Vibrating Panties: The Gift for Her That’s Really for You


Vibrating panties are growing in popularity, and with good reason! They’re a fun and discrete way to bring sexy time out of the bedroom. Whether your partner is next to you at the dinner table or 1,000 miles away in another town, you can still have fun together no matter where you are.

The thrill comes partially, as you never know when those pulsating vibrations will come and partly because you’re doing something naughty, but no one but you and your partner knows about it. Vibrating panties come in different styles, so choosing which will work best for you may be challenging. Do you go with the traditional bullet? What about an insertable vibrator? Should you control it by wireless remote control?

Here’s everything you need to know about vibrating panties, including picks for the best vibrating panties on the market today. With a bit of luck, you’ll be getting off in person, breathing new life into even the most basic sex life.


How to Use Vibrating Panties?

Vibrating panties, just as their name sounds, are panties that vibrate, but in reality, they’re a little more complicated than that. You can make any pair of panties “vibrating” when you slip in an external clip. Some panties have a pocket so you can drop a bullet into them for external clitoral stimulation.

Regardless of the model, vibrating panties are easy to use. All you need to do is slip them on, double-check they’re secure, and turn the vibrating panties on. There are different speeds and vibration modes to choose from, so you’ll want to explore the settings before wearing them in public so you know what to expect. Some models come with handheld remote controls, while others are controlled via an app on your smartphone.

Why You Should Use Vibrating Panties

When used correctly, vibrating panties can change your sex life, making every task fun and fresh. Once used by only the most adventurous of couples, vibrating panties are getting more popular thanks to advances in design technology. Whisper-quiet motors won’t give you away while trying to get some, but that’s only the beginning. Here’s why you and your partner should be using vibrating panties inside and outside the bedroom.

Bring You Guaranteed Pleasure

Vibrators can almost guarantee an orgasm thanks to their clitoral stimulation. That’s why so many men and women use them to finish either during or after penetrative sex. Vibrating panties bring that fun on the go. Using the remote control, your partner can dial up the speed, switch out the vibration, and more, helping you reach climax no matter where you are.

They’ve come a long way, so with most models, you don’t have to worry about being too loud for public use. It’ll be something to get used to, but before long you and your partner will think vibrating panties are the best sex toy you’ll ever use.


Let the Fun Times Roll

Vibrating panties are just plain fun – they’re a little bit naughty and a little bit kinky. You can have fun while letting your exhibitionist and voyeuristic flags fly, free from judgment. Your partner will enjoy watching you take your pleasure while you’ll enjoy every minute of the pulsations rolling through your body. Using vibrating panties will heighten the joy and make your sex more fun and exciting.

Vibrating panties make even the most mundane task exciting. Put them on while grocery shopping and have your partner please you while roaming through the aisles. Adjust the vibrations yourself during solo masturbation sessions or as a passenger in the car with your significant other. Be creative with where you use them. Vibrating panties let you take your pleasure with you in discrete ways, so have fun with it!

Spice Things Up

Using vibrating panties isn’t only fun, it’s also a way to spice things up. While you’re in public, nothing will heighten your pleasure more than the fear of getting caught. Even if you’re out to dinner, you could climax at the moment the waiter asks for your order. No matter how hard it is, you’ll have to keep it together. You don’t want to let on what’s happening, and your partner will take pleasure in teasing you, bringing you to the edge time and time again.

After you start seeking your pleasure with vibrating panties, you’ll begin to look for new ways that you can spice up your sex life. There are plenty of other sex toys on the market, including different styles of vibrating panties, that will keep your sex life feeling like the first time each time. You just have to be open to new experiences – and remember to keep your moans at a minimum in public.

Increase Sexual Intimacy

The act of sex builds intimacy on its own, but using vibrating panties and other sex toys can help strengthen your intimacy as well. You’re taking the time to learn what your partner likes and vice versa. When using vibrating panties, your partner will learn the speeds and patterns to get you off quickest, drive you wild the longest, and push you to the edge and back time and time again.

