Why Is a Hug From Behind Such a Turn On?

man hugging woman from behind in front of lake

Hugs are awesome and feel great whether we’re giving them to or receiving them from our family, friends, or significant other. If you’re in a loving relationship, you and your significant other probably hug a lot. Hugs are a way of showing physical affection and connecting with someone on a more intimate level. But as we know, there are different kinds of hugs. A hug from behind is very specifically only received from a significant other. Why? Because a hug from behind is more intimate than any other kind of hug. It feels more romantic and sexy when your partner wraps their arms around you in a surprise embrace. Something about a hug from behind just feels so hot. But why exactly is a hug from behind such a turn on?

Why a Hug from Behind Feels So Good

Physical touch is one of the five basic senses that we use to navigate our world. Our skin is the largest organ in our body, and it contains touch receptors that respond to everything from a gentle breeze to a pin prick. When we have physical touch with someone we care about, the skin sends touch signals to our brain. In response, the brain releases oxytocin, a chemical that is responsible for making us feel good. It’s been dubbed as the “love hormone” because it increases our feelings of nurture, trust, and calm. Oxytocin, added to any other feelings we have for our significant other, is why a hug from behind (or any kind of hug) feels so good.

Hugging Is Good for You

Humans are social animals, meaning we need both social and physical interaction. We crave human intimacy, and a hug delivers just that. When you’re hugging someone in a romantic context, it is about as close as you can get to them without intercourse. In this way, a romantic hug of any type is extra special because it is a non-sexual way of being with your partner and showing them you care.

What’s so different about a hug from behind? It’s basically the standing version of spooning, a cuddling position most couples go crazy for. The happy feeling you get from this type of contact isn’t just pleasant; it’s good for you! Some studies show that cuddling and other forms of physical affection are just as important as sex for happy, long-term relationships, especially for men. Hugging and cuddling before bed can even help you sleep better, thanks to the release of oxytocin that helps to balance out the stress hormone cortisol, and it may even help lower your blood pressure.

Why Is a Hug from Behind Such a Turn On?

A hug from behind is a huge turn-on because of the level of intimacy it suggests. You don’t just share romantic hugs from behind with anyone, only someone you want to jump into bed with. When your lover is behind you, he can caress your body while whispering sweet nothings in your ear. His breath on your neck might give you the chills, and before you know it, your hands are busy exploring each other’s bodies in the bedroom. A hug from behind can be great foreplay before you hit the sack.

Even when it doesn’t lead to sex, a hug from behind gives you and your partner a chance to feel connected with one another while being in close contact. There is just something about this type of hug that makes us feel butterflies in our bellies. Maybe it’s because we can feel how much our partner cares for us while in their warm embrace. It’s a turn-on because of the meaning behind it.

man hugging woman from behind in the city

What Does It Mean When He Gives You a Hug from Behind?

Hugs, like any form of affection, have meaning behind them. When your boyfriend gives you a hug from behind, he is sharing a type of intimacy with you that no one else gets from him. This kind of romantic hug is special and whether he realizes it or not, it can have different meanings behind it:

He’s Serious About You

A hug from behind is different from any other type of hug because it conveys deep feelings. If your boyfriend is serious about you, then he may give you a hug from behind because he feels a deeper connection to you. Think about it. How often have you received a hug like this on a first date? Our guess is that you have never gotten a hug from behind from someone you just met. If you have, it was probably weird. A hug from behind is reserved for couples who are serious and truly care about each other.

So, if your boyfriend just gave you his first hug from behind, he’s likely feeling serious about your relationship. He’s showing you a form of affection that he’s saved for you, the girl he really cares about. Men understand either consciously or subconsciously the significance of certain forms of intimate physical affection. He wouldn’t intentionally give you a hug from behind unless he wanted you to know he has deep feelings for you.

He Wants To Protect You

When a man is in a romantic relationship with a woman, he has an instinct to protect her. This is called the hero instinct, which is a man’s biological instinct to want to protect the people he loves. In dating, the hero instinct translates to wanting to be needed by his significant other. Men like to feel strong, and being the protector and provider allows him to feel this way.

This is where the hug from behind comes in. If your boyfriend gives you a hug from behind, it could mean that he sees you as someone he wants to love and protect. By holding you in his arms from behind, he is subconsciously shielding you from any outward harm.

While you are most certainly an independent lady who doesn’t need protecting, it wouldn’t hurt to let him try to be your hero. After all, he is coming from a place of love, not necessarily from a place of misogyny. If you want to show him how much you appreciate his protective embrace, grab his hands, and wrap them even tighter around your waist as you lean back onto his chest.

He Feels Comfortable With You

We only allow ourselves to be truly vulnerable with those we care about and who care for us as well. Giving someone a hug from behind shows a sense of familiarity and comfort with each other. Because this type of hug is so intimate, your boyfriend wouldn’t be giving you one unless he felt that he could trust you. No one wants to give their affection away to someone they can’t trust. A hug from behind from your boyfriend means that he has allowed himself to feel vulnerable around you.

Let your boyfriend know that he was right to trust you by receiving his hug graciously and telling him how much you care for him. He’ll feel even more connected to you and will likely be giving you hugs from behind more often.

man hugging woman from behind in front of blue background

He Missed You

A hug from behind from your boyfriend can be his way of showing how much he missed you. If you haven’t seen your significant other in a while, he may greet you with this type of hug to get as close to you as possible. He wants to feel intimate with you, and a hug from behind is one of the most intimate shows of affection you can give to someone. By giving you a hug from behind, he’s letting you know that he missed every part of you.

