The Wine Glass Style That Is Best for You

overhead view of wine glasses with rose in them

Whether or not you’re a wine connoisseur, the type of glassware you sip your wine from can affect the overall atmosphere and the enjoyment of your drink. Take this quiz to find out which wine glass we recommend for you!

Which type of wine do you like best?

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Which type of note do you prefer most in wine?

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Where do you usually drink while you’re at home?

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Which wine accessory would you consider most precious to you?

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Which best describes your thoughts on wine glassware?

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With drinkware, what I value the most is:

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What type of eatery do you usually pair with your wine?

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The Wine Glass Style That Is Best for You!
Edge Wine Glass


The Edge Collection consists of wine glasses that have a uniquely sophisticated style. These glasses consist of a flat base and a cylindrical bowl, which makes it look undeniably delicate and like a privilege to sip out of! The elegance of this wine glass portrays a contemporary charm that is distinguishable, especially during a champagne toast! Please drink responsibly. Cheers!
Tour wine glass

tour-wine-glasses crate and barrel

The Tour Collection consists of wine glasses that have edgy silhouettes that accentuates the clarity of the wine that it holds. It’s the kind of wine glass that allows your wine to claim its space and show itself off with the clarity of the wine glass itself. This wine glass collection also has the versatility of being used to enjoy different types of cocktails, as well. The Tour Collection is fantastic for red wines and is a great choice of glass for different wines and cocktails. Please drink responsibly. Cheers!
Ulla Wine Glass Collection


The Ulla Collection consists of wine glasses that intensify the hues for all of the varieties of wines. The glass’ intricate silhouettes create a delicate balance between curiosity and the classical style. Please drink responsibly. Cheers!
Camille Wine Glass Collection


The Camille Collection consists of long-stemmed wine glasses that have a bubble bowl to them. This collection can be ideal for wines that you want to allow to breathe, and can serve as an effortlessly chic statement by way of being able to cradle the glass in the palm of your hand. The Camille Collection is just stunning enough to be recognized for its brilliant design, but not too pretentious where it wouldn’t warrant any fun! Please drink responsibly. Cheers!

Let us know who you are to see your results!

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