You’re in public, so you can’t always use your words to tell them, so they have to pay attention to your body language. How are you moving? Are their hitches in your breath? Paying such close attention to each other will help you feel closer. Also, when you’re doing something risqué, you’ll bond over all the excitement about what could happen and start thinking about all the fun and sexy things you want to do next time.


Builds Anticipation

Even if you finish while wearing vibrating panties, it’s just an appetizer. The main event is still to come, and you’ll both be waiting with anticipation until you can get somewhere alone. Vibrating panties make excellent foreplay. Your partner can work you up to the edge, and they’re discrete, so no one will know what’s going on.

No matter how much you beg to finish, they won’t take you there. When you’re finally ready to be intimate, you’ll explode. Your sex will be even better because of it. Vibrating panties can be a great sex aid for you and your partner, and you’ll be looking forward to the next time you can wear them (just remember to wash them after each, ahem, use).

What Not to Do When Using Vibrating Panties

While there are many great reasons to wear vibrating panties, not all occasions call for them. Before using vibrating panties, talk with your partner and set clear boundaries. This will help you understand what you feel most comfortable with to make the most of your use. Since you’re in the passenger seat while wearing this sex toy, you have to communicate if you start feeling uncomfortable or want to stop your sex play.

Surprise Your Partner

The worst thing you can do is surprise your partner with vibrating panties. They should know what they’re wearing and what they do. Before buying them, you should’ve already discussed the possibility with your partner. While vibrating panties are fun and sexy, not everyone will feel comfortable wearing them. And that’s okay!

If it’s something you want to try, discuss it beforehand. Set boundaries for usage while people are around. Even though you can use them discreetly in public doesn’t mean that everyone wants to get pleasured while having a casual conversation. Or while at family dinner with both sides of the family. Unless you’re into that, then, game on!


Use Them Inappropriately

There’s a time and a place for vibrating panties. Public sex is still illegal, so you don’t want to misuse them. The best place to use vibrating panties is a loud place where you won’t be overheard or secluded enough to have the illusion of privacy.

Restaurants, concerts, bars, and other public venues are great options, while private booths, beaches, and benches can be quieter, helping you feel like you’re alone. No matter how tempting it is, keep it hands-free. Vibrating panties are all about your girl’s pleasure, so you don’t want to start getting your own until later when getting arrested for indecent exposure isn’t a risk.

Crank It Up Too High

Don’t let the first time you use vibrating panties be in public. You want to test the various settings to understand what feels good. If you and your partner have already explored the intensity and patterns they like, don’t change it up. Using the vibrating panties on too high of a setting can cause pain and discomfort, which will kill any mood.

If you haven’t explored all the settings, communicate with your partner and listen to what they say. If it’s too much, back off. Vibrating panties are fun and sexy. They should never hurt.

Ignore Them

No means no, so if your partner wants to stop playing with the vibrating panties, listen to them. Consent is an ongoing activity, and you can withdraw it at any time. If you or your partner no longer feel comfortable using them in public, turn them off. It could be the moment feels weird, or they’re not ready. Whatever the reason, don’t ignore them.

Their feelings are valid, and you can always try to use them another time. You could level up to using them in public, and before long, you’ll both be asking to use the vibrating panties to take things up a notch.


What to Look for When Buying Vibrating Panties

Vibrating panties may seem simple, but there are different types, features, and settings that’ll impact you and your partner’s experience while using them. Here’s what to look out for when buying vibrating panties:


There are two main types of vibrating panties: panties with a pocket where you can place a bullet vibrator or a clip that you can put on your underwear to make any pair vibrating panties. Both will stimulate your clitoris, but some have more finesse than others.

Vibrating panties with a bullet will be more basic. The bullet vibrator may have different pulsations and speeds, but the features end there. Some will come with a remote control, while others will have wired control. The best part is that you can remove the vibrator and wash the panties after each use. These are the original vibrating panties and will get the job done, helping you achieve that Big O with ease.