Men especially need physical contact in relationships to feel loved and wanted. For him, not being able to touch you is worse than not being able to talk to you. If he’s missed you, he’ll want to be as intimate with you as he can.

He’s Being Romantic/Intimate

When your boyfriend wants to show you how much he truly cares for you, he’ll want to express his love in every way possible. If he’s in a romantic mood, he may initiate a cuddle session by wrapping his arms around you in a hug from behind. He may even rest his head on your head or gently rock with you from side to side. This is his way of showing you that he is feeling the warm fuzzies and wants you to know it.

If you want to reciprocate, place your hands over his as he’s holding you. He’ll like feeling your hands on top of his. You can also reach up and wrap your arms around his neck and give him a gentle neck massage. By doing this, you’ll make his hug from behind feel even more romantic and intimate. The more you participate, the more he will know you enjoy his embrace.

He’s Horny

Sometimes a hug from behind can mean that your boyfriend is, well, horny. By embracing you from behind, he gets access to all your naughty bits. He gets to press up close to your bottom, meaning his John Hancock gets to be close to your butt. You’ll know for sure he’s in the mood to make love if you, uh, feel a poke down there. If he is feeling especially cheeky, he may use a hug from behind as an excuse to grab your tatas.

Yep, this kind of hug is pretty easy to understand. Don’t be surprised if this sweet gesture soon turns into him leading you down the hallway to the bedroom. If he’s in the mood, a hug from behind can be his way of showing you he wants you.

What Does It Mean When She Gives You a Hug From Behind?

A hug from behind is just as intimate an act when it comes from your girlfriend. Though both men and women will give a hug from behind for many of the same reasons, getting one from your girlfriend may have slightly different meanings.

She Feels Safe With You

A hug from behind from your girlfriend shows that she feels safe enough with you to express her true feelings. No one likes rejection and because women tend to initiate intimacy less often than men, she may feel like she is putting herself out on the line by initiating a hug first. Most women wouldn’t do this unless they felt that their affections would be reciprocated. By embracing you this way, she is showing you that she trusts you enough to give her affection fully.

To make her feel even more comfortable with you, acknowledge her hug by telling her how much you appreciate it. Tell her that you love getting hugs from her, especially surprise hugs from behind. Let her hold you for as long as she wants and enjoy basking in her loving embrace.

woman hugging man from behind in kitchen

She’s In a Playful Mood

Sneaking in a hug from behind may be your girlfriend’s way of showing you she’s ready to play. She might think it’s funny to grab you from behind in a playful tackle. In doing so, she’s showing you that she is comfortable enough with you to have fun and be silly. She may even be trying to antagonize you into a play fight. When you feel your girlfriend’s arms wrap around you from behind, be ready for a tickle fight that will likely result in something a little more, uh, intimate.

Being able to be silly with your partner is important for keeping a relationship alive. If you can’t let your hair down with your significant other, then the relationship will get stale. Use this playful hug as a chance to let your inner child out and have fun. Couples who play together, stay together.

She Wants to Apologize

A hug from behind from your girlfriend could be her way of showing you she is sorry for doing something. It is her peace offering or perhaps even her way of buttering you up to accept her apology, as this type of hug may be a segue into her admission of guilt. She is offering you affection in hopes that you will receive both her physical intimacy and her apology.

No one likes to admit when they are wrong but for a relationship to work, we must be willing to work out our problems. If she has trouble with conflict, this may be her way of showing rather than telling you she is sorry. This can be a good opportunity for the both of you to ease into a difficult conversation.

She Is Being Comforting

Nothing is more comforting than being swaddled in the embrace of someone you love. Most people love to be cuddled when they are feeling down in the dumps. If your girlfriend senses you are in a bad mood, but haven’t talked to her about it yet, she may give you a hug from behind as a show of comfort. She knows how good it feels when you wrap her in your arms, so she is trying to do the same for you.

In this situation, a hug from behind is not just comforting; it may communicate a few things. For one, your girlfriend is letting you know that you are safe with her. She may also want to let you know that you are free to unload your emotional baggage. In this scenario, a hug from behind from your girlfriend is her way of saying she wants you to feel comfortable enough with her to open up.

She Wants to Be Comforted

A hug from behind is not just about giving comfort; it can be about receiving it, too. Your girlfriend may give you a hug from behind when she is upset and wants your attention. By initiating this intimate act, she is letting you know that she wants it to be reciprocated. In other words, by giving you a hug, she is letting you know that she needs one, too. Maybe she had a bad day at work or is in a bad mood for whatever reason. She is coming to you for comfort because being close to you instantly makes her feel better. In this case, be sure to quickly turn around and wrap her in your arms. She will feel safe and comforted just knowing you are there holding her.

Not All Hugs Are Created Equal

Hugging is great, but not all hugs are created equal. A hug from behind is definitely one of the best. These hugs can have many different meanings depending on who’s giving them, but deciphering what your significant other is trying to express when they are being intimate in this way shouldn’t be hard. Communication is key and a little bit of awareness goes a long way. When your partner gives you a hug from behind, it could mean they are happy, sad, horny, or feeling playful. Whichever the case, they are coming from a place of love and affection for you, the person they care most about.

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