Relationship Consultant Stephanie Mintz on Cohabitation

Stephanie Mintz is a highly sought-after professional with the ability to help singles “Date Smart.” She does this with unique strategies that employ actionable, step-by-step guidelines, enabling her clients to have the best chance for a successful dating experience.

Mintz helps couples at all stages of the relationship understand the “why” behind the challenges that come with dating, and she also creates individualized strategies that provide in-the-moment relief, and immediate results to help these couples better navigate the journey of couplehood.

From lowering the temperature of heated arguments; to restoring and improving connection, communication and intimacy, Mintz has helped countless couples learn to enjoy each other again and to re-ignite the spark that brought them together in the first place. Whether just dating, living together, or even for those who have tied the knot, Mintz helps couples find, and remain on the path to happier, long-lasting relationships.

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What Are the Most Important Things Couples Should Discuss Before They Move In Together?

The first thing to consider in regards to moving in together is “why?” This may seem obvious to most people as they figure that they are in love and want to live their life together; they are taking the logical next step in their relationship. This would be the best reason to move in together and give the couple the strongest opportunity for success. However, I have found that couples have been moving in together because of what I call “logistics”. For example, when one person’s lease renewal is coming up, and they don’t want to sign another lease because they feel they would want to move in together within the year.

Another example is to save money by not having the cost of two residences. There are many more reasons people choose to move in together that are not strictly about the couple or the relationship. These reasons to move in together rush the natural development of relationships. When rushing the relationship for logistical purposes, you don’t have a chance to really find out if you are the best match, including being able to live together.


Are There Indications That a Couple Is Likely to Be Successful After Moving In Together? Are There Indications That Danger Is Ahead?

If your communication isn’t as strong as possible, there is a good chance you are going to run into difficulties. This doesn’t mean you aren’t a good match for living together and for your future together, this means that working on your communication skills before moving in together is going to be important. The more you can create a plan before moving in together, the easier the transition can be as there is a lot that must be discussed and agreed upon. If you do not have great communication skills, then it would be a wise idea to get help as a couple to improve said communication skills.

If you have not seriously discussed plans in great detail for the requisite finances involved in moving in together, and you do not feel comfortable having these conversations, I highly recommend getting support to be able to do this. Finances can create a lot of stress, pressure, and arguments in relationships. It is better to find out, before you move in together, whether you match in your thoughts on finances.

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What Is the Best Way to Talk About House Issues When Your Roommate Is Your Romantic Partner?

A lot of the conflicts that arise for roommates are not that different than couples moving in together. Household chores and finances are part of living together, no matter what type of relationship you have. All people involved need to feel respected, heard and appreciated. They also must feel everyone is contributing, and that there is a good balance.

Having great communication skills is very important for every type of relationship. Understanding the importance of what I call the “How” and “When” can make all of the difference. Plans and expectations need to be agreed upon and implemented as soon as possible.

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What Are Some of the Most Common Issues That Couples Encounter After They Move In Together?

The difference in what I call, “Living Styles” can create difficulties. Some people like everything organized and clean all of the time, while others are fine with a certain amount of disorganization and mess. It is important to discuss this right away, ideally before you move in together, to understand each other’s needs and how to be able to best accommodate those needs as much as possible.

Household chores are another area that needs to be discussed right away so that plans and expectations can be agreed upon. If this is not done, then resentments can grow which may affect the relationship in many negative ways.

Finances need to be discussed in depth as people have different spending and saving habits. Finding an agreement both people feel comfortable, both following and adhering to, it is the best way to achieve financial harmony in regards to the living situation.  

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Are There Ways to Test Your Compatibility Living Together Before You Actually Move In With Your Partner?

Analyzing the extent to which you align with your partner on the above topics will help set you up for a better chance at a successful cohabitation.

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