Panty clips provide more flexibility. You can turn any panties into vibrating panties, and there are different styles of vibrators that make a significant difference in your pleasure. Some insert directly into your panties, while others attach with magnets. Some have remote controls, while others you can control directly from your smartphone. You can control intensity and vibration patterns, and some even come with additional features like matching vibrations to music beats.

Vibrating panties can provide internal and external stimulation while in use, so selecting the right model for you is important.


Unless you’re in a store, you’ll have a hard time telling just how loud the motor of your vibrating panties is. Pay close attention to online customer reviews. They’ll tell you all you need to know about how loud the vibrating panties are and how powerful the little pleasure machine is. If you’re looking for high-speed but quiet sound, you may end up paying a little more; however, this will be worth it to bring your play on the go.


Vibrating panties range in price, so you want to make sure you select the best one for your budget. Cheaper ones will likely be louder and have fewer features, while the more expensive vibrating panties tend to be more advanced. Consider the features you want in vibrating panties and make a list. Once you’ve got your priorities narrowed down, start searching! There’ll be a pair of vibrating panties for you and your needs.

The Best Vibrating Panties on the Market Today

There are hundreds of thousands of vibrating panties on the market today, so it can be challenging to sort through the noise to find the best sex toy for you. Here are four of the top vibrating panty toys on the market today to help you choose. They range in price, style, and features to help you decide what works best for you and your partner.

Lovense Lush

The Lovense Lush is one of the more powerful wearable vibrators today. You can clip on the small vibrator and enjoy the fun, hitting all the right spots from both the inside and the outside. Control the Lovense Lush on your phone or computer with their remote-control app. It’s a quiet, long-ranged bullet vibrator that can be used in different ways, including syncing to music.

This hands-free vibrator has 7 different settings to choose from, and its curved design helps to hit your G-Spot while wearing it. The tail holds it in place while you’re wearing it, whether you’re sitting down or walking around. Strut to your orgasm in style, never needing to worry about the toy falling out and dropping to the ground through one of your pants legs.

We-Vibe Moxie

The We-Vibe Moxie features a strong magnet that helps it stay in place, so there’s no risk of this insertable vibrator falling out when you’re having fun or waiting with anticipation for the next pleasure wave to hit. Control this stealthy clip-on vibrator with the app or the remote, helping you have fun with your partner without distance holding you back. To preserve the 2-hour (yes, that’s right– 2 hours!) battery life, it’ll sleep after 30 minutes if you’re not using it.

There are 10 vibration levels, and it’s whisper-quiet, so you don’t have to worry about the noise giving you away. The We-Vibe Moxie comes in aqua blue or black, depending on your preference. If you like the brand, check out the We-Vibe Chorus as well for even more good vibrations.

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OhMiBod Club Vibe

The Club Vibe 3.OH OhMiBod slides inside your existing panties. If you’re out at the club or a music festival, you can even turn on the feature that lets it vibe in sync with music for extra fun. The remote-control keychain can work up to 20 feet away. It comes with a black thong, so you can easily slide the bullet vibrator in and have fun.

Everything, including the remote control, is rechargeable, so you never have to worry about batteries. It’s great for couples’ play, no matter where you are. The Club Vibe OhMiBod has three different vibration modes: club mode, tease mode, and groove mode. Pick your poison and start finding your pleasure with these vibrating panties today!

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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Love Rider Vibrating Panties

The CalExotics Love Rider vibrating panties are a classic for a reason. It comes with a vibrating bullet for external stimulation and an insertable dildo that you can use to ride your pleasure out. These are more traditional vibrating panties with a pocket to hold the bullet. The hipster panties are included, and they come in black and red.

The CalExotics Love Rider vibrating panties are battery-operated and easy to use. All you have to do is turn them on and let the pleasure start to roll. These are the most basic vibrating panties as you have to control them manually, but the sexual pleasure you’ll receive after putting on this wearable vibrator will be out of this world.

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