Which Scrunchy Works Best With Your Lifestyle?

different scrunchies in pastel colors shaped in a circle with a pink scrunchie in middle

With so many types of hair ties out there, it can get overwhelming when trying to decide which one you’ll choose to be your go-to. So, take this quiz and we’ll predict which type of scrunchy works best with your lifestyle!

How long is your hair?

Hairdresser trimming the ends on hair Adobe Stock

How often do you wear your hair up?

Fit female looking at smart watch setting it for workout outdoors Adobe Stock

Typically, how do you keep your hair up?

Elegant young blonde-haired lady in white silk blouse and black scrunchie, adjusting trendy hairstyle and posing isolated over light background . Adobe Stock

How would you describe your personal style?

Bobby pins, hair clips, Scrunchies Fashion Canva Canva

When do you normally have your hair up?

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Which colors do you prefer best when it comes to hair accessories?

Multicolored satin scrunchies Canva

Which Scrunchy Works Best With Your Lifestyle?
Satin Scrunchy

pink satin scrunchie isolated on white background. Flat lay Hairdressing tool of Colorful Elastic Hair Band

Satin or silk scrunchies are great and help prevent any kinks in your hair, especially when you wear them to bed at night. Day or night, satin scrunchies can make any look a stylish look while keeping a professional aesthetic intact, if needed.
Athletic Scrunchies


Athletic scrunchies are great for keeping your hair in place, particularly when you’re working out or doing other forms of strenuous, physical activity. The tightness and security of the grip can be increased by the number of times you wrap them around your hair.
Velvet scrunchies

Several velvet hair ties isolated on white for background.

Velvet scrunchies are glamorous and trendy, and can range in what type of fashion statement you’d like to make, depending upon the size of the scrunchy. These don’t provide the strongest hold, but will get the job done while still looking soft and adorable.
Spiral Scrunchies

Brown spiral soft hair ties

Spiral scrunchies are definitely an interesting kind of their own. They keep hair in place while suggesting that they don’t cause any damage to your hair in the process. They’re great for when a clear elastic band would be used, but far less painful to remove from your scalp when you want to let your hair down again.

Let us know who you are to see your results!

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