sex position for when you're more comfortable in your own skin and know how to get what you want out of sex positions.

You’re Just Not Into Group Sex

Don't try the Eiffel Tower sex position, or any group sex positions, if you're not comfortable with having sex with multiple people. Sex is different for all of us. You may feel that sex is meant to only be shared with someone you have an emotional connection to. Inviting a stranger into your bed just doesn't do it for you, and that's fine. Similarly, watching someone you love have sex with someone else might bring up too many emotions for you. This is a totally reasonable objection for not wanting a threesome.

High Five for Threesome Sex Positions

So, there you have it. Now you understand the Eiffel Tower is not simply the name of the famous Parisian sculpture, but instead a super-hot sex position that involves not two, but three people. We doubt you'll ever look at the Eiffel Tower the same way again, especially if you try out the Eiffel Tower sex position tonight. Add this one to the list of kinkier sex positions you've yet to try because it is anything but vanilla, or should we say vanille?

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